Sunday, 1 November 2015

Ink and Music

I got a tattoo!! Yes, you read that right. About 6 weeks ago, two days before my birthday I got my first tattoo, why? 1) I love tattoos, completely and absolutely love them. 2) I wanted something to mark my recognition as an adult in the eyes of the law.

But why the triangle? 

Well there are many reasons I can spoof about why someone might get a triangle tattoo but for me it was pretty simple. 1) I love triangles, they are my favourite shape. 2) To me it symbolises and attracts positivity which I love to be surrounded by. 3) It’s a constant reminder to stay grounded, especially in one of the most stressful times of one’s life, in the case of sitting the Leaving Certificate exams/ final exams.

Do I regret it?

To quote the words of John Green; “I like my choices”

In fact, I love it!

With the ink aside, I realized I haven’t done a playlist for a while now and October has been such a chill month in many things and definitely in music too so it’d be terrible of me not to share. 

Before I begin, if you haven’t already heard of The Weeknd, 1) Get out from under that rock. 2) You MUST check him out. He’s definitely ruled my October so excuse any excess of him in this playlist.

The Hills – The Weeknd
Acquainted – The Weeknd
Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl – Wet
17 – Youth Lagoon
Kerry – Youth Lagoon
Earned It – The Weeknd
Spanish Sahara – Foals
Strong - London Grammar
Crash - You Me At Six

Also, hope y'all had an awesome Halloween!! I went to a showing of Silence of the Lambs with some friends while wearing a sweaty bunny head which gradually gave me a massive headache but nothing a long nap couldn't cure.

How'd you spend your Halloween?

Till next time my pretties xxx

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