Monday, 28 September 2015


Dublin, Ireland

It's official!! I'm 18 years on this wonderful earth and a year older than Google.

Its been a lovely day of family, friends, good food, presents and banter. I've got a great deal of excitement, the origin of which I cannot place but I'm not complaining.

I keep waiting for some great sign of adulthood or maturity. A life lesson I missed in my adolescent years, some revelation or grand unveiling of hidden super powers I was unable to access until now but that has not been the case.

I woke up in my pink and grey fluffy panda pyjamas and Minnie mouse eye mask and felt like I'd cheated adulthood for that little bit longer! But I can now drink, buy alcohol ( unlikely since I don't drink), go clubbing and vote and do much more!!!

My sister said to me today 'You're my favourite sister now because you're my favourite age. Until you're 19 then you won't be my favourite anymore because you'd be old'

I don't know about 19 but I have a feeling 18 is the beginning of something very special!

How did you guys celebrate your coming of age?

Till next time my pretties xxx

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  1. Happy birthday! I feel like, regardless of where you are, eighteen is a pretty big year. I can't really remember my eighteenth birthday, haha! And not due to alcohol or anything like that... I'm not really one for big celebrations, so I'm sure it was spent in part with friends and in part with my family (and in part in pyjamas!).


    1. Hhahahahhaha I literally did the same thing. I'm not the biggest party person, contrary to the ones I attend hahahha, but part friends, part family and part pyjamas is a combination that can't go wrong! And thank you for the birthday wishes!!

      Theresa xxx


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