Sunday, 4 August 2019

Easy DIY T-Shirt Flips

Dublin, Ireland

Back in April this year I decided to treat myself to a sewing machine. I don't remember when or where I learned to sew but the act of sewing has been in my life as long as I can remember. Getting clothes tailor made was always an exciting time in my childhood. Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, weddings etc you name it, we were bound to be getting measured, going out with my grandmother to buy materials and waiting a few days to weeks for our outfits to be made. As we grew up we had more of a say in the materials and styles that would be sewn for us. More often than not sewing was a more cost effective way of getting clothing than buying them especially in the rural suburban area we lived in.

     When I moved to Ireland getting clothes tailor made meant multiple phonecalls, Western Union money transfers and waiting weeks for the post. I'd learned to hand sew from seeing it so often and regularly made little repairs to rips and tears over the years.
Back in February I made a list of some activities and hobbies I wanted to take up this year and the month of May I decided to take up sewing. With that I started scouring YouTube for channels I could follow from which I could learn to do some cool things. The first channel I connected with was With Wendy and she remains my number one crafts channel.

      A month ago Wendy tried Letitia Kiu's T-Shirt flip on her channel. This involved getting two shirts and sewing them together. You can check out Wendy's here and Leticia's here. I absolutely loved Wendy's use of a block colour with a graphic tee and really wanted to emulate it. So I tried to get that effect with this these two shirts. I owned one from a race I did back in my athletics days and the other I picked up from a charity shop called Oxfam. I watched Wendy's video and about 10 minutes later, I had two new shirts. 

 Although I am happy with this, I would've preferred it with a block red as I feel the white writing distracts from the clash of the red to the stripped blue and yellow. I'll be keeping an eye out for two block colours that I'll want to merge together again.

      Letitia went a different route and chose two graphic tees to put together. I found these Iron Man and Mario Family tees in a charity shop and knew I wanted to put them together. However, after making the first tee, I found I wasn't that much of a fan of the back of the tee shirt being split into two different colours. Instead I decided to keep one block colour for each shirt. I also initially planned to swap the sleeves on each side too but thought that looked too tacky so went against that.
Instead of simply cutting the two shirts in two, I completely dismembered each and then cut the front in two before sewing them all back up.

I was so delighted with how they turned out I wore one to work that same day! This was such a fun and easy project to do. Time consuming if you're taking the shirts completely apart to create a block back but also very worth it.

 I did a poll on Instagram of which shirt y'all preferred and it seems we all agreed the red sleeves just rock a little bit more.

Can you see yourself doing this fun project? Let me know in the comments!

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