Friday, 7 August 2015


Dublin, Ireland

What are you supposed to do when you walk into a shop and see something you didn't even know you were looking for and it's on sale. There's only one left and it's in your size, clearly it's meant to be yours. Well that's exactly how I feel about this trench dress from H&M, love at first sight doesn't even sum it up!

I felt the basicness of this trench due to its colour really fit into how I'm currently feeling which is pretty bleh. Although this outfit is nothing but beautiful! I mean look at it, it's only hamartia is me in it! Everything is great, don't get me wrong but since Athletics training stopped for its month break and the Sun started setting earlier it's becoming harder for my daily yoga to provide sufficient energy for me to carry of metabolic reactions and therefore I'm feeling slightly....sluggish for lack of a better word. 

So I've decided a detox is the way. I'll spend a few days researching the type of detox route I want to take in order to not come out looking more like ET but like a newly revitalized healthy glowing young woman. Get some recipes together and put things in motion.

Apparently one should go on a detox at least once a year. Anyone ever been on a detox? Got any tips?

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Till next time my pretties xxx

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  1. Your style is so unique! I love this dress on you! And of course you had to get it, it was love at first sight ;)

    I'm sorry you're not feeling great, but it's great you've got a plan! I've never done a real detox, I did 30 Hour Famine which was, essentially, a 30 hour fast and I know some people use fasts as detoxes, but nothing officially labeled 'detox'. I hope you find one that works for you! Good luck with it :)


    1. @Erin Thank you so much! I'm feeling a lot better. I do like the idea of a fast though, it doesn't seem too intense ;)


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