Sunday, 14 July 2019

Scrapbooking My Year In Pictures

Dublin, Ireland

Last year I received a gorgeous Paperchase diary from my landlady for Christmas because if you know me you know I LOVE stationary! Unfortunately, a few months prior in October I purchased a Simple Elephant journal from Amazon that I was loving and didn't want to restart a new one. Who starts a new diary in October you might ask? Well the Simple Elephant journal allows you to put in your own dates and months etc. so it allows me to skip weeks and months if needed. Helpful for weeks where I am on holiday with no itinerary or weeks where don't have much going on.

Anyways, seeing as I was loving life with my new journal I didn't have a use for the new one. I decided to sit on it and come up with a plan for it because I didn't want it going to waste. Fast forward to some time in early January and I have the idea to use it as some sort of scrapbook for memories. I decided to take a picture a day on my phone and print it out on the old photo printer I had sitting around. As simple as it sounded I didn't enjoy it at all and never once printed a picture from my phone. I'm lazy, so sue me.

I decided to remove the extra steps between taking the photo and printing it and decided to buy a Polaroid. It arrived on the first day of spring and I have been taking pictures since. It's been so fun trying to take a picture a day. I've decided to think of it as 'collecting souls' because I try to take pictures when I feel most in the moment (after enjoying it as much as possible of course) so I can remember the energy of those around me at the time too. This doesn't always happen because sometimes I'm enjoying the moment far too much to step away to turn on the camera.

That brings me to another important point. Enjoying the moment. It's been a minute since I wrote and although I am always, always saddened by how long it takes me to write, I'm not exactly sorry about this reason. I've had a pretty awesome few months filled with lots of activities, events and meet ups with some awesome people I am lucky to have in my life.

I'm hoping to have this book filled with lots of awesome memories come the end of this year! As luck would have it, my Polaroid stopped working at the end of my holiday in Porto so I rang Amazon who gave me a refund, I ordered a new one and it arrived two days later in time for my friend's 21st. Taking pictures this way has led to me not using my camera as much as I'd like, be it DSLR or Phone. With that said, it also means I am not spending as much time thinking of what would look great within the frame and just enjoying myself.

How do you document your memories?

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