Sunday, 14 May 2017

Do You Have My Bad Habits?

Dublin, Ireland

I have issues. Yes, I said it. But so do you! It's the topic of issues that has pushed me to write this post. More specifically the bad habits I have that keep leading me into the same crappy situations over and over again.

 Unless you've been living under a rock you've probably heard the song Issues by Julia Michaels somewhere at least a thousand times recently. If you haven't, you can have a listen here.

Normally hearing the same song everywhere does my head in ( queue Niall Horan's Slow Hands ) but this is one I can't get enough off. It seems every time I listen to the song I have a new 'issue' to put to it.

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Today I'll be sharing some of my bad habits that are more often than not the reason behind the 'issues' I have to deal with.

1) Over - analysis

I think it's fair to say when it comes to what causes most of my issues in any type of relationship, be it friends,  work, significant other, over analysis is the beginning of every breakdown.

One simple thing looked at from every single angle is a recipe for disaster and one I'm always falling into. It creates a toxic mindset which at its worst can flow out into your relationships with others and yourself.

It's one of my least favorite bad habits and I am constantly trying not to let it get the best of me. However sometimes I don't realize what's happened until it's too late and that's always a hard mess to clean up.

2) Unnecessary Pressure

I had this conversation with a friend one evening of the unnecessary pressure that we sometimes place on ourselves. So many times I've felt like a failure for not achieving something because I disappointed someone. But who did I disappoint? No one!

There are some projects I work on and I may tell no one about it but if I don't hit some sort of goal ( usually unattainable in nature) I feel like I've disappointed the whole world. Then what normally happens is I spiral into a guilt induced sadness founded on the idea of being a failure. 

3) Unrealistic Goals & Blind Optimism

Speaking off goals, what's the deal with setting goals that are obviously unattainable? I LOVE setting goals for myself and having something to work towards but sometimes I seriously miss the mark off what is a realistic goal.

Call it denial or projecting but I blame my blind optimism for this. I'm generally a pretty positive,  always look on the bright side, hippie person and that is its own problem sometimes. When you're as optimistic as I can be, it blinds you to the reality of your situations.

You may end up setting goals that are  not achievable in your current situation. For example most of you know that I am starting a podcast called Faking Adulthood Now. I've been working on the podcast and recently hit a block with motivation because I wasn't seeing the interest I'd have liked to see. I wanted to have 200 likes on our Facebook page and 200 people subscribed to the SoundCloud account.

And yet nothing I had done was going to be able to bring in those results. The Facebook page had just been set up, I had recorded no shows let alone a teaser, it's been two months of pitching the idea to stations and trying to get it off the ground.

However because I found that idea great,  I took it for granted that I wouldn't have to convince anyone else because they'd see it too. But of course that was not he case and after getting over the funk that came from that doomed goal, I'm able to look at that goal realistically and put together the baby steps towards achieving it.

4) Lists & False Sense Of  Confidence

Currently I have 5 books that I use to keep me sane. One Daily To-Do List book, one book for projects, one book where everything is written before being assigned, a book of my monthly goals and a journal. You may be asking yourself if they're really all necessary. No they are not but they make me feel like I have grip on things.

And that there is a problem in itself. Sometimes after writing out my multiple lists, I come away feeling as though everything is perfect and  since I have a step by step guide to achieve it all will be grand. One little problem with that is, I attach so much sense of accomplishment to writing the lists that it feels like I've already done what I needed to gain that feeling therefore I don't feel compelled to do what I set out to do then nothing gets achieved!

It's the fatal flaw from planning to taking action on those plans that I need to keep working on. Especially when I have lots of projects going at one time.

5) Critic Numero Uno

If I were to write an honest list of my skills, being my number one critic will be Numero Uno! I admit it, there are times I need to be hard on myself and then there are times I should be kind to myself but instead I get even harder on myself.

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We all need to be that kind loving friend we want when we need one to ourselves. I'm not saying go easy on yourself when you know you need a kick up your bum, but do go easy on yourself when you need it.

So there you have it, five of my bad habits, there are many more but these are the biggest culprits.

Do have any of my bad habits?

Till next time my pretties 


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  1. Defo with you on the first three there! It's a big deal to call yourself out though, good for you. All we can do is our best!
    Lisa x

    1. Exactly, no one has the handbook on this lifing thing so we all gotta do our best hahah

      Ama xx


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