Monday, 6 July 2015


Dublin, Ireland

Trousers - Zara
Shoes - Motive

I've had these trousers for years and never known how to style them but I could live in this outfit for the rest of summer and be perfectly happy as Larry.

However, life isn't always black and white. There are conflicting opinions everywhere, in every race, in every religion, in every culture and even in ourselves. I keep finding different conceptions of what's right and wrong from so many people that I'm beginning to think no one really knows. Where's the handbook of life when you need it? 

On a more uplifting note, you can now shop my closet from right here on the blog or on my Depop account. There's also a link on the Facebook page, just hit the shop now button. My instagram followers get 10% off.

Till next time my pretties  xxx

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  1. I love your hair and the outfit :)

    1. @Skye Gafari Thank you so much! I dig your style too ;)


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