Wednesday, 15 March 2017

In The Eye of The Tornado

Dublin, Ireland

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Something weird has been happening the last few days that reminded me of a guy I met in Belgium last year. We ran into each other on two walking tours in Ghent and Brussels and got talking. He told me about quitting his detective job to travel. One of his favourite phrases and the one that stuck with me most was, "You gotta recognise the bullshit" and then change that.

It's hard to feel like you don't have a crappy life when so much crap seems to be happening all the time, nothing ever settles down, at least not long enough to be enjoyed. And if things briefly seem to be going well you know to be on guard for the next poop show because it's probably coming.
I wanted to write a post a few weeks back because I felt like I was finally getting on top of things. The quest for a full-time job was going well, I was at a good place mentally and physically, my relationships were...not turbulent. Things were good. And things still are. 

What I was missing and have now realised is that I have been looking at it all wrong. Shit happens, it's not just a saying it's true and a few weeks ago when I first started thinking of this guy and his saying, subconsciously I was doing just that and now I'm enjoying how freeing it is to see the crappy things in life that big or small that just don't make you me happy.

 I'd love to say I live a perfect life, I mean, who wouldn't right but I don't and that's okay. I deal with a lot of BS, you deal with a lot of BS, we all deal with a lot of BS. It's just easier to know and take on board that not all problems can be fixed or need to be fixed.

I'm off to London for a week to get lost in a city amongst strangers and I am really excited. I have booked swimming lessons after months of saying 'next month, I'll do it next month'. I'd borrowed some money from my mam that I am now almost done paying back. My work prospects are looking good ( more on that to come later but for now I can't say much). Just today I pitched a radio/podcast show to a radio station and the said yes so watch this creative space because there's plenty more in store. I am planning to go back to college and who knows I might love the course I do or hate it but who knows?

I guess the point of this post is just to offload a bit of where my life and mind is at right now. It's not quite like being in the eye of a tornado where all is calm but hell is breaking lose, it may feel like that at times but it's more like, a different kind but mine. 

I'm once again reminding myself to go with the flow and refocus on that New Year's Resolution to worry less. You can check out the rest of my resolutions here if you're curious.

Where's your mind right now? How are you beating 2017? Let's fall and rise together. Also I don't want to be the only loser at this slight pity party here, there's strength in numbers right? *nervous chuckle*

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Till next time my pretties xxx

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  1. I'm so happy for you! These changes sound good and FYI I learned to swim at 24 after 16 years of being afraid to even stand in water above my waist. So if it's a case you are afraid don't worry, it's a rational fear but it CAN be overcome! I hope you have a wonderful time in London and best of luck with the plans for college.


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