Sunday, 5 February 2017

Dare I Call Myself A Fashion Blogger?

Blouse - Mint Velvet
Skirt - Mint Velvet
Bag - New Look ( similar here )
Statement Necklace - Mint Velvet
Boots - Primark ( Similar here and here )

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored by any brands named nor I'm I affiliated with any of these named brands.

In many ways this outfit is love hate one for me. Not hate, that's too strong a word but not fully love. Individually I love the pieces. For example the skirt is very easy to work into many different outfits, the jersey material is comfortable and warm which is a bonus for the frightful weather we've been having the last week or so here in Ireland. However it can be a little restricting to walk in which really puts a bit of a strain on my knees after a few hours of wear.

The top, I absolutely adore. It's simple with subtle touches like the bow sleeves and the colour is flattering especially with my new grey hair. These pictures were taken a week or two ago with thanks to Stephanie from Wasting Colours hence why my hair is in it's natural 'fro state. The top itself is not tight fitting but quite flowy so perhaps it was not the best match for the skirt which looks better with a simple long-sleeve shirt or tee tucked in with some white or metallic runners ( Americans read: sneakers ).

The bag is one of my favourite accessories pieces right now. Borrowed from my mother and never returned, it has been a staple outfit piece this season. I am not a handbag and purses type, I much prefer a backpack in which I can carry all the unnecessary crap I carry around with me. You can pick up a similar one from Forever 21 for much cheaper than this one cost.

The boots which you've probably seen in many of my outfit posts was originally from Primark/ Penneys and unknowingly donated to my wardrobe by my little sister and has lived there since. I have been unable to find any very similar to it. I did however find two from Asos that both incorporate certain elements of it. Check them out from the links up above.

You can catch the bag and boots in action again in my Shop The Sales post which showcases my favourite outfit of the year so far and where to pick up the bargains in it. There are still some clothes and sizes available so hurry!

The part of this outfit I'm not mad about is the ... outfit. I don't know, for some reason I just feel like it doesn't quite work for my body shape? I adore the pieces individually but put together the outfit seems too grown up for me. I like wearing outfits that I can confidently say speak to my personality so I must've felt very grown up the day I put together this ensemble. I guess I'll just have to keep trying out different outfits and see which I love, oh isn't life hard? Keep your eyes peeled because these pieces will definitely be making a comeback to the blog.

Also the first Get In The Know Issue will go out to those subscribed tomorrow ( Monday 6th ). Thank you so much to everyone that has subscribed already, I am so incredibly happy to have you all on board and supporting me.

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What has been some of your favourite pieces of your wardrobe from the winter season? And on another hand, did you set yourself any goals for the year? How's it coming along?

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Till next time my pretties xxx

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  1. Your pictures are amazing and loved reading this piece, it's all just about finding outfits that work for you best :)

  2. To answer your question, you most definitely are a fashion blogger, you've got great outfit photos unlike on my site and I dare to call myself one :P I'm setting myself a blog goal of achieving more views each month than previous far it's working!

    1. Edel Joy of Blogs is my no. stop for the latest fashion trends that I'd actually want to wear outside and not just on a catwalk somewhere in NY with glitter in my hair. You are most definitely a Fashion blogger and with your new camera I can't wait to see the fabulous outfit posts you'll be coming out with! And I'm so happy you're getting more views! Did you start trying something new? I'd love to know :P


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