Sunday, 11 March 2018

Check In Time

Dublin, Ireland

It's been about two weeks since my last post and even longer since I simply checked in.
Since my last blog post, it has snowed enough to shut me in for 3 days, I have moved up a position in my job and got some time to relax. When the snow came hard as I tried to use the unexpected time to catch up and get ahead of myself in my college work, creative projects and blogging, I couldn't. Instead I spent the days sledging, building a snowman with my housemates circling fields on a pitbike and I even made a snow angel. There were cold walks in the apolcalytic like streets in search of sweets in the few local shops open and lots of hot water bottles.

From the many times I've worked hard and crashed, not taking time to rest has always been one of my biggest regrets. I never really got over the feeling of wanting to do something more academically productive with that snow time but I'm also glad for the many people who dragged me out of that bubble to be in thier company.

In general giving myself time to rest between college and work has been conflicting. On the one hand I'm glad I'm allowing my body and mind to recover and restore its energy. And on the other hand I'm battling the reeling list of things I want to be doing. From reading my course work, to working on my continuous assessment to, yes, blogging and my other creative projects.

It seemed for a few weeks all I had time for was college and work. The main problem identified was the amount of time I spent in work. Not only was it eating into my study time but I also wasn't getting enough free time for myself, projects or social events. And yet if I wanted to maintain the level of cash flow needed to cover my rent and expenses, I'd need to keep my existing hours. It quickly became clear to me that I could operate a machine-like lifestyle moving from one event to another, or I could find a better paying job.

I love my job and the people I work with so leaving was not a topic I really wanted to think about. Especially after moving through 4 jobs last year alone before finding this one. I sat on my choices a few weeks and luckily an opportunity arose for me to put myself up for a new position in the company.

After 5 years in the service industry, having undertaken many responsibilities along the way, I felt I had what it took to work in the position, if not at the very least to apply for it. So I put myself forward for a Supervisor position and I was pretty surprised that I actually got it. So in two weeks I'll be training in my new position this giving myself more time to focus my energies on college and my creative projects.

In my last instalment of the Pretending to be an Adult Being, I spoke about how my diet was taking a negative affect on my health. You can check it out here. In between this busy few weeks I've made sure to eat healthier, sleep well and find time to exercise. I've even managed a fortnightly deep tissue and massage at a student rate of €30 per hour, so bargain!

While prioritising my sleep, diet and self-care, the most amazing thing started happening. I was able to fit in little tasks around most days and actually get them finished. I listened to an amazing Ted talk a few weeks ago and I have come to associate some of the tasks I do in these little batches to my Learning Zone. Things learned in the learning zone translate across to the Performance Zone where you can see their affect on your skills.  Catching up on my python class. Working through my pre-production checklist for a music video project. Taking time to read up on photographers and their oeuvre. Going through the Google Analytics course etc.

It's like everything finds it's place once I have my main priorities in order. Perhaps you've already had this revelation or have heard of it no doubt. All I can say is it is working.

Alongside all these is the frequency at which I write on Albatroz & Co. The official post days are still Wednesdays and Sundays however I'd rather quality over quantity. I don't want to waste your time or mine but I am definitely working on it.

So how has your last few weeks been going? Have you any new career developments too? Taking on a new project or perspective?

Share with me so I can be nosy and celebrate with you!

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