Monday, 29 June 2015


Dublin, Ireland

Shirt - Thrifted
Beads - Thrifted
Jeans - H&M Collection
Shoes - Atmosphere

They say you only regret the things you don't buy and I can testify that, that is very true. This will be my first Favorites post, where I post my most loved pieces of clothing or beauty each month similar to the Monthly Playlists I make and there's no item more deserving than this beauty. It's an extremely over-sized shirt I found in a charity shop a few weeks back.

Tucked between some old shirts was this hidden hem in all it's colourful glory. I knew the minute I saw it, no matter how big it was, I was taking it home. The jeans are an old pair of my mum's but I love the khaki green of it and how it looked with the outfit.

My Bury, Manchester adventure ends tomorrow, sadly but I cannot wait to show and tell you about the AMAZING haul I've carried out over the weekend. So many clothes!!

Till next time my pretties xxx

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