Wednesday, 31 October 2018

5 Things on my Amsterdam 3 Day Itinerary

Dublin, Ireland

Come Sunday I will be jetting off to Amsterdam till Tuesday with a friend. If you read my Conscious Hotel Vondelpark review back in August, you already know I visited Amsterdam  back in April. I touched down again back in early September on a short layover where I visited family I had never met before or even knew lived in Amsterdam. Both times were brief and wasn't very touristy. Not that I'm a big fan of touristy travelling but it will be my third time there this year and I would love to see more than just the Sex Museum.

Back in June my good friend Orla and I were thinking off going o the Dam but due to unforeseen events we didn' make it. We had some fun ideas planned that we wanted to do and with her blessing I can do some of those hopefully on this trip. As I mentioned this visit will be brief. Initially we were going over to see Rainbow Kitten Surprise but we didn't get tickets ( but you can bet we'll be popping round to see if anyone is selling them outside the venue on the night.). so we weren't going to stay long. As a result we have from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday 7pm to enjoy Amsterdam. In no particular order of day or times, here's what I'm looking forward to doing most.

1) Meeting Up with People

At the start of the year if you had told me I would need two hands to count the number of people I knew in the Netherlands I probably would've walked away. But I found out in Ghana I have an aunt, uncle and two cousins living in Amsterdam. Not only that but an old church friend also now lives in Amsterdam. My mother has a friend that lives in Amsterdam and another recent link there comes in the form of a regular customer from work!

So needless to say we will be looking to spend time brunching, lunching and having din dins with some of these lovely people if possible.

2) The Amsterdam Swing

This was one I was going to do with Orla, it is also one that has come through my Facebook feed when a family friend went to visit our church friend Una in the Dam. It looks absolutely brilliant and I am very excited for it.

3) Anne Frank House 

This semester in college has brought us a lot of thought-provoking material regarding the 20th Century and the topic of the Holocaust is something I may choose to right about. Back in 2014 I had the opportunity to visit the harrowing Auchswitz Camp which had an altogether different and profound affect on me than anything I have ever heard, read (I use to be able to say that about anything I had ever watched but the documentary Night and Fog would make me a big aft liar)  and so I thought a visit to the Anne Frank House could add further to my first hand education. And you can and in brackets the bench from The Fault in our Stars, why? Cause I want to buy into an outdated of popular culture.

4) Ice Bar

This is a place Orla visited with another friend of ours from secondary school. Everything here is made form ice. I am a cold person generally so I may just become a part of the fixtures if I touch anything for too long.

5) Be A Good Travel Companion

This will be my first time travelling with another individual to a country where we have control of our own itineraries. Meaning we are not in a school group or friend group. So I obviously want them to enjoy the trip too and we will do what they want to do as well.

How many times have you been to Amsterdam and what do/did you enjoy there?


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