Sunday, 17 September 2017


Dublin, Ireland

It's September and not only is it my birthday next week but we're in my favorite season ever. Autumn! The thing I love about this time of year is the overall coziness of it all. We experience so many different textures, thick cozy jumpers to sractchy blankets that soften next to the fire on a cold night's cuddle.

The warm, fuzzy feeling of staying in on a Saturday night with the rain pounding against the windows, the takeaway expected in 45mins and the movie just about to start is one I always look forward.

I wanted to express this in these pictures and just have a bit more fun with it like I said in my Let The Pieces Fall Where They May post. This jumper is one of the coziest and warmest items I own. It's very versatile and I absolutely adore the color of it.

I especially love wearing it over plain long dresses for a different look that can be dressed up to be smart casual or dressed down to be cozy and fun. It's also great paired with my black leather leggings or black jeans.

This was a really fun post for me to do and I look forward to doing more artistic shoots. It's especially exciting now given that Ill be studying photography and audio for my first semester of college.

I'll be talking more about college and general life in the first episode of Faking Adulthood Now coming our next Friday along with my return to the Get In The Know newsletter which I had also stopped updating when I hit my block. 

There is now a subscriber's only section of the blog for bonus posts, tips, and tricks, roundups, travel announcements etc. There will be a new access code every week for the Subs only section so be sure to subscribe here for it.

Till Next Time

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  1. Yaaas, I am so excited for fall! I love summer, and I've enjoyed having some warm weather this month so I could enjoy the season properly, but I definitely look forward to warm, cozy clothes and not sweating ;) Also, that jumper looks so lovely!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. Awh man I love being bundled up! And Fall is definitely one of my favorite times, it's also my birthday season so... 😂 I bet fall in Canada is waaaaay prettier and cosier than Ireland. Less rain too I'd say!

  2. You look amazing in that yellow sweater x

    1. Thanks so much Lurganista! I absolutely adore this jumper. One of my cosiest and most complimented items in my wardrobe would you believe!? 😂


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