Thursday, 28 September 2017

Cliffs of Moher

Dublin, Ireland

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Back in July, which feels a lot longer than two months ago, I took a day trip with my best friend Karen to the lovely Cliffs of Moher. For this occasion, we used the delightful service of Paddywagon tours to finally see one of Ireland's most famed attractions.

The day started off messy, to say the least. Having forgotten my purse at a friend's the night before there was the stress-inducing race against the clock to get to their house and into town for the 7am pickup arranged from our stop. With major thanks to my wonderful housemate, we made it with plenty of time to spare to get ourselves back into the exciting headspace for the day's adventures.

The thing that made using Paddywagon so attractive to me was that you weren't only buying a ticket to the cliffs but there were a few other stops along the way that I didn't even know about until Karen looked at the itinerary and told me.

First up was a rest stop at Obama Plaza Moneygall then another stop at Bunratty Castle. We spent approx. 40mins was spent here and I can't for the life of me remember why we didn't even manage to make it inside the castle. It must've been all the pictures we took outside Durty Nelly's!

Our specific tour operated the schedule backward in order to avoid crossing paths with the other Paddywagon groups and other tour company groups. This way the locations we visited would as little crowds as possible. This meant up next was the piece de resistance, The Cliffs of Moher.

Our driver was great to emphasize how miraculous it was that after so many rainy consecutive days, the skies on that day had painted themselves blue with the sun shining graciously down on us.
It was beautiful to see. Not unlike the cliff face of any other cliff but still lovely to be able to say I've been there now. We took plenty of pictures, stared in horror at the surprising amount of people who would sit at the end edge for pictures or simply to look cool or feel whatever thrill they found in the gasps they elicited from those of us around them. 

I also got electrocuted feeding the cows although that was completely my fault. I was completely blind to the many warning signs of electric fencing. We laughed and climbed as much as our feet and time would allow. Following the thrill of the cliffs, we shuffled ourselves unto the bus where our tour guide entertained us with honest reviews of where to eat and drink on our next rest stop in Doolin. It was so sunny we even had to pick up some ice cream!

The Burren, known for its Limestone rocks was next on the itinerary. We had a relaxing drive through the park, all the way down to the 'Baby Cliffs' where we could look out to sea and enjoy the late afternoon breeze.

The day was brought to a fairytale end with a drive along The Wild Atlantic Coast known for its mesmerizing natural beauty and on this beautiful sunny day, it did not disappoint! We stopped at Kinvara where Karen and I enjoyed a quick albeit somewhat slippy stroll around Dunguaire Castle.

It was almost 7pm when we returned to the city and 12 hours on the road although fun really did take its toll on us. I was desperately in need of food and a nap. We bundled ourselves into Boojum and hurried home for my nap. All in all a beautifully spent day.

I definitely felt like I'd made the most of the trip crawling into bed that night. Our tour guide full of knowledge and fun was hilarious to listen to. I had an awesome day with my best friend. Even the fact that my phone proceeded to die immediately after couldn't ruin it! €40 most definitely well spent!

I haven't discovered as much of Ireland as I wanted to at the start of the year but I'm so glad I have this ticked off my list. I'll definitely be returning again when I manage to drag some mates along.

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  1. Ah! That's so brilliant that you got a sunny day! I'm sure the Cliffs are just as nice on a drizzly day, more dramatic, maybe, but they are amazing on a sunny day :) You and I actually have a very similar picture! Did you end up going into O'Brien's Tower at the Cliffs? We were too cheap to pay the 2 Euro, hahaha :D

    Erin | Explore, Refresh


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