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Pretending To Be An Adult Being: 5 Reasons Why You Should Give Up Your Friends To Save Money

Dublin, Ireland

Strapped for cash and don't know what to do about it? I would advise cutting back costs that are unnecessary. Starting with the biggest culprits, your friends. There are a million reasons why you should give up your friends to save money but we don't have time to get into all that.

 Friends those money milking beings that force you to dive into your already empty pocket and buy a large  Grande €100 Starbucks Mocha Latte because you're catching up over lunch. Why couldn't you pop into Lidl pick up some garlic bread, bake that and just be happy? Despicable.

They never have time for you either, honest, I even wrote a post about it here. Then one day they're sliding into your DMs with a 'hey wanna meet up?'

All the more reason why you should be giving them up completely to save yourself that little extra buck. Imagine how much more garlic bread and Chinese take out you could feast on without these so called friends robbing you of your hard earned money? And all for what? Their company?  Pfft...I prefer the company of Pizza. Domino's Meat Feast to be exact.

If you too are fed up with throwing away dough you ain't got to catch a few hours with annoying Orla, then you're in the right place to learn just how to do that.

Some of you may thinking, she must be maad! Oh I can assure you, I am....not. If you're not already convinced I have 5 reasons why YOU are wrong and I am write...right!

1. Carrying Cash

I think it's fair to say, friends are very inconsiderate when it comes to keeping up with your cash flow, or lack off. They think you're made of money or something. When you go out they're whipping out notes left right and centre whilst you're paying for your €0.39c packet of custard creams from Lidl with a silent prayer to the man upstairs that it doesn't bounce because purse lint isn't a valid currency.

Some people are so far up themselves they will have the nerve to ask 'why don't you just bring the money you are willing to spend in cash?'. As if. They may even argue that by carrying the physical amount of money you are willing to spend you are more aware of  your spending as opposed to using your card and banking on blind hope that there's sufficient funds in your account.

Well let me tell you this, they. are .wrong. I am right. And if you think they are right. You are wrong. Ha!

2. Free Activities

Sometimes it may feel like your friends are secret billionaires. I mean how else could they afford the latest iPhone, always have money for nights out, three nights in a roll AND still have money to buy food that isn't labelled 'Just Add Water'?

 You know you are not a billionaire. You don't have the kind of money to fund a survival lifestyle, let alone a lifestyle with a fun nightlife. Another perfectly valid reason why you should just give up your friends. You'd be much better off for it.

And don't pay any advice to anyone that tries to convince you otherwise. You know yourself that sometimes you just have no money to make plans with friends so suppress that desire to see them and just stay in your room watching Netflix and enjoying the benefits of your premium Spotify account.

Some folks may throw comments such as 'why don't you search for any fun, free activities happening around your city?'. The cheeek of them! They may argue that most cities have free activities happening on a weekly basis. For example just last Saturday Pawsitivity was an even held in Dublin's Merrion Sq hosted by Pedigree Ireland. A fun day for dogs, dog owners and dog lovers. An event that will be in Cork this weekend. 

Don't take the bait. They are lying to themselves. There's no such thing as a free event, all the more reason to give up your friends. 

They may also try to direct you to sites like Lovin Dublin or TimeOut and add you to Facebook groups all with the intention of getting you avenues that can provide you with information on activities in your city so keep your guard up.

3. Free Public Amenities

If you've ever taken a language class you've sat through at least one oral rattling off a paragraph you learned on the amenities available to you in your area. So you from that experience you know what complete crap it all is. Those amenities are not really used by anyone, they are just great fillers for your oral exams.

But as you know, there will be people who will want to fight you on what you already know. They may ask you 'why don't you go to the park or visit the art museum or something?' Who died and made these people law makers? 

They will argue that with the many beautiful parks to be found in almost any city, Phoenix Park, War Memorial Park, Stephen's Green just to name a few in Dublin,  you should be taking advantage of them. Play some football ( Americans read: soccer ), throw around a frisbee on a sunny day, go for a stroll. Who do they think they are?

Some may mention the many basketball courts, skate parks and tennis courts open for public use around the city but you know what to do, ignore them.

Just because the National Art Gallery, National Museum of Ireland, Botanic Gardens, Science Gallery, many parks, museums, galleries etc. , may be free to the public ( subject to times and seasons for some ) they think they have  a right to tell you how to take 'advantage' of your city for free. The cheek of some  people.

4. Spend Wisely On Activities You Will Enjoy

Habits are hard to break out of, you know because you have a habit of just being broke. Habits with friends are even harder to break out off. On average you may have enough money to do two lavish things with friends each month, be it bowling or going to the cinema. 

On average your friends may do that a billion times a month. No joke. A billion. So obviously that just isn't going to work out. Your friends, just have to go.

And it's not like they care about you either. They don't. What other reason could there be for the fact that on 100%  of night outs, you won't see half the friends you enter the club with, let alone the ones you lost in the line to get in? All the more reason you should just cut them lose now.

There may be one of two naysayers who will try to bring you over to the dark side. They may ask 'if you're going to spend money, why not plan a fun, interesting activity you will enjoy?'. They may argue that if you want to spend more time with your friends but don't feel like sitting around , then why not plan a fun activity so that if you have to spend money it's fun?

Absolute crap! We  may have the smallest bar in Ireland here in Dublin waiting to be visited by us, a place to drink an unlimited supply of tea in a Pay-As-You-Go at 8c per minute at The Clockwork Door, many interesting places to grab quality lunch at delightfully tasty prices such as The Mongolian Barbecue, Yamamori, or Bunsen but who in their right mind knows that information?

They will suggest activities like Q-Zar, paint-balling, go-karting and even free fun activities like hiking the sugarloaf, visiting the Hellfire Club, Glendalough, Guinness Lakes and Lord knows what else but don't give them any attention. 

They may try to direct you to apps like MeetUp which serves to connect people in cities with similar interests and plan activities together but pfft..there's only one Netflix & Chill club you want to be a part off and you are not accepting members.

5. Plan Ahead For Costly Activities

Still not convinced? Well this last point will make you see the light. Have you ever had a a friend message you about a super fun event they think you'll enjoy and they've known about it 3 months now but the event is tomorrow and they want you to come? You just have to fork out €300 for a ticket which are selling out fast. 

No feck off Lauren, I don't have a cool €300 just lying around. Why couldn't you have told me this 7 months ago so I could've gotten myself in order? How can you call these unreasonable people friends? They definitely have to go.

Some people will have the nerve to turn around and point a finger at you and ask 'why don't you  plan something fun with your friends for a future date and save up for it?'. What a daft idea if ever there was one. 

Who wants to spend their time planning an event for 3 months away so they can save up for it. I may know that I want to go to the Lonigtude, Body & Soul and Knockanstackon Festival for definite in January but I still need 6 months to sleep on it and then finally buy a ticket in a panic when they begin to sell out. I'm no Google Calendar or Credit Union putting a few bobs aside each much for it.

Clearly friends are the root of why your money never seems to stay in your bank account and after getting this far there should be no doubt in your mind regrading this matter. 

Just do away with them all together. No need to carry your cash with you when leaving the house, or taking advantage of the free activities and amenities available to you. Forget all that, and forget spending money on fun activities or planning ahead for future expenditure, we're not cave men, we have wireless pay n go.

Just say goodbye to your friends, burn those bridges, buy a cat and live happily ever after. 

The End!

What cost saving methods do you use when out with friends to ensure your bank account doesn't go wild when you do? 

Till next time my pretties 


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