Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Because I Like Pink

Last weekend I attended my work's Christmas Party. It was a much anticipated evening for me as I had had a particularly gruelling week with work and other arrangements. By the time the date rolled around I was ready to let down my hair and blow my drink allowance sky high. Of course I hadn't had much time to think about what I'd be wearing when I barely had time to eat or sleep.

I threw together this quick outfit about a half hour before I left. For the night it consisted of some blue heels and a small pink bag. However considering the weather has been so uncharacteristically warm these past few weeks I thought it'd also work pretty well as a day or night outfit.

Everything I'm wearing bar the long cardigan came from my mam's clothe farm. The shirt is from Primark and the skirt is from Boohoo ( found in my mam's closet but owned by my sister). You can find a nude version of the skirt here for only €14!.The Cardigan was also purchased from Primark and the shoes are from Topshop, you can pick up a similar pair here. The Ted Baker bag is from well...Ted Baker. My bag id pretty old season but you can pick up a more recent one here.

I love the baby pink colour of the skirt and how it pairs with my TB bag. I've always been more of a backpack kinda girl as opposed to the hand bag but I really love this TB bag. It's not your conventional handbag, I mean it's pretty see through at times to I am a little extra cautious about what I'm putting inside and leaving on display. 

I paired the outfit with this cardigan to add some cosiness and texture and the belt to add shape. The glasses are to tie together the brown and black accompanying the pink and as such to tie everything together.

This whole outfit to me is very relaxed and speaks off my girly pink loving side too. What are some of your favorite fashion pieces in your wardrobe?

Till next time my pretties xxx

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  1. You did a great job with this outfit! I love the combination of colors and how this bag fits in :) Beautiful! x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


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