Wednesday, 10 October 2018

ORS Olive Oil Smooth and Easy Edges Hair Gel with Pepqui Oil Review

Dublin, Ireland

I bought this ORS Olive Oil Smooth and Easy Edges Hair Gel with Pepqui Oil from Boots summer 2017. My edges have a mind of their own and are incredible hard to keep down. This doesn't usually bother me because frankly I don't always give much thought to the finer details of my appearance. The only time I feel slightly bothered by it is when I have braids in and my edges decide to form a curly kinky halo around my head.

One of my natural friends had started using this gel at the time. She has type 4c hair just like mine and said she wouldn't really recommend it. Being as stubborn as I am, I thought I could definitely prove her wrong. Just cause it didn't work for her didn't mean I would come to the same fate. So off I went to Boots to pick up my own tub of the gel.

First use I was impressed. My edges were layed and slaying. I smiled smugly to myself and patted myself on the back for not listening to her. I headed on out of the house and about an hour after applying I looked in the mirror only to find that my edges were back standing proudly. My forehead looked greasy and shiny from where I had applied the gel and there was a slightly white substance in parts of my hair.

I thought maybe I had done it wrong somehow. I decided to try again the next day. I use a toothbrush to apply the gel. I went to wash off the crusted gel from yesterday's use and absentmindedly used the wet brush to style the hair. The curls once again were layed and slaying. I was very happy. I noticed the wet brush made the application so much easier.

This day I went into college for some summer self-study, it was about an hour and a half on the bus because morning traffic is brutal. I didn't get a chance to check my face until I arrived. When I got in front of the mirror I could see the gel hadn't been conquered as successfully by my hair this time but it wasn't winning either. Parts of my edges were standing up and others were semi strong, they would be bouncy and curly again within a few hours.

 I tried multiple times after these occasions to use the gel and never really came made it through a day without having to reapply which then led to a build up of product and white flakes at the end of the day. In defence of the gel, it probably never stood a chance with my lifestyle.

Its ingredients are simply not strong enough. I am very active daily, running to and from buses last year and for the last, I believe, 6 months ( possibly more), I have been cycling everywhere. I also work with food so I am in a very hot environment at least 40ish hours a week.  I'm sure this gel works great for some people but for type 4C hair ( and very active people)...don't do it!

Have you tried this edge control? How did you find using it?


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