Sunday, 19 March 2017

Get Your Greedy Hands of My Blog

Dublin, Ireland

So this is something I've been noticing a while in the blogging community and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I started my first blog when I was about 12 and have had many since then. Between losing interest and forgetting passwords to accounts but Albatroz & Co is the first blog I've really invested most of my time and energy into.

I started blogging because for me it was a way to let out my teenage angst and basically let off some steam good and bad knowing only about three people would read it but it'd be fun because those three people could be friends eventually and yeah it worked out something along those lines. Then I walked away and returned two years ago and between that rime to now, the world of blogging has turned into an ugly, popularity contest to gain more followers. And at the heart of it is the people that put a price tag on every resource they can possibly give and I am calling BS!

I made the decision to start monetising my blog this year to bring in some passive income. Other than placing an affiliate link here or there I haven't really put much work into it..yet, nor I'm I making six figure revenues or even close. I am nowhere near publishing income reports of any kind but I've been looking into it and this is where I get frustrated at what the world of blogging is becoming.

Blogging has many dark sides and if you blog you know that. It's gone from just doing something for the sake of it to wanting to get noticed which makes sense because if you put as much time and energy as some bloggers do to write articles with beautifully captured images, paid hosting sites and all the background work that goes into producing good content, you would like more than a few people to see it. It's not narcissistic, it's wanting to share something you're proud off. And for many bloggers it is a form of income for them which is great. It's amazing that something born out of someones passion can reap them that reward. And you want to be able to do that too. A little extra cash for the rainy day bank account, who wouldn't want that? Especially if it comes out of something you already love doing?

So you start looking into which avenues suit your needs and everywhere you go there is this block of numbers, your followers, your views. I personally do not have many followers on my social media, I am not breaking that 500 mark and for a while yes that bothered m but now guess what? I don't care because those people I have, you guys, who have stuck with me all this time and genuinely care about Albatroz & Co. are worth more than a billion followers who do no engage. But the block is there and you have to try and work around that. You produce better content, promote more, network better but you're still not getting the results you see other bloggers getting and you want to do better. But that's when you fall prey to the other type of blogger who preys on your ambition to grow for their benefit.

For the record they are some great business blogging sites out there that provide great support and resources for other bloggers and businesses for free or at reasonable prices and I appreciate the work they do because bloggers helping bloggers is definitely a niche market and a needed one. One I love and shared in last week's newsletter is The Collective Mill, check it out here.

There are some not so great blogs and bloggers out there who prey on your desire to get out there. How often have you clicked into an innocent looking link claiming to help you take advantage of the new Instagram algorithm to land on a blog and find flashing neon signs of buy me, buy me and you'll get more followers? How many blog posts have you read only to finish and realise it was a pitch for the next BS e-book to learn how to use Pinterest, or Facebook or Flipboard? 

In my research into monetization I read a few income reports to see what I could be taking from it and I found it laughable that for most people their main income came from selling e-books. Yes, the very e-book you bought to make make six figures in your first month of blogging, or gain a thousand followers on Instagram a week is going to tell you to sell an e-book. If you look at this like a pyramid, you are at the bottom looking up to those at the top to help you get there. Standing at the bottom with you are many other people in your shoes all looking up. If you are all were able to make it to the top then there will be no one at the bottom to sell to and no one would make any money. But there will always be people at the bottom looking up. Why? Because what works for one person won't work for everyone. 

You may have gain a few followers on Instagram from the first e-book you bought but now you need the one for Pinterest too, so you buy that one and it just continues but you may never even come close to the success of the people you are looking up to because how can you catch up to someone when you are buying their bus ticket to get ahead of you?

It's a side of blogging that frustrates me to no end. If you are going to blog about helping other bloggers, why make everything about money. Don't hide your greed behind the mask of helping others, it is false and distasteful of character. 

If you're in a rut about your blog just try to remember why you started blogging in the first place, don't fall out of love with your blog or become victim to the numbers. There are so many things you could be doing yourself that will get you the results you are looking for without losing your authenticity. If you're losing your mojo take a step back and look at what you can change, put in the work and the results will come, it may take time but it will come.

 There are so many blogs taking the blogosphere by storm without feeding off us little guys. You just do you and you can be one of them too.  Don't fall prey to the greedy business bloggers, why pay extortionate amounts of money for a person to teach you how to better follow and unfollow someone on IG, which for the record is very very rude!!

What are some of the blogging dark sides you've come across? Let's tear down this pyramid together.

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Till next time my pretties xxx

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  1. Yes! I stumble across so many silly tutorials and services (that often cost more than they're worth) daily. Of course, some seem more helpful or worth the pay, but a lot really are not. I don't mind those, however, as much as I do the companies that reach out to bloggers and ask you to do an 'inspired by' post - for free. Like, really? I fake my way through this post, get nothing for it, and you get free advertising? Nah, girl.

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  2. All of this is why I stopped niche blogging and just started writing down my thoughts. I got so sick of the rat race... I just want a space to celebrate being me. I'm also sick of the follow for follow, because I feel like it cheapens me as a person. Whenever I get a new follower on Instagram, my mind immediately assumes you are just a bot trying to get me to follow back. I hate that I go so dark, so quickly. For that reason, I have stepped away from IG for a bit... but that does not stop me from getting emails with offers "you can't refuse!" Yeah.... watch me, lol.

    Also, I am in agreement with Erin^: NO NO NO to working for free!

  3. I think with regards followers on social media etc., it can really consume you. For instance, when I had 300 Insta followers, I wanted 500, when I had 500, I wanted 800 etc. There will always be someone else with more followers but blogging is about so much more than that. For me, it's primarily a creative outlet. I didn't know you had previous blogging experience but it totally makes sense now! :)


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