Friday, 15 May 2015

State Of California

Dublin, Ireland

 Shirt - Next 
Jeans - Next 
Jacket - Zara
Boots ( similar here

This week I'm wearing one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe right now, Next Men's Cali Shirt. I've always believed and have been proven time and time again that the men's departments get the coolest prints. 
I love the vibrant abstract vibe of this shirt. Perfect for a lazy rainy day. I noticed on this shoot that I actually have quite a few clothing items with leather sleeves like this Zara jacket. It's always forever in my heart and I don't know where half my outfits will be without them.

So this week I wanted to do a 10 things about me sorta thing so that you guys can get to know me a bit more. Albatroz & Co. has been live for 14 days now. I know it's early days but there's no better time to start building bridges than now!

Fact File

1) I am 17 years old. 5'' 4 .

2) I'm the eldest of three girls.

3) Medically short sighted but practically blind as a bat!

4) I am allergic to make-up. I have super super sensitive skin, so sensitive I even get allergic reactions walking past some trees. Foundation makes my skin break out and mascara makes my eye lashes fall out. Therefore my only hopes are eyeliners and the odd eye shadow. I do wear mascara at times but I always have my pot of Rosy Pink Vaseline.

5) I play the guitar, piano and bodhrán ( Irish drum) and I'd love to learn the violin and cello.

6) I absolutely love dogs!! ( even though I've been bitten twice on the same leg by one! ) Although we do not currently have a dog in our house but someday I will adopt a husky and he will be called Kai.  

7) I love to travel, see, do, and experience new things.

8) I'm always taking pictures everywhere I go. In fact if I didn't take so many pictures, I'd probably be on time for something.

9) My favorite weather is the rain. I love the sound of lightning and thunder storms. I dream of living in a house with a wrap around porch where I can sit and watch storms under a blanket with hot chocolate.

10) I highly believe that a good run is the cure for a cluttered mind. 

I'll definitely be doing another Fact File soon cause this has actually been surprisingly fun but it's time for me to hit the hay. 

Till next time my pretties xxx

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  1. Wow! I'm loving your outfits! I looked through your posts and they're all so original but uncomplicated, they're great!
    I totally agree, by the way: men's clothing get such bold and colourful prints! It makes me a bit jealous ;)

    Great work!

    1. Thank you so much Erin!! Its totally amazing how easy it is to create outfits that suit your style without going out of your way to buy loads. Hahaha half my closet and shirts are from the men's department that's how jealous I am too ;) xx


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