Sunday, 12 April 2020

Time on Our Hands

Dublin, Ireland
It was the sudden queiting of routines. No work, no college, no place to go. It feels as though mother nature has had enough and is deciding to fight back. I hear her laughter in the chirping of birds that mixes into the sounds of children gleefully screaming on my residential cul-de-sac. I see her victory in the frost the frost that covers the grass in the cold mornings, the dust the settles atop every surface right after it has been cleaned and the rust that's beginning it's decay. And I feel her in the changes on my body. A body well fed, well stretched, well rested.

The last time I wrote on the blog, I was looking forward to a summer of travel and discovery which was meant to be starting next month. Now I'm sitting at home thankful to have 2KM allowance to be able to go out and catch fresh air in before disappearing back indoors.

I am very fortunate and extremely grateful for that. I still have a job at a company that can afford to pay us during this time, my family may not be quarantining together but are all safe (and pray they will continue to be so). My housemates and I have a good routine that allows us to make it through quarantine enjoying each other's pleasant company. We truly are the fortunate ones. 

Before the lockdowns my routine revolved around work and college. Now I wake up at 6am everyday so I can go outside for a walk/run without encountering other people. Before the lockdowns my sister was looking forward to her 16th birthday party. This week she bore the sweet 16 badge as I sang to her two meters away because we don't live in the same household. Before the lockdown my mother was on holidays 'visiting' family and now 'staying with family' is more appropriate and luckily so.

It feels inappropriate to forget all the lost lives, lost jobs like my mum's, missed special occasions like the weddings of dear friends and the privileges of movement. The experience of this pandemic continues to open my eyes to the kindness of people. We are a resilient and resourceful species with tantamount capacities for change.

We work better when we act with others in mind be it staying at home or checking in with friends and family to see if they are mentally, emotionally, physically and even financially sound. The many wonderful frontline workers from food producers, to medical staff, governments, scientists, community volunteers to look after the vulnerable, parents etc. A lot of people are doing their very best and if everyone adheres to their social responsibilities, we could start to see the end of the tunnel soon.

 I hold a nervous, hopeful breath for a different kind of normal on the other side of this. I hope after this ends we become a species that looks back on this time with eager minds and hearts to learn and improve our ways of life. Not just for those of us here and now but for the earth and the animals, plants and people to come after us.


If you are reading this when it publishes on Easter Sunday, I hope you are having a lovely Easter! May it be much much different next year. 

Till Next Time

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