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Every Awesome Thing You Need To Know About The Clockwork Door Before Visiting

Dublin, Ireland

*Disclaimer* This is not sponsored content in any way. I simply visited a place I really like, paid for it with my own money, out of my own pocket, no discount, no strings. Just a good old fashioned post about a place I really enjoyed. Now business aside, let's move on shall we?

The concept of a time house is to pay for the time you spend there whilst availing of whatever luxuries are supplied for free e.g the food, wi-fi, games etc. The Clockwork Door is the 1st and only time house I've ever been to. Since reading about it's opening in Lovin Dublin article last November, it's been on my list of things to do and whilst spending a birthday day-date with my friend Orla, we finally got to tick it off both our lists.


Situated in the heart of South side Dublin of Temple Bar, about two steps from the Merchant's Arch pub on the front steps of the Ha'Penny bridge it's not that hard to find. Although the door is pretty small and when open can be easily missed, the A-Sign outside screams for attention amongst the often busy street.


I'd have thought having a time house in one of the busiest spots in town would be counter-productive to the relaxed vibe of the house but I was quite surprised by how quickly and easily time passed in the building. With credit to it's location there was always a steady stream of people coming and going, each group big or small receiving a tour of the house and the niceties available. 

The entire atmosphere of house is steeped in homely comfort and respect which is reflected in it's three simple house rules. Respect for the house, others and yourself. The house doesn't permit the use of drugs or alcohol and no fighting etc. the basic common senses. 

Building & Rooms

There are in total 5 rooms to spend your time in as you please. The Board Games Room also known as the Main Room, Video Games Room, Study Room, Cosy Room and the Kitchen ( one of my favorites in any house free or paid ). On the website is listed that there is a Ha'Penny Room but unfortunately this room was not open to us on that day.

Upon arrival at The Clockwork Door, we received a tour of all the rooms available and what each had to offer. We settled ourselves into the Main Room where I taught Orla how to play Oware, a childhood game of mine from Ghana that I was incredibly surprised to find there.

The lady giving us the tour told me how none of the visitors knew how to play this game and yet here I was. It took me a while to refresh my memory of the rules and was so happy once we got playing.

Having never played Where's Waldo, Orla introduced me to the troublesome stripey character and it's tactful hiding abilities whilst cosying up in the rightfully named Cosy Room. I even did some knitting and only managed to drop almost all the stitches!

The most interesting things about the cosy room, aside from the ridiculous amount of stuffed teddies to cuddle with,  is that you can also take naps and put in time requests and the greeters will come wake you up! It even comes with bubble wrap so you can pop bubbles to your heart's content.

After two and a half hours, we realized we'd only spent time in these two rooms and didn't even get to hang out in the Video Games room which I wanted to do but we had other places to go, sadly. Now I just have more of a reason to go  back.

These rooms can be rented for special occasions as was the case with the Study Room so we were unable to see inside. I'd say this room would be great for holding group studies and out of the ordinary meetings.

What You Get

If the rooms alone aren't enough to attract you then maybe the unlimited supply of tea, coffee and biscuits will do it. The choice is definitely there from green to herbal to earl grey. Lyons, Barry's, Lipton etc you name it, the Kitchen probably has it. Or even bring your own.

If you're like myself and not the biggest fan of tea or coffee, they have hot chocolate too. There are fizzy drinks and even a popcorn machine. You can go crazy.


You may be asking yourself why anyone would want to pay to spend time in a house and honestly I can't tell you that. I can only say why I did it and in short it was for the experience. Within your first two hours, each minute spent at The Clockwork Door comes at the low cost of  8c. That's four 2c coppers or eight 1c coppers that you probably find at the bottom of your purse or wallet.

After two hours the cost goes down to 6c a minute and if you're there over four hours, which could easily be done, it's 5c for the rest of the day! The most you'll ever spend, should you stay for the entire business day is €20.

Our time at The Clockwork Door came to a total of €11.40c almost equal the price of a meal at Bunsen, a burger joint you should most definitely check out if you're looking for a reasonably cheap filling and tasty meal before or after your visit. There's one also in Temple Bar about 3 minutes away from The Clockwork Door.

When you're finished this post you can check out this piece on how great Bunsen is and why you should stop by for some grub. 


We saw many different types of people come and go whilst we were here. We saw families playing games in the main rooms, teenagers playing game sin the games room and some serious looking D/D players popping in and out of the Study Room where their D/D Tournament was being held, backpackers, camera wielding tourists etc.

Young and old alike, this place has an atmosphere to suit anyone because you choose how you spend your time there.

I love the communal aspects of the place. They're always look for guest speakers and events to be held there so if you want to host anything and feel like this place would suit, their site says the're open to calls! I'd love to hold a Debate or Speaker's Corner event there. It'd be so cool!

Needless to say I'm a little bit enamored with this new spot and as with anything good you want to share it with others. In my books it's well worth checking out.

Have you heard of this place? Is it on your list too? 

And if you've been what did you think of it? 

Let me know below in the comments.

Till Next Time 

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  1. There was a spot like this in Montreal (I think it was Montreal). I didn't go, unfortunately, but it sounded fantastic. It would be really great, too, for being on a vacation and needing a quiet, laid back day. Or if it were raining and miserable ;) And I love the idea, too. You pay for the experience more so than the services. So cute :)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. If you're ever in Dublin you should definitely pop in. Heck you might even see me there hahaha


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