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Looking at my posts, my last blog post was back in November but it was really the last of a staggeringly slow line of posts. In order to be able to pick up things on the same footing, I need to bring y'all to to date on life outside the blog. There are 5 influential changes or events I think you should all know.

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1) I Quit My Job

First hugely influential thing, I quit my job. This will be the third job I've ever quit. The first I left because I needed to study for my leaving certificate but I also did not enjoy the job or working with the passive-aggressive, oppressive management. The second I left after two weeks as it was my fourth job at the time and I was just spreading myself too thin. And now I have two shifts left in my current job.

Aside from the first job I left, I've enjoyed every single job I've ever had. For me I evaluate how fit a job and I are for each other based on three factors: 1) the company's treatment of employees 2) my fellow employees 3) work to life balance. If I'm in a job where the company isn't extortionate, my colleagues are fun and supportive and I can still achieve things outside of work, I'm a happy bunny. It hit me during a lecture in college on modern society and attitudes towards work that I realized how unhappy and drained I had become in my current job.

Aside from that, I couldn't really see myself moving up in the company with college and the required times so I figured it would be best to find a job I'd never done before to learn some new skills. But first, I wanted to take two months off to relax and focus on college. I'd take some promotional jobs to get pocket money and dip into my savings for rent.

At the request of my mother I promised to send out some CVs to places I would genuinely like to work. I had the safety net of an old job I knew would rehire me after my haitus so I wasn't worried. I sent out three CVs after making this decision and fast forward to now, I've a job lined up somewhere much closer to home and one in which I will get to learn some new skills.

2) Bereavements

The one year anniversary of my grandmother came up in March as did my paternal Grandfather's funeral. Being so far from Ghana thinking about my Great-Grandmother and grandfather was quite hard. I wasn't expecting to get as torn up about it as I was.

I was planning on making a short documentary video on my Great-Grandmother to mark her anniversary. It was an idea I planned for when I went to Ghana for her funeral but looking at the footage and pictures of the day, I couldn't bring myself to do anything with them except sit and cry. Then there was my paternal Grandfather's funeral which I was unable to attend because of financial restraints.

Altogether, paired with work stress, feelings of inadequacy/imposter syndrome in college and I was very emotionally drained.

3) Break Ups

Also before the end of the 2018, M and I broke up. It was amicable but after nearly three years, it's a huge hit to the system and routine. It's been a few months and it still feels fairly raw. Such an odd thing too because I have been doing so much more with my time so I feel like I'm accomplishing a lot of things too. Looking back through the lense of hindsight, the first few weeks where I felt everything was okay was actually quite opposite. Mentally I think I was just very scrambled.

I couldn't throw myself into work because I didn't really want to be there. I couldn't throw myself into college either because I couldn't focus. I joined a choir, started going back to the gym more, practiced yoga and for the first few weeks, tried to not be alone for too long.

I'm very grateful for all the people who unknowingly helped me through this time. I don't talk about my emotions when I'm experiencing them often, opting to share once the worse is over. However I'm glad I shared it with some, it was such a relief.

4) Malta, Amsterdam, Australia

If you read my post about my Amsterdam itinerary then you know I went to Amsterdam last October. You'll also know I never updated on how that trip actually went. Well I just wanted to let you know, I will update it soon because I'm planning on going some weekend to come.

For the New Year of 2019 there had been talks of going skiing but that didn't happen. Instead I went to Malta with two crazy gals and had a blast of a time. You might've seen this on my Instagram stories at the time. It was truly a breath of fresh air after the M situation and unbeknownst to me at the time, the perfect calm before the storm of stress and psychological drain that would follow. This trip too will get it's own post to come because I just loved the time we spent there that much!

Then the big trip of the year for me, Australia. I've recently purchased my ticket to Australia because my cousin is getting married. I'm so excited for this because I'll get to see family members I haven't been with in over 16 years and some I've never even met! Last year when I went for my Great-Grandmother's funeral, I got to meet one of my aunts and an uncle whom I hadn't seen since I was four years old. It was such a fantastic and wholesome experience. I'm very nervous for the trip in Australia because I don't want to have high expectations of how things will be but regardless I am super excited.

Additionally, my birthday is two days before the wedding so I'll get to celebrate it with my family and my grandmother who's being surprised with a trip there from Ghana.

5) Everything Else

In the much nearer present, I'm loving college. Looking at finishing up work and taking up a new job has me nervous and excited. Having the extra time means I am doing more and discovering more about myself but I am buzzing for summer when I get to see more of my crazy awesome friends cause college won't be in the way. 

Life right now isn't perfect, but it's pretty darn close and I couldn't be more grateful.
Hopefully I haven't jinxed that now!
What have you been up to all this time? Share with me some with me in the comments so I can give you some love!

Till Next Time

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