Wednesday, 19 September 2018

My Vision Board

Dublin, Ireland

On August 22nd I set off on an 11 hour journey from Dublin to Amsterdam to Accra to Kumasi, Ghana. The 15 days that followed there were some of the most painful, exciting, refreshing and empowering days I have had all year. While spending the long days relaxing, eating and hanging out with family, I cast a brief eye back to my Irish life and discovered there a deep appreciation for the priviledges I have here. Upon arrival, I was looking through my blog post ideas book and that is when I saw an idea I had last year which I hadn't yet acted on.

I've been wanting to create a vision board long before I wrote down the idea. It was back in secondary school when my religion teacher showed us The Secret a documentary on the Law of Attraction. I really liked the idea of having a physical reminder of what I want to work towards. I know many people have thier own ways of representing thier goals but I have taken to the idea of a vision board. So this gone weekend, taking advantage of the rare Saturday off work, I went into town and got myself the tools I needed to create my vision board.

I went into the €2 store looking to get a canvas or hard board for the board part of the vision board when I came across this frame and fell in love. I liked the idea of framing my vision. I also picked up some colourful washi tape to use to decorate the edges of each window. The label on the frame said €5 but when I went to the till it turned out to be only €2 which is a steal!

I then went into Tiger on George's St. and picked up some stickers, bows and googly eyes for the vision part of the board ( and also to googly eye everything in my housemates' cupboards for the laugh.)

On that faithful saturday, I went into town to meet up with some mates for piercings and tattoos, while one of them was getting his tattoo I got to work on cutting out the images my twin from another mother had printed for me and sticking them in the frame. I was entirely taken with this vintage sofa chair and took some pictures there.

The vision board however was finally completed on the bus home later that evening with the sparkling gold letters, bows and googly eyes. It now sits on my desk where it is one of the first things I see in the morning.

The images inside, without going into too much detail, center around family, friends and a high quality of life. I would love to have the kind of love Beth and Randall from This is Us have, and have the family dynamic of Bob's Burgers ( I really just wanna be Linda ). I want to build a big beautiful house in Ghana so I can bring my future babies there and let thier lives be enriched my the culture and lifestyle there, and eventually I dream to move back home. I want to travel and be an ambassador for my country and African culture and I wish to be constantly surrounded by good friends and good food.

I will most likely create a new vision board in a few months, although the general direction of things may not change, I may just wnat new pictures to look at! I also think it will be fun to look back on them, like old journals, and see how things may or may not have changed. For now, this is what I see in the future.

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