Sunday, 10 May 2015

Floating in the Clouds

Dublin, Ireland


Skirt (similar)
Shoes ( similar)
Jumper (similar)

This week the exam stress hit home and the completely floored me. After hours of study I feel balance is finally close to being restored so yay!! For some reason all this cramming put me in a skirt-y kind of mood. I longed for the freedom for legs only provided by the right skirt.

The turquoise beauty in this is a much beloved asset to my ever growing wardrobe. I love the feel of it so much. It's an old season Zara but my gosh it feels like I'm floating in clouds!

This outfit is a bit off an odd one. I found these shoes at the back of my wardrobe while procrastinating studying with a wardrobe deep cleanse, as you do. I remember not being too keen on them when I first brought them home but I put them on and didn't take them off the whole day.

I paired them up with the usual jumper for the lazy and cold Irish days, scrunched up socks like when I was 7. Along came the awkward lighting of the midday cloud shadowed sun ( which I adore), a blurry affect to match the haziness of my mind and the austere setting and VOILA!!

Also, I just signed up for LOOKBOOK today and I can not wait to start posting some styles. Watch this space.

Till next time my pretties xxx

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  1. Love your style! I've been meaning to get a similar skirt for quiet some time and the tirquoise looks amazing!

    1. @aeriko001 Thank you so much!! This skirt is seriously the best thing ever and I would recommend grabbing the first one you see and never let it out of your wardrobe!


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