Sunday, 7 October 2018

12 Things I Am Grateful For Now I am 21

Dublin, Ireland

So last week Thursday I celebrated my 21st by spending the day in bed and then having dinner with a few close loved ones. It was an absolutely fabulous day and although I nearly made myself cry looking up a list of successful 21 year olds ( NEVER do this, you will not feel all that great about it!), I know in my heart that I have MANY things to be grateful for. Today I would just like to share 12 of those with you because flip 21 and you get 12 which is a much more achievable list than 21.

1) Family

This is obviously no surprise to most people. I would say my family situation is most definitely not conventional. My little sister is the only member of my 6 member immediate family that I see on a regular basis and extended family have been extended by way of distance and time. But whereas in previous years I have felt much more pain than I would care to share about this, I am coming closer each day to a fuller acceptance of the family dynamic we do have. My trip home to Ghana this year really helped me add a huge chunk of missing information to my image of family both close and distant. It's still an area that I am yet to fully explore or fully ready to explore but I am having fun inching away in its waters and building the gratitude I have for it. I have also found a new definition of family that paints a much brighter and happier image than looking to the past most days.

2) Friends

My first time hearing the quote 'Friends are the family we make for ourselves' was at Young Women's Camp when I was 14 or 15. It's one of those cheesy quotes that I always remember and probably attach way more sentiment to than needed. I use to be a good judge of character but it's been a long time since I've been able to accurately judge those around me and this little quote always gives me a reminder of how to gauge the quality of my friendships. And if I look at it through that guage I do not have a lot of brothers and sisters per se but the few I do have are great and I've some cool cousins buzzing around the place too.

3) Education

As a philomath ( someone who enjoys learning) one of my biggest gratitudes will always be the opportunities I have always had to learn and expand my knowledge of everything and anything I have ever wondered about. I think life and the world is so much more beuatiful when you hold the dictionary to it.

4) Health

I bought a bike as a gift to myself for my 21st. It's a Trek AL2 Spearmint which I called Lady. She is equally eloquent and brutal on the roads. I am a strong healthy 21 year old who is able to study, work and chase tails with her friends. I have the health to be able to cycle the 10.7km each way to work or college, I have the health to be able to indulge my longboarding fantasies and rollerskating goals. I have the health to life a fulfilled and pretty darn happy life.

5) Job

I am lucky enough to have a job a truly enjoy and have made some great friends through ( even found my twin!). For now it pays the bills and for the upcoming year I'm looking to spend more time doing work in Film as that is a major part of what I am studying in college.

6) Money

I am lucky enough to be able to provide myself with a roof over my head, food in my fridge, too much Chinese takeaway as treats, and be able to enjoy tame and wild ( very few truly wild) nights with mates. I need nothing and I don't want often or much.

7) My Housemates

I actually live with two absolute angels. There would be no better duo to come home and bitch to.

8) Therapy

I'm so grateful to have found a therapist with whom I can explore and heal my wounded inner child with. If you haven't heard of it, I'd recommend 'Homecoming' by John Bradshaw ( no he is not my therapist and this is not some segway to his product or a sponsored thing) as a book to help explore your innder child and any underlining issues you may have but do not understand.

9) Technology

Technology is such a brilliant advancemnet in human evolution. I love it. It's not always used for the best means but my gosh it holds so many beautiful possibilities. As a species I don't think we are doing enough to harness and utilise it's capailities for good. Although admitedly that is partly due to our still expanding knowledge of it. I'm so very grateful for the little chunk of it I get to use each and everyday from my bicycle to the technology that builds the roads I cycle on, the cars on those roads, all the way through to the laptop I use to write my blog posts.

9a) TED Talks

I don't know how many people would have this on a gratitude list but I am quite grateful for TED Talks because I learn so many ideas  and lessons from them ( even if sometimes that lesson is that too many ideas and lessons will turn your brain to mush and maybe make you hae the human race even more than you already do.).

10) Good People Who Help Mother Nature

I mean I do my little bit here and there but massive kudos to those that are atual out on the frontlines fighting this. The likes of the brilliant minds behind The Ocean Clean Up and Ecosia.

10a.) I am grateful for our BEES! 

I personally do not have the greatest outlook on the destruction done to the world and our efforts to save it buuuttt...there are efforts and it would be hypocritical of me to not support those efforts. There are many ways you can get invloved in saving the planet that doesn't require a major lifestyle change and saving bees is a pretty easy one to do incorporate. Find out more here.

11) My Gym Instructors

I know they get paid to do the job but they do the job so well it would obvisously be a shame not to be paid for it!

12) My Status as a Student

As a student so many doors are opened to you either completely free or at a discout. I am so grateful for the many student deals out there and the pity businesses and organisations take on me. Spotify, Adobe, Boots and Leap Card ( travel card ). Also city permits being waived for students filming is absolute gold.

What are some of the things you are grateful for? I'm sure we definitely have to share at least one!


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  1. A slap on my face... when I turned 21, I felt sad because I didn't have any life perspective, but I had some of those things you listed. We rarely feel that blessed and, while reading your post, I noticed your emotions. We all should feel blessed like that. Keep going, girl! ;D


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