Sunday, 12 March 2017

What's In My Bag

Dublin, Ireland

I'd never heard of, let alone read a whats in my bag post till a blog I love, Explore Refresh, wrote one. Reading hers I thought to myself, I'd like to do that. It seemed like a fun and light post to write and an easy one to read. So I took to my bag and had a look inside.

I honestly did not think there would be much things of interest in my bag but as it turns out, I carry a ridiculous amount of items.

The Bag

Generally what I have in my bag depends on the bag....on any given day the bag you'll most likely see me with is my trusty Jansport which sits next to me on the bus as I draft this post. If I'm running errands its bulging with it's contents and if I'm cycling it carries my spare change of clothes, purse, bike lock etc. Most days you'll see me sporting my gym bag also with its smelly gym clothes and towels and runners.

My favourite bag for when I actually want to looking good is this leather bag I stole from my mum. In my defence, she never used it. In the years it was in her ownership, she didn't even take the tags off it! It was love at first sight and when the chance came I swiped it quicker than the Swiper in Dora the Explorer could.

Its strong and very durable and can easily hold all the things you're about to see. If fact it has, many times! It has plenty of pockets and opening inside and out which is great for storage. The colour is also fab and I love the stitch detailing. I get a lot of compliments on it. You can check it out in action here and here. Also you can get a pretty similar one here or a cheap one here from Forever 21, although they only come in white.

The Purse

This purse holds my bank, bus, medical and loyalty cards, I try to.keep it as empty as possible because I hate bulky purses. I barely ever carry cash for this reason. I got it in Poland after I was pick-pocketed and lost my one. Another reason why I no longer like carrying cash, all for my trip was gone. Were it not for my teachers, I'd have had no funds for the trip!


Depending on the day if I'm heading out to the city or somewhere fun I'll most likely have my camera in my bag to snap a few pictures of anything that stands out to me. And if I plan to hang out with people outside the house elsewhere I'll almost always have my laptop with me just so I can do things on the go such as draft blog posts for you guys while waiting on people to arrive! I try not to carry both together as I'm deathly afraid they'll be stolen or broken or lost together. And I know, I know Insurance but still, it's a bummer to lose anything even if it is insured. 

I always, always have my battery pack with me because my phone dies quickly and often. This one I picked up from Primark. It's not the greatest but it does the job. 

Gloves, Vaseline, Handcream

Also known as my essentials, leaving the house without any of these can have adverse effects on my day and mood. No gloves, cold hands which sucks if you're cycling half an hour to work and when I get cold I get irritable so not good for the first few people I meet. No Vaseline equals dry chapped lips which makes me very self-conscious and leads to me talking as little as possible to avoid drawing attention to my lips. Handcream, I hate having dry hands, and especially with black skin my hands look paper white where they are dry and not very attractive.

A library

I really love stationery, especially notebooks and journals. If I were struck dead by lighting  you would find with my charred body the ashy remains of the many books I carry around with me. In my personal library is my to-do lists book ( the pretty pink one), my blogger journal where I keep blog post ideas, schedules, projects I am working on, blog fixes etc. Then there is my Everything-Book where every task, big or small, life related or blog related is written into before being allocated to the necessary book. It's a complex process really. I also have my journal which I don't always carry around with me for fear of someone finding and reading it. 

I also try to carry a book to read with me for us journeys to the gym and down times at work and also when my battery dies.


Last but least, my ever present bundle of keys. I admit, I may have a problem when it comes to keys and key chains. I use to lose my house keys a lot so I started tagging other stuff to it so that if it fell out of my pocket I would hear it or at least feel the loss of the weight. I've just kind of held unto keys since and believe it or not some have actually fallen off and are lying in a trinket box waiting to be hooked back on. Currently 90% of the keys displayed I actually use daily. Locker keys for the gym, house keys, two bike lock keys, spare locks ans I even have a pen attached, which actually saves the day quite a lot!  

I have some key chains too, some from Spain, Brazil, Morzine and a pretty fashionable one too. My keys are definitely one of the most original things in my bag. I love it for it's history and the people it reminds me off.

So that's what's in my bag, you didn't ask but there you go. What did you like most, I'm curious to hear what you think. Also what items would be found with your charred body if you were struck dead by lightening tomorrow?

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