Sunday, 3 May 2020


Dublin, Ireland
Ireland's lockdown began on Thursday 12th March 2020 and escalated to a complete lockdown on March 27th. Now it's May and we're looking at further weeks of this lockdown. Compared to other countries like Italy, France and Spain we haven't been quarantined so long.

A few weeks ago, it was so sunny I decided to break my routine and go for a walk with a mirror and my camera in the afternoon. If I leave the house it is usually before 7AM or after 8PM to avoid as many people as possible. 

On this day there were so many people in the parks in our 2KM restricted area that it felt like a busy summer's afternoon. Of course everyone was apart and the Gardai (police) were walking around keeping an eye on everyone. I tried to steer clear from as many as possible, partly because I was lying on the ground with a large mirror on my face and partly because well... people.  I recently deleted my photography website. I didn't like the pressure I was placing myself and the unnecessary constant self-shaming for not taking enough pictures. It was great to be able to mess around with it again without the voice in my head telling me off.

I didn't quite achieve the results I was going for with the mirror but still enjoyed going out and taking pictures. It's been nice having time to simply relax and enjoy hobbies. The images are very saturated because I was working on a college assignment about Agnes Varda and her film La Bonhuer. I wanted to draw from her use of saturation to subvert magazine depictions of domestic harmony and create a Utopian depiction of 'isolation'. 

 I've been thinking of making a post on my quarantine routine, it'll be changing next week so I'll be creating another routine. I'll likely talk about the goals I have in mind for the routines and the challenges I face with them. Is this something you'd be interested in reading? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

Before you go, tell me about a day in quarantine that stands out to you! I'd love to know how you're spending your days. 

Till Next Time

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