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Belgium: Adventures in Ghent

Before I go into this post, those of you who follow me on Twitter will be aware that I have been teasing a YouTube video that I was expecting to have out today. I'd had a couple days off from work and thought I'd put that time to use and surprise y'all with a much overdue video. However, after six hours of editing with a free version of Filmora, I was left with a MASSIVE brand watermark that only showed up when I was exporting the video and so now the video has been post-poned until further notice and I apologize for this but I'll do my best to get it out for next week because I'm super excited for you guys to see it. But until then I'll share with you my second installment of my Belgian travels.

You can check out the my first post about Belgium: Brussels, here if you haven't already read it. But now without further ado, here are the tales of my adventures in Ghent.

My second day in Belgium was spent in Ghent although looking back on it, it was a very brief stay and there are a number of reasons for that. I arrived early morning in Ghent. Getting of the train I had to get the bus to Ghent city itself. It seemed the city was quite modernized and far removed from the old historic and architecturally beautiful one you hear about when people talk of Ghent. It was not until I arrived in the main city center that I could see the picture perfect Ghent and to be completely honest, I was a little let down but let me explain.

The Ghent that I was expecting was not what I saw but after some saturation and editing skills that I do not possess, I can see how the real one resembles the reality which is still in its own right beautiful. When I arrived in the city it's beauty was quite evident even if not true to the pictures you see on Google Images, or maybe it was just the day I was there. It was quite a dull, slightly chilly day with a lot of tourists and a lot of construction going on, in fact there seemed to be constructions going on everywhere, but I was determined not to let it put a damper on my day. By the end of that day I would know Ghent's rebellious history and see all that makes it beautiful.

I started off the day with a boat tour around Ghent. The breeze from the water was pleasantly warm and sitting at the back of the boat I could see everything. I f you're ever in Ghent, I'd definitely recommend a boat tour. Why? Well for starters it is a different alternative to a walking tour and you don't always get the opportunity to do one depending on the city you're in. It's fun and a lovely way to meet people, like the couple I met having a weekend break.

My favorite moment by far on the boat tour was when the boat turned around the corner to reveal the magnificent castle centered in the middle of the lake/canal. I can't quite describe how beautiful it was and I hardly had time to grab a picture before I picked up my jaw of the floor. Maybe I was caught unawares or maybe my perception of Ghent had been so sadly reshaped by reality shall we say ( positives ) that I didn't think any part of it would live up to my expectations but this did.

Another thing I loved about Ghent was this Graffiti alley way which admittedly is not a historic site but goes to show how two different times can exist side by side, or at least side by side enough to stop people vandalizing national treasures.

After my boat tour was a walking tour with the lovely Nick who also happens to own the Charlie's Pub in Ghent city center and does the walking tours as a hobby because he loves Ghent so much. Cool right? And he himself was pretty cool too and quite funny but most importantly he knew his history and how to tell it which made it all the more enjoyable to learn from him. He also knows how to build up a great cliff hanger so that you'll stick out the tour which worked out very well.

I didn't spend much time in Ghent after that. I left quite early to meet up with Long Jie, who stayed in my hostel room that day before heading back to France however I did enjoy my stay in Ghent, it is a city with a lovely history existing side by side with the ever changing world today. Besides what other city would you find a cathedral with a sculptor denoted to legend of a father who survives imprisonment without food for life by drinking his daughter's breast milk?

By this stage I truly hope I haven't ruined Ghent for you. I met many people, other travelers within my time there who found it absolutely beautiful and to be everything they thought it to be so don't let my expectations and perceptions burst your bubble.

Visit Ghent if you get the chance and make up your own mind on the city or have you been to Ghent already? What did you think?

Till next time my pretties xxx

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  1. Can't wait to see the video! Also, this town looks very lovely, haven't visited it tho :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  2. Ah, I still want to see Ghent, haha :) Well, I want to see all of Belgium, but Ghent just seems right to me! It looks beautiful, but you're right, a bit of sun would definitely do it some good. The graffiti alley looks fantastic, and I do love a good canal ;)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh


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