Sunday, 18 February 2018

My Down Time Hair Routine

Dublin, Ireland

So general my hair routine changes depending on how much time I have. Sometimes I go through some pretty hectic times where work and college and social life just don't allow for indulgent hair care. 

This is how the last two weeks has been for me, so much so that I missed two blog posts. I simply needed to focus my energy into other immediate aspects of my life.

However today's post is going to focus on the hair routine I try to follow when I'm not running myself to the bone. I see some quiet times ahead when summer rolls around so I'm definitely looking forward to being able to take things at a leisurely pace.

When I have more time to treat and take care of my hair I can see the difference it makes to the overall feel of it. My curls feel moisturised, strong and carry a healthy sheen to it and here's how I do it.

1. Shampoo 2-3 Times a Month

With movements like the 'No-Poo Method' making more people aware of the harmful side effects of shampoo, it's becoming increasingly common for people to shampoo less. Most shampoos contain parabens, sulfates and sulphides that strip your hair of dirt and grease which is great. However they also strip away natural oils that help keep your hair moisturised resulting in weak brittle hair.
To minimize the amount of moisture and oil my hair loses, I shampoo my hair around once every 10 days when I want to strip away any build up of oils or dirt etc. Kind of like a clean slate.

More often that not this leaves my hair feeling leathery and very dry. I recently reviewed the OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo which actually left my hair feeling both clean and moisturized! You can check it out here.

2. Co-Wash Regularly

Co-Washing is the use of a conditioner to wash your hair instead of a shampoo.   How regularly you wash your hair depends on your type of hair. For me as a type 4C girl, my hair needs a lot of moisture which it also loses quickly. As a result I condition wash my hair every two days.

It's a way for me to boost the moisture in my hair in between deep conditions. Again I also reviewed the gorgeous OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner which you can check out here.

3. Deep Condition Once a Week

Given the constant flux of my day to day life, I deep condition my hair overnight. I use the TruCare Almond Oil and Henna Hair Mask and allow it to seep into my curls over night. You also get the same result with an hour to two hours of deep conditioning. Just put in the hair cream and stick on a movie.

Deep conditions give my hair a massive dose of moisture and my curls are always softer and wispy after I deep condition. It looks longer.

4. Protein Once Every 2 Weeks

I use to try to protein wash my hair every week but even with all the time in the world I just didn't want to spend a lot of time playing with my hair. And I found it simply worked better for me to protein wash my hair once every two weeks instead of weekly.

It was also beneficial for my ORS Hair Mayonnaise which is quite expensive. There are also DIY hair masks but I personally prefer using the ORS hair mayonnaise.

5. LCO

Leave-In Conditioner, Cream and Oil. The order in which I do my morning routine. I'm currently testing out the Cantu Leave in Conditioner & Cream, a review should be up in the next few weeks.

As my morning routine I spray my hair with some water. I apply some Leave-In Conditioner, then the moisturizing cream and finally some castor oil to seal it all in.
Basically everything I do is in the name off adding or saving moisture.

6. Twist Twist Twist

As a part of my night routine, twisting is essential. For me my curls can be quite difficult to manage once the shrinkage comes in and they start to lose moisture. What really helps me is twisting my hair before bed.

They don't have to be perfect. Sometimes I make big 4 part twists because it makes my life easier in the morning to LCO.
By twisting my hair I also reduce the any knotting that might occur because I get a chance to finger detangle my hair.

This is everything I currently do to take care of my hair. I'd love to add getting my split ends cut but currently I don't know anywhere I Dublin that is able to do this. I've tried barber shops but that was no help at all.

If anyone knows of anywhere is Dublin where I could get a trim for my split ends, I would be eternally grateful!!

But enough about me. Do you have any hair routines for the down times in your life? Anything you'd like to pass on?

Let me know below in the comments!

Till Next Time

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