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PTBAAB: My Diet Is Making Me Sick

Dublin, Ireland

I haven't added to the Pretending To Be an Adult Being blog series in a while. This update is long overdue. Not sure what this is? PTBAAB is a blog series that documents the different aspects of life I'm encountering since moving out on my own. It begins here and continues below. Don't worry you can come back to this link.

Sitting on the bus home, feeling like a sardine in a can, nursing a headache that pierces into my eyes, I realise I'm just not doing enough to care for myself.

In a recent post on The Challenges of Balancing College and Full-Time Work, I talk about the check points I turn to when I become overwhelmed with general life and need to get back into the swing of things.

When it comes to my physical health, as they say your health is your wealth and if that's the case my body is my money maker ( not like that! ).

How I care for my body reflects in how well I am able to perform. Once again I find myself facing the shortcomings of my self-care routine

Admittedly the latest stumble to my everyday life has come in the form of illness. I've been sick since this year 2018 began. I spent all New Year's Day and most of the first week in bed. There was a brief week where things were good and now I'm back to illness.

A major part of this susceptibility to illness, I believe, is due to my current diet and not the cold season as could be expected of this time. Besides I only just bought my gorgeous new super warm coat which you can see in action here!

Late last year I revisited my diet which was in an appalling state. It had gotten so bad I hadn't eaten a fruit in nearly six months or cooked for three months! Cooking for myself is something I've more or less always done. When I was in my early teens I'd just cook with whatever was available to me. However since moving out I've had to be the one to go food shopping instead of my mum in order for there to be food in the cupboard or fridge. When I revisited my diet last year I found most of my consumption consisted of two daily take out meals with the occasional healthy option like Nandos thrown in. Although the nutritional value of even Nandos to sustain a healthy balanced diet is questionable.

Essentially I wasn't eating well at all. I really tried to work on this by introducing more fruit and veg into my diet. I tried to shop every week and not in bulk at the start of the month like I use to when I first moved out. This meant I wasn't logging heavy shopping bags the 20 minute walk between my house and Lidl which was always inevitably extended because I'd have to stop so many times for rest. It also meant I'd buy what I needed and not waste so much food and also money.

I stuck with this for quite a while but slowly the shopping stopped happening weekly or in any regular pattern. I ignored my own constant nagging to be healthier and locked myself into a false sense of accomplishment because I still bought a banana and nuts to keep my five-a-day. Never mind that those two food items don't amount to five or that one is nuts.

But as it shows, the disservice was to no one but myself. Now I haven't been as bad as I was last year but I wasn't all that good either.

Finding the time to prepare food is going to be one of my biggest challenges and I'm set to inevitably purchase a few tubaware dishes from Amazon real soon to keep all my prepared food fresh. I work and study in the city nearly an hour and a half away from my home which means I'll have a few early mornings or I'll have to prepare things the night before.

I don't want to make this a big change because that's not going to happen over night. I know it'll take a lot of hard work and test my time management skills and I'll have to get creative with my meals to keep things interesting.

I'm definitely not a fan of the set backs something as manageable as eating a good diet brings. My body feels weak, I have no energy, I can't even think or perform at the level I'd like and that's what I dislike the most.

I can do better and I will do better and any advice, tips or useful pennies worth you have, I will take.

Do you struggle with maintaining a good diet?

What are some of the tips you bank on or find to be useful? I'd love to read some!

Let me know in the comments.

Till Next Time

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  1. My go to quick meal is pasta with pesto. I use brown rice pasta which is gluten free and boil some broccoli with the pasta. Add spinach, grated raw courgette & pesto and there you have it. On days off I cook things that freeze well like vegetable soups or currys and stock up the freezer. Pinterest is great for quick and easy recipe ideas.

  2. I'm the same, I'm really bad at big changes. So I've been taking tiny steps. January was about getting enough sleep, drinking more water and cooking dinner 2-3 times a week. Lunch could be whatever, and the other 4-5 nights are just whatever. It's a step up from where I was.

    February now is about breakfast and making sure I get it in (I'm so bad at breakfast). Cooking more frequently during the week and still focusing on the water, while cutting down more on fizzy drinks and tea - It's hard.

    Also I swear by Vitamin D for my moods and Vitamin B12 with lunch to boost my energy levels mid-day. Both were recommended by my nutritionist and the difference is really noticable.

    Best of luck with it.

  3. You are such an honest person! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us! Making even little changes to your diet can add up to BIG health benefits. You don't have to change all your food habits at once. Wish you good luck in achieving your aim!


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