Sunday, 10 September 2017

Let The Pieces Fall Where They May

Dublin, Ireland

I find it a little bemusing that at this stage of my life where everything is more or less changing it feels as though everything is just falling into place. More pieces of my jigsaw life are connecting and I'm not gonna lie, the feeling is comforting.

In my last post before taking my unsolicited break from Albatroz and Co. I spoke of how broken and drowned I felt by the responsibilities in life. Letting worries steal many nights of sleep and lack of energy from my at times demanding job all came crushing down on me. To cope I became an autopiloted being with an undercurrent of unsettled thoughts and worry that corrupted every attempt I made to stray away from the permanent routines of life I knew I could do.

I would go to work, eat, sleep and then see friends and that was great. I loved my job, I would do my best to eat healthy and at the suggestion of my therapist indulge a little bit more in the little pleasures of life instead of trying to save every single penny even when I had enough to spend. It brought me back to a challenge I did last year where I tried to get out of my own head and just do things cause I wanted to albeit wisely and not at the expense of making things worse.

I would just meet up with people, go out with friends...midweek like waaahh ( so wild I know). I can't quite find the words to describe the parallels of this time. On the one hand I was a capable young woman, going to work, seeing friends having fun and on the other hand I was smothered by the feelings of failure and lethargy. I'd been focusing too much on executing my responsibilities to the highest level that I was creating more pressure than needed. It was an unsettling and tormented time for me. The thought of it feels alien now and uncomfortable.

It's been a nice relaxing changing few months and I wanted Albatroz and Co to reflect the new clutter less approach to live that I want to take. I want to enjoy life and enjoy college which I start Monday!
I am also finally recording my first few episodes of Faking Adulthood Now and it talks a bit more about the change that has occurred the last two months and some more about starting therapy, college and generally trying to understand life and whatever else is to come.

You may have noticed a change of view with Albatroz and Co. Like I said, I wanted this site that's become so much of me to reflect the change of mind and stage of life I'm at right now. Which coincidentally is 'Simplicity'. I'm no minimalist, the amount of clothes and box full of shoes I own will attest to that but I'm really going to try and channel a simple easy way of thinking into everything I do. I'm trying to overthink things less and say yes to more things.

There's been a big change in terms of what Albatroz and Co now is. I've said goodbye to the Lifestyle niche and I am welcoming Wellness. Why? Because I think giving the stage in life that I have begun, moving out and living alone, there's still a lot I have to learn about taking care of myself and I want to share all that with you.

Lifestyle is such a broad category which is lovely but  I want to focus more on the Wellness as my lifestyle now. Expect more posts of Self-Care, Self-Love and Health and Fitness ( but not too much fitness). I'm going to try super hard to up my fashion game and play more with my photography so expect a lot of abstract and moody toned pictures.

Travel well, that's not going away any time soon. I'm also taking away the 30 Day Challenge from the site and making it exclusively a Newsletter feature. From the Get To Know You survey I did a while ago I saw that many of you enjoyed it but it's also hard for me to write long posts on these sometimes so I figured it'd be better to keep it as a feature in the newsletter so I won't be righting a page of text and you my beautiful readers will still get the updates.

Along with the changes is a Subscribers only page where I will be sharing pots of my own and links to other people's posts about blogging tips and tricks, and long posts that won't fit into a newsletter, bonus posts if you may. Each week the newsletter will contain a new password to the page so you better sign up if you want more of a behind the scenes look at my life!

That's all I have ton say for now. Next post will be dropping Wednesday evening.

Till Next Time

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  1. I love your content. Thank you for being so real. There is so much beauty in your photos and your writing. I'm looking forward to following and finding out more. I think focusing on wellness instead of lifestyle is a great choice!

    xoxo Deena Danielle

  2. Great to hear you feel that life is beginning to fall into place. I can relate to so many of those feelings you described - the autopilot, the pressure, the lethargy. It seems you're on a great path to better 'wellness' and I wish you the best of luck! :)

  3. This post made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I'm at crossroads with what I want to do with my life. I'm not sure if I want to settle down in my home country or continue pursuing my dream of traveling the world.

    This helped. Thanks!


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