Sunday, 17 May 2015

My Maybe Prom Dress

Dublin, Ireland

Dress - Bohoo (Similar)
Clutch - New Look ( similar)
Shoes - New Look

Living in Ireland, 6641km away from America, I could do little but watch the little glimpses of Proms across America slowly disappear from my Snapchat feed. In Ireland we have Debs, kind of like a prom but not as cool and not as unforgettable. I mean, one prom had a hypnosis show. Hypnosis! 

Needless to say, I became pretty addicted and intoxicated with the idea of going to a prom. I mean can you blame me? And from this infatuation came this absurd question; If someone knocked on my door right now and asked me to prom...what will I wear? I mean, I can't say no, he's flown all the way here to ask me, it'd be totally rude and ungrateful. A yes is the least I can do!

Buuut that didn't happen and I didn't go to prom but I did however get to wear this dress that I have had lying around for a while. It was my mum's and now it's mine. With such notice, for me this dress would've been perfect. Plain, uncomplicated and yet beautiful. Minimal accessories and I would've been Prom ready! 

That's me, always finding any excuse to dress up.

Till next time my pretties and if you've any upcoming Proms, enjoy it.

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