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Conscious Hotel Vondelpark, Amsterdam Review

Vondelpark, 1071 Amsterdam, Netherlands

For this year's Easter weekend, I visited Amsterdam as part of a birthday celebration trip for one of M's friends. It was my first time in the city and my travel plans didn't extend much further past what everyone else wanted to do. I didn't look up any lists of things to do in Amsterdam. I decided to keep the itinerary blank for the group to fill.

Upon arrival in Amsterdam I wasn't exactly blown away by the city neither was I disappointed. Frankly it reminded me quite a bit of Dublin. More often than not I felt like I was walking down Dublin's Grafton Street or in Dublin City Centre during summer when there's lots of tourists around and there were quite a huge amount of tourists around. So it's needless to say that I was quite happy with the location of our hotel.


Thankfully for me, we stayed in the Conscious Hotel Vondelpark which was less than 15 minutes outside the city centre via tram well away from the touristy city centre. It's well services by three trams which were quite frequent so there was never really much waiting around. The trams are also very cheap but if you are buying a day ticket, regardless of what time bear in mind that it will expire at midnight on that day. In order words, do not buy a day ticket at 11:00pm because it will only be valid for an hour! Additionally you could walk into the city through he infamous Vondelpark which is located less five minutes walking distance from the hotel.

The Hotel 

The hotel has an earth conscious ethos meaning it's eco-friendly. The tables in our bedrooms were made from recycled coffee cups, the little bottles of shampoo and lotion were nowhere to be seen, instead replaced by refillable big bottles. The electricity was powered from sustainable revenues like solar or wind energy. The shower and taps use eco-friendly technology that reduces water used in showers by 35% and the taps by 50% but you wouldn't even notice. I would say that although I didn't experience it, the other two rooms used by our groups said their water changed from hot to cold sometimes and wouldn't change back. 

This whole nature conscious mentality could be seen through out everything in the hotel. The staff were also very super friendly and would even sit down and have a drink with you but if that's not your thing I'm sure they'll leave you alone too. M and I paid €254 for our bedroom for three nights which I think was high due to the fact that we didn't book them every early on and also we travelled during the Easter weekend. Looking at the website now their prices for the same room for the same length of time starts from as little as €122.25!

The Room

Our room was located on the second floor next to the other couple. I think the building we were in housed all the double rooms and across a walkway was a separate building which I think housed the single and twin rooms. We had a massive room with lots of spaces to move around, in fact I did all my morning exercises without any trouble. Right next to us however was another couple in the group who said their room was quite small and from what we saw of it briefly walking by one of the days, the bed did take up quite a lot of the space in the room. 

Our room was simple, sleek and comfortable. We missed the cleaning services because we slept in almost everyday but the one or two we did make were non invasive. We didn't make much of a mess so there really wasn't a lot to clean bar changing, sheets, bins and towels. 

The twin room just as a fore warning is two single mattresses on the same bed so you're not really that far away from the other person.

Food and Drink

We didn't eat much in the hotel. One morning I went down for breakfast and was greeted by a widely varied spread. They catered for all types of diets i.e vegetarian, vegan, meat eater at least for the breakfast. Nothing was made in any fancy spectacular way, there were just a lot of good healthy options to choose from. 

If you happen to miss the breakfast banquet as we often did, there's a shop called Toasty down the road from the hotel ( come out and turn right) which makes delicious toasted sandwiches and juices.

Although we didn't eat very much, we did drink them out of their beer. No seriously! By the end of our trip there was no more Gulpener in the building and a good few bottles of rum short.


Overall the hotel has a really laid back, earth based atmosphere which comes together in it's comfy living room style lobby. A good few late nights were spent here drinking, talking and eating free popcorn made with coconut oil and sometimes having the bants with staff ( s/o to Jack). We made our own Cards against Humanity game which was a lot of fun and also tested our brain smarts with Scrabble.


The hotel also offers bike hires so you can cycle around the city if you so please. M and I had planned to hire some for one day but we never got around to it so I don't know very much about the service. They do however have a really cool concious shop where you can buy everything from wooden tothbrushes to a phone case!

This trip really wasn't about seeing Amsterdam so much as getting to spend time in good company and just celebrating for a few days. I would like to return to Amsterdam for three days and do some sightseeing but for a first trip I couldn't have asked for anything better. Additionally it was my first time staying in a hotel which was focused on being eco-friendly and my second time staying in a hotel full stop but I know which one I prefer.

This post is not sponsored nor I'm I being compensated in anyway just sharing somewhere I visited. I'd recommend this hotel for the  eco-friendly traveller who also enjoys luxurious comfort.

Have you ever stayed in an eco friendly hotel? What was it like?

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