Sunday, 13 September 2015

Road Trip

Dublin, Ireland

It's always wonderful to be able to get a break from life. It's even better with friends in a lovely house in the beautiful countryside of Ireland.

From the ghost story car ride in the thick cloak of darkness that only seems to be associated with the countryside, we arrived at our weekend mansion full of excitement and hopes of relaxation. Midnight swims, murder mysteries, sunsets and the fulfilling companionship of friends who strive to hold to the same values as you.

With a lake in the backyard and the serenity of nature surrounding every turn, I don't know how we managed to leave.

If you're ever in Ireland and needing a relaxing trip check out Ceaparana Exclusive Holiday Rental situated in Urra, Nenagh, County Tipperary.

All in all, the raging sore throat and limited vocal abilities attained were totally worth it! 

What are some of the things you do to relax? 

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Till next time my pretties xxx

7 comments so far

  1. Oh, everything looks so lovely! Very peaceful, relaxing. And of course it would be a great place to be with friends! This is a part of Ireland I didn't get to see, though it was my first time there and we did largely tourist-y things.

    I am actually a pretty relaxed person, as a whole. I don't need to do much to relax, though I do like a good bath with a book (or Netflix ;) )


    1. Oh my gosh, @Erin you were in Ireland? When? Where? How'd you like it? good bath and book/netflix is always the perfect relaxation therapy combo!

      Theresa xxx

  2. If you want, we can to follow each other on bloglovin! Just follow me here and I'll follow you back! ♥

  3. Really nice! Great photography. Love you blog! :)

  4. Wow! It's a lovely scenery ♥

    1. I know right!? Nature is just so beautiful! Thank you for your lovely words!!

      Theresa xxx


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