Sunday, 17 September 2017


Dublin, Ireland

It's September and not only is it my birthday next week but we're in my favorite season ever. Autumn! The thing I love about this time of year is the overall coziness of it all. We experience so many different textures, thick cozy jumpers to sractchy blankets that soften next to the fire on a cold night's cuddle.

The warm, fuzzy feeling of staying in on a Saturday night with the rain pounding against the windows, the takeaway expected in 45mins and the movie just about to start is one I always look forward.

I wanted to express this in these pictures and just have a bit more fun with it like I said in my Let The Pieces Fall Where They May post. This jumper is one of the coziest and warmest items I own. It's very versatile and I absolutely adore the color of it.

I especially love wearing it over plain long dresses for a different look that can be dressed up to be smart casual or dressed down to be cozy and fun. It's also great paired with my black leather leggings or black jeans.

This was a really fun post for me to do and I look forward to doing more artistic shoots. It's especially exciting now given that Ill be studying photography and audio for my first semester of college.

I'll be talking more about college and general life in the first episode of Faking Adulthood Now coming our next Friday along with my return to the Get In The Know newsletter which I had also stopped updating when I hit my block. 

There is now a subscriber's only section of the blog for bonus posts, tips, and tricks, roundups, travel announcements etc. There will be a new access code every week for the Subs only section so be sure to subscribe here for it.

Till Next Time

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Saying All I Need to Say

Dublin, Ireland

Top- H&M
Skirt - H&M
Tights - Claire's Accessories
Socks - Primark
Boots - Primark
Bag - Primark
Earrings - Primark
Glasses - Glasses Shop (Use Code: GSHOT50 for 50% off! )

I had typed up all of last night's post as I very often do on my phone and sent it as a text message to myself. At the time my Google account on my new-ish phone was experiencing errors that the basic methods of repair could not fix. In the end, I had to resign myself to an FDR, or Factory Data Reset. Unable to back up my messages and lost in the frustration of having to experience such an issue with my new phone I threw caution to the wind and went ahead and did the FDR erasing a lot of data on my phone, which I knew would happen.

However, when it came to time to copy and paste my post from messages to my Blogger app so I could edit it online, I saw my mistake. My foolish mistake. I couldn't bear the thought of typing out all the sentences I'd worked to carefully curate. Sentences structured to convey the emotions felt at the time, happier emotions compared to the frustration and slight annoyance that now replaced it. I was grasping at words and phrases as they fell out of my temporary memory bank still unaware that they are no longer stored in the secure confines of the blue coloured speech bubble of my text message dialogues.

Needless to say, I felt gutted. Especially when I was so proud and happy with what I had written. But alas, I will concede and deal with the consequences of my own actions. I will also try not to think about why I didn't just send it to myself on messenger too!

In this said deleted post, I spoke of the days before I started taking blogging a little more seriously than I'd like to right now. It's undeniable that the world of blogging has changed significantly since I started writing on blogs over 5 years ago. There are now blogs successful enough to gain money for a full-time living and also blogs successful enough to have a dedicated audience to drive the person(s) that write on it. Both are different forms of success.

When I decided I wanted to go for the kind of success that had the potential to bring in some money after the birth of Albatroz & Co, I read a lot of tips and tricks on improving my blogging game. And although I didn't necessarily fall into an obsession with money and numbers, there were times where these factors did affect my blogging experience and enjoyment. I picked up a lot of habits from my readings. Some have helped me be a better blogger like joining facebook groups geared at helping you become your best blogging self in a community of like minded people and others that I have tried, tested and kicked to the kerb like the idea of pods or follow for follow threads.

Today I am kicking another one to the kerb. I don't remember where I came across it or why it became so ingrained in my mind this idea that to rank higher and improve my SEO, I should be writing approx. 1500 words otherwise I may as well not be trying. Did this improve my SEO or bring my views to my page? To be honest I can not see the correlation between long texts and views on my site.

My most read posts are a combination of my most promoted and also well-written pieces with engaging content. If you're writing about something people want to read and you say all you have to say, what difference does it make how long it is? Especially if I am just writing for people to read and not necessarily to become no.1 on google search? The idea of having to write a certain amount to get a certain result may be proven and I am by no means disputing its validity, I'm just saying it doesn't always work for me.

I have tried it and yes it has tested me and challenged me to research my views or get informed on my opinion before broaching a post to ensure I am confident in the knowledge of what I have to say. However, there have been times where I have not had much to say but felt as though for my work to be significant I need to at least write this amount of words to make an impact.

