Sunday, 8 July 2018

For The Love of Simpler Times

Dublin, Ireland

It's been eighty-four days since my last post. That's 2 months and 1 week. Within that time, I have renewed my website domain both for Albatroz & Co. and Faking Adulthood Now not knowing whether or not I will be returning. I have taken many hiatuses from blogging over the many years I have been blogging but none of them ever felt as conflicted as this one was.

 At first, I thought maybe it was because I was going through a time in my life I wasn’t ready to share with people and writing about anything else thus felt, well, false. And then I toyed with the notion that maybe I had come to the end of my blogging times but that couldn’t have been it because I knew I wasn’t done writing. The culprit of my conflict? Well you may have guessed it, social media.

 I just do not harbour the desire or motivation to keep up with this ever changing, populous and competitive landscape. Trying to do just that has worn me out many times before so I’m not doing it anymore. Social media is a fantastic way to keep up to date real time on the people you like to follow and I know that, I will remain active on my Facebook Page and I won’t be a stranger on Instagram. With that said, I most certainly will not be coming across your feed as much as I did before.

I truly hope this does not come as a terrible disappointment or a sign of Albatroz & Co’s regression, I will continue to grow Albatroz & Co as best as possible and will always provide content I want to share and am happy to share with you. I truly hope you continue to follow along on this journey, wherever it may lead. I’ll continue to post every Wednesday 3pm and Sundays at 9am (well that’s the plan anyways).

Thank you all so very much.

Till Next Time

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