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How To Do Nothing On Your Week Off

Dublin, Ireland

This last week I have been home doing nothing and loving it. I left my old job last Sunday and will be starting a new one just after this Bank Holiday Monday . I thought it best to take a week off and get some affairs in order. It's been a while since I had a week off work and even longer since I had a week off and didn't travel abroad. 

I had so many plans for this week, really I did. I was going to go to as many college lectures as I could manage to sneak into. Hit the gym more. Work on the podcast. Write more. Work on the blog. But I've done very little of this and gained so much from this. 

Surprisingly doing nothing takes some time and effort, crazy I know! If you're like me and always need something to occupy your time so you can feel productive, doing nothing can be quite a nightmare. 

Starting the week I realised I was tired, so tired all I did was sleep. For that first day between sleep, I watched The Blacklist, ate and lived within the space of my bedroom and the kitchen. It was utterly beautiful. I did my best to ignore the nagging voice at the back of my mind telling me I was wasting time if I wasn't actively doing something productive. 

Over the course of the week, I've seen friends for movie nights, went for a much needed catch up walk with a friend, worked on blog posts, had a meeting with a radio station about Faking Adulthood Now. It's been fabulous and I did it all when I wanted, took as long as I wanted and did as much as I wanted and loved it. 

For me, this week off was all about rejuvenating my mind and body whilst doing the absolute minimum, borderline nothing. 

 The secrets to doing nothing is actually to do the little things and below are a few things you should do to make sure you don't become a hermit on your week off and come out the other side of the week on top of your game. 

Before that though I have a little surprise for you guys. At this point you're probably wondering what the deal with the statues is all about huh? There's a Tibetan meditation site in Wicklow and ever since I was told about it, I've been wanting to go. As luck would have it, my boyfriend and I had one Monday where we were off together and he wasn't mountain biking so we made a trip of it. 

First we stopped off at Avoca for some food, spent some time meditating and reflecting at Roundwood. We followed that up with a spin in the mountains and I captured a bit of it to share with you guys. It was a fun day for us and I hope you enjoy the video.

Now onto the little things to make the most of your week off and do nothing.

1) Get out of Bed

It's simple and can take as much time as you want but get out of bed. Make your bed, flip over the duvet and open the windows and get in the fresh air. Some days I wasn't out of bed until 3pm, somedays I was up by 8am because I wanted to. 

Even if you plan to get back into bed by doing this you're moving and accomplishing tasks that make you feel better. 

2) Have a Shower

I like to shower whilst I air it out my room because chances are if I am in the room I won't open the window and let cold air in. However if I can kill two birds with one stone, why the heck not? Plus you'll be touched by the cleansing powers of showering that makes you feel on top of the world. Play some tunes for some extra good vibes. 

3) Eat

Just cause you're doing nothing doesn't mean you give up all human functions.  You need to eat, and eat well. I like to mix up the good and the bad together. What does that even mean? Basically it means I'll eat healthy and have maybe 2 take outs and some malteasers and popcorn with a movie or two. The trick is not to go crazy because at the end of the day you want to enjoy the time off you have and being hungover or feeling sluggish isn't going to cut it. 

4) Mental Care 

You want this week to rejuvenate your body AND mind so you can feel at your best. All the little things above add to ensuring your body is being looked after. The little accomplishment like making your bed, showering, eating well for me is great for boosting my sense of self - love and confidence. 

I also like to journal or just spend some time,  however long or short I need, throwing and catching a tennis ball and just reflecting on the past few days, weeks, months. Being grateful for the good things that happened, acknowledging the trials I felt came my way and evaluating how I dealt with them. 

I like to be mindful in these reflections, being kind to myself where I've been going too hard and being more disciplined in areas I've been slipping. I like to see these reflections as talking to a really honest friend who cares and loves you deeply because we all need to be that friend to ourselves. 

5) Spend time with others

Speaking of friends, spend time with the ones you have. I know on your week off you might not even want to see people but spending time with others will improve your mental health and make you feel better in general. I have a good few circle of friends and this week I only saw 3 people, one of whom I hadn't seen in a while which was lovely.  

6) Be Active

I know, how is this doing nothing? Because there's lots of ways to exercise without actually feeling like you're doing it. I went for a walk with my friend and his dog which definitely didn't feel like exercise but helped clear my head and be active that day. Vacuum the house, do a few 30 seconds dance raves ( dance wildly for 30 seconds ), walk the dog, go for a swim, just get moving. 

Maybe like me you actually enjoy going to the gym and being there is actually a good time for you then this is your time to do more of that or not, I man I only went to the gym once as opposed to my usual 3-5 times.

7) Work on Your Own Projects 

There are many more little things that'll help you get through your week off and feel as though you did nothing at all but accomplished so much. For me one of it is the piece of mind I get from doing little bits of work I enjoy. I know the point is to relax but I actually enjoy working on my many little creative projects. And it doesn't have to be sit down and focus work either. 

I love drafting posts for the blog whilst watching The Blacklist.  I also love editing pictures on my laptop whilst watching The Blacklist on my phone. I love listening to a podcast whilst taking many outfit pictures for the blog. I love pitching my podcast ideas to radio stations when I get a lift to and from my front door ( hey I can be lazy on my week off ).

Be more like this guy!

Your week off is all about you and how you feel! It's just even better when it also happens to be a bank holiday weekend at the end.  I'm pretty lucky I know hahaha. 

What little nothings do you do on your week off to make the most of it? 

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Till next time my pretties xxx 

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