Monday, 27 July 2015


Dublin, Ireland

Top - Forever 21
Lace Shawl - Primark
Skirt - Bershka
Shoes - Next

I am fortunate enough to have friends who know how to party and party in style, fancy dress to be precise.

I'm a total sucker for all the best gory bloody ghost girl type of outfits but between the unsociable hours of retail life and helping out with my new super cute, adorable, perfect nephew, Peter, who is now almost 3 weeks old, I barely had time to think let alone plan a costume. 

This party was really an excuse to steal my sister's pretty lace shawl and break out these heels I haven't worn in years! 3 years to be exact! 

God's Gift To Men was Google's gift to me and now mine to anyone out there stuck for time. All you need is:

1) An outfit you love and are comfortable in
2) A big noticeable cut out designed however you like
3) Bow / A ribbon to wrap around your waste to form a bow
4) A great deal of confidence and the ability to laugh about it

Now write on your label.

From: GOD

And you're good to go! Yes it's super lazy but you have to admit, it does the job.

Till next time my pretties xxx

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  1. Cute outfit
    Very boho chic



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