Wednesday, 24 January 2018

January 2018 Playlist

Dublin, Ireland

About two years ago up I adopted the monthly playlist feature most other blogs run because it was always a fun post to write and it seemed people enjoyed discovering new music and getting some idea of what I was listening to that month. Sometimes I felt the monthly playlists described my month a bit more than my words could.

Also being someone that posts twice a week ( Wednesday mornings at 9am/Evenings at 5pm and Sunday mornings at 9am ) it's a great post for in between some of the serious topics I write about like one of my recent posts on racism.

This month has been full of changes for me. For starters it's a new year, I'm back in a relationship, I'm back in college after the Christmas break and balancing college work and full-time employment again, something I wrote about here

I've renewed my gym membership for an annual contract ( yup, I sold my soul ), starting new topics in this college semester, and I'm looking forward to the time I'll have to work on finishing my past projects, which is my goal for the year.

I've also gone out a lot this month, more than I did within the last 3-6 months of 2017 combined!

So in short January has seen a lot of changes and movement and there's still so much to look forward to so there's been a lot of excitement too. At the same time I've been incredibly tired from moving around so much, I'm cracking down on it though and will be back on track with sleep by the end of the week. I've also got a massage booked to help release some of the body tension and yes, I'd be jealous too!

I feel this playlist reflects how fun this month has been and also the downs of tiredness and alcohol induced headaches that I brought on myself.

Song   -    Artist

Drew Barrymore - Bryce Vine

Native Tongue - Quinn XCII

Intentions - Macklemore

South - Hippo Campus

Fever Pitch - Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Excavate - Macklemore

Agnes - Glass Animals

Spitshine - Smino


Body Smile - DVSN

Amphetamine - Smino

3WW - Alt-J

Devil Like Me - Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Glamorama - Bryce Vine

Candy Paint - Post Malone

Cocaine Jesus - Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Spice Girl - Aminé

I'll be adding to this throughout the rest of the month on my Spotify playlist below or you can check out my profile. I've also linked the Official YouTube videos above for those without Spotify.

My artist of the month would have to be Bryce Vine, I can't stop listening to him and when radios get their hands on his song Drew Barrymore, he's going to be BIG. Worth checking him out now so you're ahead of the flock.

What tunes have to been jamming to this month? Or perhaps you know some of the above, what's your opinion on them?

 Let me know in the comments!

Till Next Time

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