Sunday, 4 November 2018

Why I am Dreading Taking Out My Twists

Dublin, Ireland

So if you are reading this real time on Sunday 4th Nov. I am either just about to jet off to Amsterdam or getting lost in the city doing the things on my Amsterdam Itinerary post. But another thing I am looking forward to that will come after the trip is...taking out my hair extensions.

Back in August when I was in Ghana, I got my hair done. It took three hours and three lovely and chatty women to give me glorious ass length twists. The service came to about €8 and I used 3.5 hair packs which was about €5 so in total €13 which is about €67 cheaper ( €20 for extensions and €60 service) than what I would pay here in Dublin give or take!

My main reason for getting extensions was to take some weight off my schedule as I returned to college and work. The first few weeks of juggling the two can be exhausting so I knew wouldn't handle it too well with hair maintenance thrown in there.

It's been nearly three months and it's time to bid my twists adieu. I am super excited to feel my natural locks again. And I have extra extensions I bought in Ghana to get my hair done here. What I am not looking forward to though is the amount of touching that it is going to bring. I am not a fan of having my hair touched generally as I wrote about here in the aptly named 'Please Don't Touch My Hair' post.

I will miss these twists though. Sleeping with them has been a little difficult, at times even unpleasant. Not to mention that I have to constantly tie it up into a hair net for work because I work with food but I love the color and length. I mixed purple and grey together to get the silverish-purple hue. The next style will be much of the same thing with a slight twist ;)

But overall, I am dying to get back my own natural hair. Just if you happen to see me aound rocking the natural look...don't touch.

How often do you get you har braided and do you miss it?


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