Saturday, 4 July 2015


Dublin, Ireland


Dress -Bershka
Cardigan - Next
Flower Headband - Primark
Glasses - Italy

I was going through my closet when I found this dress buried in the back of my wardrobe amid some stuff toys. I threw it on thinking I wouldn't like it but paired with the right accessories and an eye catching shade of red, it made for the perfect summer's day attire. Also, sorry for the overuse of these glasses guy, what can I say, I'm in love with them and this flower hairband too! 

So it's July!! And y'all know what that means. The challenge for July is actually quite simple. Sleep. I'm always saying how I don't get that much sleep because of school or work or 'social life' but when I do have the time, I just watch TV series or waste it some way or other.

This month, I hope to end that by getting between 8-10 hours of sleep a night. No oversleeping but just the right amount to function like a basic human being. 

Also, you can now shop my closest for my new or barely worn clothes right here from the blog or from my Depop account. And the best part? My instagram followers get 10% off!

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