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The Deep Conditioner Every Natural Gal Should Have

Dublin, Ireland

Is your hair thirsty? Are you always looking for a product that'll supply your stubborn coils with enough moisture to keep them bouncy and happy? If so, keep reading, you can thank me later.

In my Winter Hair Essentials post, I shared some hair products that I used to get through this past winter. Some were new products I had recently started using and excited about like the Aussie Winter Miracle Shampoo & Deep Remedy Conditioner. You can check out my review on those here. Prior to that Winter Essentials post I shared My Go-To Hair Products on the blog.

That post contained products I had been using since transitioning from relaxed hair to natural. There were a few I absolutely loved and will stand by to this day, such as ORS Hair Mayonaisse which is a staple in My Go-To Hair Products ( don't worry, you can come back and check out this link when you finish ). Then there were others like the Herbal Essence Hello Hydration range I have been using but still on the look out for something better.

Don't get me wrong, it is a fabulous range and one I still use. I compared it to the Aussie range in my review. In that range was a hair mask which was sufficient when my hair was much shorter than it is now. However as it's gotten longer and thicker, I found myself having to use more of it than necessary and my ever thirsty type 4C hair could just never get enough of it.

That's when I stated my search for a new deep condition treatment that was affordable and had the ability to supply moisture to my stubborn coils. Whilst out shopping with a friend, we popped into a Terrisales and luckily the sales Assistant in that day recommended us to a product she herself uses and I am so thankful o her for that.

The product in question is TruCare Almond Oil & Henna Mask and here's why if you're a natural girl with thirsty hair, you should try it.

TruCare Almond Oil & Henna Treatment Mask

1. Price

First and foremost, the price of any products is the first thing I look at when buying anything,especially with hair products because they can be so expensive. As a relatively new natural gal, I am very aware of the fact that I will most likely go through quite a few products before I find the right one for my hair.

There is nothing more frustrating than forking out money you don't have on products you think you need only to find out it doesn't do anything for you whatsoever and yet you still have 1L of it sitting on your bathroom counter.

A litre of the TruCare Almond Oil & Henna Treatment Mask costs €10.05 from Terrisales and will last you 4-5 months depending on how often you deep condition. I deep condition once a month and I am pretty bad for using more product than necessary so for me this hair treatment was well worth the money in terms of number of uses you get out of it.

2. Quality

There's no point telling you about a product and how cheap it is without telling you about the quality of it. And the verdict is in. I give the hair treatment a 5/5 for quality . As the Sales Assistant at Terrisales said to us, you really don't need a lot of this products to reap is moisturizing benefits.

The butter like consistency makes it easy to spread from scalp to tips and less really is more. For example I part my hair into four sections and could easily used two small scoops per section, however I prefer to use much smaller scoops and part each section into smaller parts for better coverage.

The henna extract leaves your hair looking more defined after use. I always detangle when I have this hair mask in to ensure I reap it's curl defining benefits.

This is not a scientifically proven method, it's just something I do because detangling my hair when I'm deep conditioning is a lot easier and I do personally think my curls come out better defined for that reason but hey, who asked for the crazy black lady's opinion?

3. TruCare Vs. Herbal Essence Vs. Argan Oil

Before TruCare I used Herbal Essence and before Herbal Essence I used Argan Oil. Personally the Argan Oil range did very little for my hair bar the Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask.

Argan Oil Hydrating Mask

I used the Argan Oil hair mask when I first did the big chop and my hair had only started growing. Then my local stores stopped stocking them just as my TWA ( Teeny Weeny Afro ) started taking shape so that was the end of that. Looking back on it, there's no way it would've held in satisfying the insatiable thirst of my kinky coils let alone stand a chance against the quality of this TruCare Treatment mask .

If you're transitioning or just did the big chop and on a budget, yes try the Argan Oil Hydrating Mask because at €1.50 from Dealz/ Poundland/Everything €2 /Lidl/Aldi it's worth the price and the benefits you get from it.

In terms of price, 5/5 €1.50 I'll take that. Quality 2/5 and Quality Vs. Price 2/5 It'll do for your first 3 months or so depending on hair growth and type.

You may have noticed from the graphic for My Go-To Hair Products the Argan Oil hair oil. I use it because it's also €1.50 in Dealz and great LCO method. It can sometimes make your hair look visibly oiled but it settles in after a few minutes and holds up for a solid 2-3 days.

Herbal Essence  Hello Hydration Hair Mask

You could also try the Herbal Essence Treatment Mask. I moved onto this range after the Argan Oil one stopped being stocked in the shops I could access. It's one I use even now. Why? Cause it's still pretty good. Compared to the Argan Oil Hydrating mask it's not that different in price. In fact I still buy mine for €1.50 in Dealz/Poundland/Everything €2 store.

I use it as a substitute for Conditioner at the gym and especially after swimming as a quick way to get moisture back in my hair before I get home to avoid my hair drying out and breaking off from the chlorine in the pool.

Compared to the TruCare Almond Oil & Henna Treatment Mask, well I think you know what I am going to say. It falls quite short of the mark but not as far back as the Argan Oil.

In terms of price, like the Herbal Essence 5/5. Perfect for my TWA rocking ladies, Big Chop gals and Transitioning sistas on a budget. Quality 2.5/5. Price vs. Quality 3/5. For the price it sells at, it actually does a pretty good job.

What is your favorite Hair Mask out there so far? Any staples in your arsenal?

Some secrets just can't be kept to ourselves. Why not let this cat out the bag and grab a pin?

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