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30 Day Challenge: February review & March Annoucement

So for the month of February, I set myself a few different goals aimed to overcome one basic challenge...getting my sh*t together.

I had reached the point where I was feeling overwhelmed and at a loss on keeping on top of my ever changing lifestyle and the first part of this post will be on how it went. You can read up on that announcement post if you missed it here. The last part will be my March challenge announcement so keep reading!


So the plan for sleep was get more sleep. Not just more, but also effective deep sleep. I wanted to reboot a sleep challenge I had done before but slowly slipped out of. I really wanted to get at least 7.5hrs of sleep a day. In bed by 11pm and awake by 7 kind of thing. And some nights this happened but most nights it didn't.

I'd get a few days where I was following the plan then I'd go out midweek and stay up too late, be falling asleep around 1am - 3pm depending on where I was, who I was with etc. Then some nights I just couldn't sleep. I suspect my body was so wired from working so much my thoughts were constantly buzzing. Did I close the tills right? Did I take out the bins before leaving?

 I'm still trying to get a good sleep routine because sleep is so important to me that it bothers me that I am unable to have a decent routine. The result of this part of the challenge is not a good one but it's certainly not over.

Coincidentally the topic of sleep was discussed on a talk show I like listening to and picked up lots of tips on how to better perfect a night sleep and routine. I am in the process of testing some of these out and will be sharing them in the Get In The Know newsletter all through March so be sure to sign up.


This part of the challenge was a massive success! I added it in because I was falling behind in my exercise. Work made and continues to make it impossible to attend training sessions with my athletics club, I am cycling everywhere when the weather permits but my routes are no longer challenging. I needed something to push me and actually keep me fit. 

The plan was to do some home exercises and try real hard to get to athletics but honestly, neither happened. Within the first week I realised it would be very hard for me to make it to training sessions and I just didn't quite feel comfortable jumping around the house when my housemates were home and there was not really a time I was home alone so to solve the problem, I took out my first ever gym membership! It's a lot easier to go to the gym when you know you're money is going down the drain if you don't go. 

Since them I'm at the gym about 3-5 times a week. It's easy to get up to the gym before work seeing as the gym is near the city centre and close to all the public transport I need. And if I'm cycling, it's not very far from work or home.

 I have not forgotten about bringing you guys the best workout apps I can find, something that was to come out of the challenge. I have some pretty sweet apps which I will be revealing in the next issue of the Get In The Know newsletter. If you're not already signed up to it, click here and find out my favourite most useful workout apps that actually work and for free!

Meditation, Yoga & Journaling

Thankfully my gym has yoga classes which I am able to attend for free as a member, a perk I have definitely been availing off. Meditation in terms of 30 minutes sitting down and focusing on breathing etc. happened exactly once. I found I didn't really enjoy it as much. I preferred my mini meditation sessions that I have either sitting on my bed or at quiet times at work but mostly whilst I was journaling. Journaling and meditation just go hand in hand for me, reflecting on the day or week and writing down thoughts and worries, lessons learned and moving on feeling gathered and focused again...sometimes.

Blogging and Work

Blogging *sigh* I am still working on my consistency. I missed out on a few posts this month for which I apologise. It's a matter of time management and the never ending quest for organisation. I am glad that I was able to get out the posts I did and that they weren't shocking quality. Last year I made the decision to only great content that I'd be happy to put my name on and not scrape together a post for the sake of publishing one on time. Of course I would love to be able to put out content worthy of the time you take to read it on the days they are meant to come out every week but I hope choosing quality over quantity in this case is justifiable for you as a reader too. 

Work: Next week I finish up at one of my jobs and then I am full-time so hopefully that paves way for some form of routine to be able to form with organisation in tow.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This.did.not.happen. At all. I'm not too disappointed by this actually. I tried looking for some online courses, admittedly I looked once, though it was pretty heavy research. The only issue was I kept getting referred to courses that required money or weren't very helpful. I did however stumbled on The School of Life, a website that looks at the psychology behind most human actions and behaviours. I was quite surprised at how helpful and informative the videos they have were. I learned a lot from them and I think if you checked them out you'll surprise yourself with what you learn too. Check out their YouTube channel here and they're equally awesome website here.

So that was how February went for me. For the month of March I'm focusing one of my new years resolutions and going to go out and doing some activity once a week. The past few weeks have been all work and very minimal play and I want to make the most of this year and enjoy it as much as possible. I have lots of ideas planned that I can't wait to do them. 

Seeing as these challenges aren't discussed again till the end of the month, if you want to know what I'm getting up to, subscribe to the Albatroz & Co. newsletter here and also to find out the best workout apps you could be using at home for free.

In addition, I'll be sharing some of the sleep tips that I am testing in the newsletter all through March so if you're like me and struggling to get a good night's rest, sign up now and we can beat this together.

Is there anything you want to achieve or work on this month? What is it? I'm nosy. Let me know in the comments!

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