Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2016: A Year In Review

Its here!!! 2017 has arrived, as if y'all didn't already know. I wasn't going to do a review post on 2016 but then I realized it was a pretty crap year but also a pretty darn great year.

I tried to condense my 2016 review so I could a mash in my 2017 goals but only found myself with a really long drawn out post that even I wouldn't want to read let alone publish. Therefore this post is a bit of a late review of 2016.

Shall we start with the good bits then?

What was right with 2016?

In the hopes of not sounding entirely narcissistic you can check out this Buzzfeed piece that has captured some of the great bits of 2016 for everyone so I can selfishly talk about myself and my amazing life here pffft *Laughs hysterically*.

1) Graduating

I finished Second Level Education. In an age where many people still fail to receive adequate education I am so grateful for the privilege I have been given to learn the things I have.


2) Leaving College

Bet you didn't see that coming after the first point. I lasted a whole of approx. TWO months in college and probably only attended about a week's worth of hours. I won't get into the whys of it here although that is to come but making that decision to break from the education mill so to speak has been one of the most freeing and best decisions I made in 2016.

Had I stayed in college it would have been in a course I didn't particularly enjoy or feel challenged by. Its been great having a year break after what was probably the toughest year of my education life: The Leaving Certificate Examinations.

3) Going Home

My Great-Grandmother & I

Whilst most 6th years flocked to Magaluf a.k.a Maga I booked my tickets in February to go back home to Ghana. After 4 years it was much overdue and by far the highlight of 2016 for me or at least up there.


I spent a total of two weeks between my home city Kumasi and the capital, Accra trying not to feel like a tourist in my own home. I saw my family, old friends and generally tried to soak in as much as I possibly could of everything and everyone before I left. I'm gonna  have to start saving for the next trip there, I definitely don't want another 4 years to pass before I return.

4) Relationships I Made and Continue to Stregthen

Carrying on from my previous point, one of the greatest things about 2016 has to be the relationships I formed, reignited, strengthened and continue to have. The start of 2016 feels weak in terms of the network of support I felt I had compared to the network of support I have ending it.

There were some things I needed to work on myself and accept, people I had to let go, relationships that changed and all the while I had to work on trusting my network and allowing that support to be there. No man is an Island but its hard to let people onto an Island you've worked hard to protect even if they can't understand why.

5) Moving Out

The biggest change in my life in 2016 and the one bound to have the most effect in my life going into 2017 has to be the fact that I moved out this year and it wasn't for college. I actually moved out.
And now I've moved again!! Twice in one year. It's been crazy and to be honest I don't even know how I feel about it because I haven't given myself time to think about it because it's just like aaahhh and I'm all aaaaahhhh inside. Sometimes it crops up in my head and I wonder why I can't just have a "normal" teenage life where I only have to worry about forgetting my house keys and not rent and bills etc. and other times I just tell myself to get on with it.

That is probably where my hostility comes from when people ask me how I'm feeling about the move, if I'm scared, what it'll be like. Do I really want to live with strangers. They're asking questions I don't have answers to myself which then makes me feel even more anxious and unsettled.
I don't want to look at this change as a bad thing because it's giving me a kind of freedom that is hard to explain but it is a change I am just going to roll with.

6) Travel

2016 saw Albatroz & Co add a new category to it's niche which was Travel!! I travelled more last year alone than any other year of my life and t was wonderful. Second to going back to Ghana has to be my solo travel to Belgium because of the great time I had and all the things I learned. You can check out this list I made of lessons from my first solo travel here. I visited Krak√≥w, Poland with my 
school back in April, Ghana in July and four cities in Belgium.

And the bad bits:

The whole of 2016 just has this downside that I can't even put into words. It was just dreadful at times it seemed for everyone. There's been so much suffering and wars, deaths, refugee crisis that is still ungoing, natural disasters, my family moved away to a different country, just so much globally and in my personal life that I can't even make a list for it and frankly I don't want to. It's time to look to the future with intent to shape it for the better and not focus on the bad that has happened and the consequences to follow.

I say this having had a little bit of a meltdown a few hours into the new year day because I just couldn't stop thinking negatively about what has been and what is to come. I began to sound like a broken record to my won ears, it was terrible.

I haven't yet looked at goals for 2017, yeah I know I'm way behind on the band wagon but a recurring goal so far for me has been to stay positive about what is to come and be prepared, to change, adapt, fight and shape the future.

I hope your own 2016 reviews focuses more on the goodness on the year, whilst taking into acknowledgement the bad that can be changed and also looking forward to the future with positivity. 

I'd love to hear what goals you've set yourself for this year and if you're like me and haven't made any goals yet, what are you thinking about? Maybe we can all gain from sharing.

Till next time my pretties xxx

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