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Five Tips & Advices For Selling On Depop

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*Disclaimer* This post is not sponsored by Depop or any brand mentioned.

Alas, I am back on the Depop market and updating my shop again. After setting up my Depop shop last year, its upkeep sadly fell back on the back burner amids trying to build up Albatroz & Co, moving house, college etc.but now I'm back and I'm planning to stick it out this time so check out the Albatroz & Co. Shop to see what is already up. To see where I got the pieces in the outfits throughout the post make sure to read till end where a little surprise will answer all your questions *insert winky face* And now as promised, my Five Tips and Advices For Selling On Depop.

For those of you who don't know what Depop is, it is a site to buy and sell clothing or items that you no longer want or need but feel others might like. I use the site to find a new home for my unworn or barely worn items. I have updated the shop and will continue to update it everyday so be sure to follow me on Depop, my username is @theresa_addo or you can click here. Also check out the Shop section of Albatroz & Co. I have taken down all my items from last year after giving them to charity during the move so I wouldn't have to haul everything around. However I have a good few new items to put up so follow me if you want to be able to see them. If you follow me on Twitter, I always share items I post up there too.

Now if you happen to have your own Depop account and would like to sell some items of you own, Depop themselves give a lot of great tips across the board from how to take good pictures to how to send of a package once someone buys your item. However there are just a few things that they happened to miss that I figured out on my own and use long with their tips.

1) Iron Your Clothes

I have a friend that totally judges people who wear seriously wrinkled clothes. She argues that if they had any self-respect or cared a little they would take the time to iron their clothes. Now although you may not be wearing it, a wrinkled up shirt is about as appealing as a half eaten doughnut when you are trying to sell something. It may not seem worth the effort but if something is so wrinkled that when you look at it all you see are lines upon lines upon lines, very few people are going to be interested in buying it because it doesn't looked cared for.

2) Wash Them

Have you ever went into a fitting room to try on something and see that there are make-up marks on the collar or tan lines around the sleeves? How many of those times have you walked out and bought that exact top without checking to see if there was another stain free one in your size? You may have the intention of washing it before sending it off to any interested buyers but if it doesn't look good in your pictures, you won't ave any interested parties to send it to.

3) Natural Light

If you've read the Depop tips for taking good pictures or any tips for pictures you know that natural light is important and no amount of editing or high ISO can change that. If you edit your pictures too much to raise brightness, you run the risk of altering the look of the product so much that it isn't true to reality. Something that may be baby blue colour could come across looking a deep blue. And who likes receiving something they didn't order? 

If you raise your ISO too much you end up with a yellowish tint to your pictures and you might as well have taken it with the lights on.

4) To Wear or Not To Wear

I know some sellers swear by wearing your items to show what they look like on the body and in someways I get where they are coming from. It is a far better to have visual representation of your item than just a flat lay picture. However I don't want to wear something someone has already worn. When it comes to outerwear, bags, hats. shoes sometimes and certain jewellery like rings yes, you can totally share pictures of you wearing them for better representation but some items like bodysuits, shorts, bikinis....uh uh.

This is something that you'll have to find out for yourself. When you start selling, try some posts that have you wearing items and others that don't. As a fashion blogger, I am more likely to have pictures of outfits from shoots and those would be the ones I use. But if you are not a fashion blogger, a good picture or mirror selfie can go a long way, just follow the same rules above; wash and iron your clothes and use natural lighting and read Depop's own tips for good pictures.

5) Be a part of the community

My first time trying Depop, I basically just set up my Depop shop, created a profile, posted all my items at once ( click here to find out why you should NEVER do that ) and expected the followers and buyers to come. Depop is a pretty tough market to break into so you can't just expect people to be falling at your feet to buy your items. You need to go out and look at other accounts that you may be interested in, follow other people, like other items if you actually like them, buy something and leave a review for that person, good or bad because if it's good it helps the seller's reputation and other buyers may find your review useful in their decision making. If you had a bad experience and share it in your review then it just serves as a warning to other buyers but always be fair and honest.

I'm going to try harder to be a part of the Depop community, so far it's been paying off and if you want any chance of surviving on Depop, you should get involved too.

Now I have created a quick OOTD video of this outfit which you can see on YouTube. I know it's crazy, two videos in one week? Oh believe it, because there's more where that came from! You can check out Wednesday's London Video Diary here if you missed it and also pick up some tips for shooting video is Manual Settings.

Also if you could take 30 seconds to complete this travel survey that I am doing for market research I would really appreciate it. I would like to know how interested you would be in a free service that connects you with locals who will act as your guide in their city. It's just 5 simple questions and it would really mean a lot to me guys. Click here.

Do you have a Depop of account? What advice and tips would you add to this list?

Till next time my pretties xxx

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