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Five Quick & Easy Natural Hairstyles

Dublin, Ireland

I've had natural hair for almost three years now. My Type 4C TWA has become a part of my life and identity that I love. However I live a pretty busy, fast paced  life and having a 'fro that isn't always obedient doesn't rank high on my list of priorities most days. 

Today I want to share some quick and easy hairstyles for natural hair that will save you a load of time and keep you looking cute af! You don't necessarily have to have Type4C hair for all these as most styles will work for all types of hair.

But before that, some house keeping. The last two weeks have been completely radio silent on Albatroz & Co and across all my social media so I'd like to take this time to apologize for the unannounced disappearance.

It started off with some rain getting in the way of being able to take outfit shots then I went to Forbidden Fruit Festival and caught a nasty flu cold bug from dancing in the rain in what was not at all rain proof attire and ended up bedridden and delirious for about 5 days.

However the silence will go on no longer and neither will the pity party I've been throwing myself. Instead I'm diving back into Albatroz & Co and my various other projects one of which I'll be revealing in Sunday's post and I can't wait for you all to hear it.

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Okay one last bit of house keeping then I'm moving onto today's post, I promise! I'd really love to get to know more about you guys that read Albatroz & Co., why you come to my little corner of the www, why you stay, what you enjoy and what you don't. It created a quick survey which takes less than 5mins to complete and it would really mean a lot to me if you could take a moment to fill it out for me.

I want to make sure the work I produce on Albatroz & Co  doesn't only make me feel good but that it adds value to your life too. Okay, okay I'll stop and move on now. You can find the survey here.

5 Quick & Easy Natural Hairstyles

1. Disco Baby

There are days when my hair just doesn't want to be put into any shape abd I just roll with it.
Some days I'm feeling my hair so I like to let it loose and embody my inner disco boss girl and just let people be impressed by my hair. 

Yes, there's a lot of swatting people's hands away from touching me but you get an extra boost of confidence that just gives you the balls to say " Get off bitch"

2. Pineapple

The Pineapple for me is my "work" hair. Most mornings I roll out of bed and push my hair up into its pineapple halo and cycle off to work. It's a quick and easy style that looks formal enough for work and casual enough to throw on a pair of jeans, tee and flats to run errands.

3. Side Buns

I love wearing buns. On a night out with the girls if I'm not seen with my disco queen afro hairstyle, I'm sporting some buns. Its an easy and super cute hairstyle to pull off.

If I stretch my hair my curl's don't quite retain their elasticity so I like to use doughnut buns to make quick rounded buns, not inter - galactic like princess Leila but channeling my inner Minnie Mouse.

3b. Three Way Buns

3 way variation of the buns, is by far my favorite hairstyle for my natural curls. There's just something about this style that  boosts my confidence 1000%!

4. Top Knot

In My 5 Go To Hairstyles post for braided hair, I shared my Top Knot style and it's one I still like to rock with my natural hair too. It's more or less a smaller version of the pineapple but secured closer to the front of the head.

It gives me major Boss Ass B*$#h vibes like no other.

5.  Scarves

Head scarves are a necessity in every naturals wardrobe. I wear a silk headscarf to bed and under most scarf styles to keep in moisture. I actually started a whole Pinterest Board dedicated to head scarves and the different styles you can do with them. You can check it out and follow it here.

This is a simple one that incorporates the top knot pretty well. If you see me sporting this look, my hair is three days overdue for a deep condition and so is frizzy and unruly but I still want to look fly.
I stole this scarf from my mum so I'm not sure where she bought it but get yourself a patterned scarf, it's great free bringing colour and breathing life into plain outfits. Also it'll look like you actually made an effort.

So those are my five quick and easy hairstyles that I swear by. You can find this and even more on my hair Pinterest Board here. Can you tell that I just joined Pinterest and am taking it seriously this time hahah?

I've got a few group boards going too so if you have something to contribute, check out the board and get in touch!

And before I go just a quick reminder about the survey I told you about up there, I'd really appreciate your honest feedbacks and can't wait to read them. It's fully anonymous too! Okay I'm going, bye, bye,bye,bye!

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Till next time my pretties 


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