Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March Challenge Review and April Challenge Announcement

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Last month I set myself the challenge to try something each week for March and it's gone pretty well! The aim of the challenge was to introduce myself to new activities and break my small bubble of familiarity. The first new thing I did was see Logan, I know going to the cinema, so new! But it had been a while and going to the movies is a lovely way to add something to the week especially if you work days and only have evenings off. I also started going to Zumba classes at my gym, I booked and started my adult swimming lessons FINALLY! I've had two lessons so far and I haven't drowned yet so there's an achievement in itself. 

I spend a lovely week in London, Couchsurfing and buzzing all over the city. I saw Glass Animals in Concert, started work for my new radio/podcast show ( you can read more about that here ) , started my working on my Business Plan, another project that will be revealed in due time. There were so many more things I wanted to do like visit the Cliffs of Moher, go for a hike along the Dublin coast but there are still 9 months to go in the year, I'm sure I can fit in in somewhere.

For the month of April I'm going to work on my self-discipline.  Before dropping out of college my self-discipline was rock solid, so solid I could study 12 hours a day and not complain. It was a characteristic I was very grateful for because it made life so much easier and I worked more efficiently.

But leaving college, I've been going down this seemingly harmless road of going with the flow and letting myself off way too much for things I should be more disciplined about such as sticking to a budget once planned instead of splurging out on take away. Simple things that add up to a lot.

Also I need to be more disciplined with my blog work and projects.  I say I want to be more organised and consistent but that's never going to happen if every time I pick up my laptop to work I find myself 40 mins into an episode of Empire and questioning how that happened!

It's time to call my own BS and I'm putting it out there. I won't say I need to get my sh*the together because I'm doing that from my February challenge still but I need to give myself a kick up the bum for this month.

Even more so with the Faking Adulthood Now podcast series in production. Remember that new radio/podcast I mentioned a few paragraphs ago? This is it.

 Faking Adulthood Now is a podcast series focusing on how we all adjust to adulthood and it's many fragile tributaries which I spoke more about in my last post. You can check that out here.

The first season  focuses on Love and Relationships and we are still looking for people to share their stories with us. If you are interested you can check out a full list of episodes for the first season here and submit your stories to us via email ( or any of our social media platforms.

Also check out the Faking Adulthood Now site and have a nosy around what's to come. You can follow us on SoundCloud and Twitter for teasers and updates. This is a project I am really terrified but also excited about so I would love your support on this!

Are there any challenges you set yourself for April or plans you'd like to achieve?  Also got any projects I could help you with? Let me know below in the comments.

Till next time my pretties xxx

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