Sunday, 12 June 2016

Looking Forward

Top - H&M
Skirt H&M

I must've  missed these outfit posts a lot more than I previously thought because shooting this outfit filled me with so much happiness and totally calmed my exam jitters.

My love for everything H&M definitely shines through this outfit. I bought the skirt in Poland two months ago visiting Kraków on a school trip. I've always loved skirts but the quest to find one that suits has always been a long and unpredictable one. Who knew all I needed to do was go to a different country?

For now, it's Tuesday evening and I'm sitting on my bed preparing this post for y'all ( which I really hope y'all enjoy). The infamous exams that have been slowly trudging towards me begin tomorrow and its been so trippy. One minute I'm feeling completely confident that everything will be alright and the next minute I just want to crawl up in foetus position and cry myself to sleep.I know I don't have much of a reason to worry but that's always easier said than done. Hopefully when you guys read this ( 5 days from now) I'll be pushing through the exam stress and keeping above water. *Insert pep talk* You've totally got this girl! *end pep talk*

There are so many things I want to do and experience after these exams and I have a BIG surprise in store for y'all. Guess you're just gonna have to come back if you want to know then aren't you?

Till next time my pretties xxx

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  1. This outfit is so cute and looks amazing on you! I wish you the best on your finals!

  2. I love this type of skirts, they are so trendy esspecially this season :)

  3. I love that skirt, very 70's chic. I think I've the same one in burgundy, looking forward to digging it out soon.


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