Sunday, 27 November 2016

My Winter Wardrobe and Where to Shop It

With the amount of clothes I own, its hard to believe that I seldom ever actually go shopping. Most of my clothes have accumulated over the years with much thanks to my mother who up until the age of about 16, still bought all my clothes for me. However after having her kit me out in an office appropriate dress, heels included, the whole shabang, for an interview to be a retail Christmas temp, I thought to myself perhaps it was time for me to take the reigns.

With that said, even now the majority of my clothes are either unashamedly stolen from her wardrobe, things from years ago I didn't have the heart to give to charity or things stolen from my sister's wardrobe. It's a cost effective way to save money without breaking the bank.

 In addition to this, I've worked in retail for the last three years where every new season, so every three months, I received an allowance for new uniform and thus new clothes to my wardrobe. However more often than not, the clothes would be so worn out that I almost always donate it to charity or throw it away if it's in really bad condition.

But last week I looked into my wardrobe and realised that I was missing some general wardrobe essentials and needed to update my winter gear too.Taking advantage of the Annual Shop & Rock night a.k.a discounts galore night, at a nearby shopping centre, I took to remedy this problem and now you too can shop my winter wardrobe.

I think it'll soon become obvious that I only really went to two shops, H&M, Mint Velvet and Primark in this post. This is purely because of how much I love these brands and also the fact that Primark's knitwear is literally the cosiest thing ever...when it's not being itchy. This post is not endorsed by either company in any way.

First up is the €18 Roll Neck Jumper I got in Primark. I couldn't find the exact color online despite it being available in shops but I found it in a different colour. I'm a very cold person and not easily warmed but this jumper alone is enough to make me leave the house without a jacket these days and THAT is some feat. And also seeing as Winter is just about here in Ireland I seriously needed something to help get me through.

Astonishingly up until August, I had manged to survive with only one pair of black jeans for a year and a half. But then disaster struck and they split right up my thigh and since then I had been wearing my much loved Mint Velvet Leather Leggings everywhere. It wasn't that I was too lazy to go look for new jeans, believe me, I tried. Jeans are some of the hardest clothes I find, there is to shop for and I wanted to get a pair that didn't fall down half my bum when I sat down or needed to be held up in bunches of material and belts.

I found the jeans I've been looking for all this time in H&M, the same place I found my last pair. And this time I bought two of them, Black and Blue €19.99 each. These High Waist Skinny Jeggings both look and feel good. 

I love dresses and just because it's Winter doesn't mean I can't still rock out some flattering frocks. I came across this dress on the sale rack in H&M and thinking it to be the last one, I bought it. I have no regrets. It is so warm and comfortable! Here's a similar one here, although sadly not on sale.

I like to be minimal when I have an outfit  with as much character about it as this dress, so pair up with some white trainers and minimal jewelry and you're good to go for a winter-proof casual chic day.

I own three hoodies before buying this and the reason I bought this hoodie was really quite simple. I needed something I could wear under my jacket t keep me warmer for journeys t and from work. I also needed something I wouldn't have to pull over my head so I wouldn't mess up my air before work. Don't judge me, presentation is important too. Anywho, I bought this €16 Hoodie in Primark and I've practically worn it everyday since. I couldn't find the one I have online but I found a similar one for guys. I'd recommend going for the bigger sizes because they're so cosy.

Now footwear. Admittedly I like to wear heels wherever I can, preferably chunky and thick soled. But it's winter and I have to get to work and there's something about sprinting for buses in heels that doesn't quite fill me with enthusiasm. I bought these white trainers in Zara back in July and received my Adidas Stan Smith shoes as a generous birthday present from a special friend of mine. These two pairs of shoes are my end all and be all when it comes to putting together a casual, chic and yet comfortable look  for work or going out and about.

And last but not least,my scarves. I own a few but these two are definitely my most worn ones. The orange one from Pull & Bear was bought back in April when I visited Krákow with my school. It's since served as a blanket on nights out, a picnic blanket to soak in the sun and my own shield when the weather is bitterly cold.

The second scarf from Mint Velvet is perfect for travelling short distances and particularly if I'm getting lifts and don't have to go too far. It also adds character to any outfit.

And that my pretties is my Winter Wardrobe. What are your Winter essentials? Is there anything I should be adding to mine? Let me know below in the comments.

Till next time my pretties xxx

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  1. Ou, you're all set for Winter, Ama :) I love your scarves (how could you not love a scarf?), and that hoodie looks so cozy and warm! My winter is, of course, a little bit different, so I always have wool socks in my winter wardrobe. And some thick leggings :)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. I know right!? I LOVE Winter but the cold always gets me but this year I am prepared. I feel like a warrior goig to war. I do hI acn't wait to see all your Winter pics on your blog becaue you get snow and it's going to be beautiful. I have a plethora of woolly socks at home but sure there's enough to create a whole separate post on them hhaha

      Ama xxx


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