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Discovering Ireland: Bunsen

Dublin, Ireland

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or endorsed in anyway by this establishment.

This week my gal pals and I ( sans one )decided to share lunch together and pretend to be legal adults who have their sh*t together. The chosen location on this occasion was Bunsen in the Temple Bar district, Dublin 2. There were 3 different Bunsen joints from our meeting point at Grand Central Bank with the closest being the one we went to. The other two are found on Wexford Street and Anne Street South, both locations also relatively close to Temple Bar. The locations can also be found on the Bunsen website here.

It is situated in the heart of the Temple Bar District, right across from The Temple Bar pub itself. Having been in the area many times I can tell the location is perfect for an afternoon lunch with friends, as I did, or a work break. However I also got the sense that it would be a great spot to grab a bite at night whilst being able to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the social and vibrant Dublin night life. The joint closes at 9:30pm with the latest closing being 10:30pm weekends so you will be able to enjoy your meal in a lively atmosphere sans the drunken spectacles that you may see outside the window were it open later. Although that'd also make for some added entertainment. I definitely plan to return there some night to test out this theory.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant ( if I use joint one more time I'll have to slap myself) itself is relaxed and very much influenced by what you add to it. I shall explain. Whilst enjoying our lunch and the company of my friends I  observed the various customers also present, because I am a creep. However putting that aside I couldn't help but notice the different moods cohabiting in the space.

Large groups of people laughed from the upstairs seating area obscured from view by a set of stairs. However their laughter did not infringe on professional mood of work colleagues sharing a lunch beak, or the couple sharing their meal together. You could even go alone and get lost in your own world as one guy did, and by the way, I totally saw you drop that sauce covered chip on the table and still eat it but we've all done that.

The menu as my fiend Lauren put it, is 'simplicity at it's best'.There are a total of ten items on the menu in terms of food with the most expensive item coming to €9.95 ( Double Cheese Burger which you should order if VERY hungry ). There is a separate menu for drinks and wines. However there are sadly no vegetarian or vegan options.

Prior to going there myself, the only other person I knew had been was my former manager who assured me with his seal of approval that 'it's pure heaven'. and I'd agree. For the price and quality and quantity ( because lots of food is always good) it almost seems like you're cheating the business somehow. They don't shy away from from dishing out food which is rightly so because you are paying for it. For €12.40c ( in my case) you can have a very filling regular cheese burger and shoe string fries. Add another €1.95 and you get a can of your chosen soft drink. You could also have you some sweet potato fries instead for an extra euro.

The food didn't look like the supermodel of foods when it arrived. The meat was not perfectly round but instead had the thick and misshapen form of a proper handmade burger and the thin crispy edges only formed from nicely well-done meat was just further testament of the hand churned, hand made goodness. 

The service that accompanied our meal was fast and very accommodating. Within minutes of seating you're asked for your orders though not in a rushed manor. You are asked how you'd like your meat cooked, rare, medium, well-done, scorched in hell etc. you choose. The staff are friendly but not in an 'in your face while you're wolfing down your meal like a savage' way. Their relaxed approach to everything and the general relaxed but professional atmosphere for me personally added to the quality of my time there.

So be it grabbing a bite with friends, colleagues or on your own and even as a final stop before hitting the Dublin night life, I'd definitely recommend Bunsen, Temple Bar ( as it's the only one I can truly vouch for.) to anyone and everyone except vegetarians and vegans, you guys should probably avoid it at all costs.

Have you been to Bunsen yourself? What was your experience like? 

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  1. I've heard so much about this place, but I've never been. You're review is making me more curious than ever! I'll definitely have to give it a try :)

    1. Rachel if you like burgers or even if you're not the biggest burger fan ( because Lord knows I am not) I would still recommend it. It is totally worth it! When you do go I hope it's as excellent as I found it to be.

      Ama xxx


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