It's restricting and has gradually become a habit I do not like. An inbuilt characteristic I now want to get rid off. Like an antigen my body has just become aware of, I no longer want this idea that morphs into a necessity to write more than I want to or more than I have the knowledge of to take over and influence the joy I get from writing and navigating this creative space that is my blog.

I fell in love with the blogs I follow not because they write endless pages of text, I fell in love with them for their content which then inspired me to create my own. When I first started out in Fashion  blogging, I looked up to Luanna of Le Happy blog who's beautiful outfits and pictures were always enough to speak for themselves. I too wanted the big, pretty pictures and I didn't put too much focus on the text. I want to go back to this simpler time and share outfits and speak through pictures. Not all the time but some of the time.

Like I said I am not disputing the benefits of writing lengthy text ( of good quality), I'm just simply not going to make it the main focus of everything post I write here on Albatroz & Co. For the likes of articles and sponsored posts, I'll want them to perform really well so of course, I will acknowledge points such a length and keywords that will help it perform better in search engines because at the end of the day if you're looking to earn money and want people to find something, you have to make it somewhat easy for them to find. But I will not be selling my soul and will embrace this mentality to write as much as I need to say what I have to say.

To find out why it is important to have long text and keywords for SEO ranking, check out this rather helpful post from Yoast here.

Till Next Time

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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Let The Pieces Fall Where They May

Dublin, Ireland

I find it a little bemusing that at this stage of my life where everything is more or less changing it feels as though everything is just falling into place. More pieces of my jigsaw life are connecting and I'm not gonna lie, the feeling is comforting.

In my last post before taking my unsolicited break from Albatroz and Co. I spoke of how broken and drowned I felt by the responsibilities in life. Letting worries steal many nights of sleep and lack of energy from my at times demanding job all came crushing down on me. To cope I became an autopiloted being with an undercurrent of unsettled thoughts and worry that corrupted every attempt I made to stray away from the permanent routines of life I knew I could do.

I would go to work, eat, sleep and then see friends and that was great. I loved my job, I would do my best to eat healthy and at the suggestion of my therapist indulge a little bit more in the little pleasures of life instead of trying to save every single penny even when I had enough to spend. It brought me back to a challenge I did last year where I tried to get out of my own head and just do things cause I wanted to albeit wisely and not at the expense of making things worse.

I would just meet up with people, go out with friends...midweek like waaahh ( so wild I know). I can't quite find the words to describe the parallels of this time. On the one hand I was a capable young woman, going to work, seeing friends having fun and on the other hand I was smothered by the feelings of failure and lethargy. I'd been focusing too much on executing my responsibilities to the highest level that I was creating more pressure than needed. It was an unsettling and tormented time for me. The thought of it feels alien now and uncomfortable.

It's been a nice relaxing changing few months and I wanted Albatroz and Co to reflect the new clutter less approach to live that I want to take. I want to enjoy life and enjoy college which I start Monday!
I am also finally recording my first few episodes of Faking Adulthood Now and it talks a bit more about the change that has occurred the last two months and some more about starting therapy, college and generally trying to understand life and whatever else is to come.

You may have noticed a change of view with Albatroz and Co. Like I said, I wanted this site that's become so much of me to reflect the change of mind and stage of life I'm at right now. Which coincidentally is 'Simplicity'. I'm no minimalist, the amount of clothes and box full of shoes I own will attest to that but I'm really going to try and channel a simple easy way of thinking into everything I do. I'm trying to overthink things less and say yes to more things.

There's been a big change in terms of what Albatroz and Co now is. I've said goodbye to the Lifestyle niche and I am welcoming Wellness. Why? Because I think giving the stage in life that I have begun, moving out and living alone, there's still a lot I have to learn about taking care of myself and I want to share all that with you.

Lifestyle is such a broad category which is lovely but  I want to focus more on the Wellness as my lifestyle now. Expect more posts of Self-Care, Self-Love and Health and Fitness ( but not too much fitness). I'm going to try super hard to up my fashion game and play more with my photography so expect a lot of abstract and moody toned pictures.

Travel well, that's not going away any time soon. I'm also taking away the 30 Day Challenge from the site and making it exclusively a Newsletter feature. From the Get To Know You survey I did a while ago I saw that many of you enjoyed it but it's also hard for me to write long posts on these sometimes so I figured it'd be better to keep it as a feature in the newsletter so I won't be righting a page of text and you my beautiful readers will still get the updates.

Along with the changes is a Subscribers only page where I will be sharing pots of my own and links to other people's posts about blogging tips and tricks, and long posts that won't fit into a newsletter, bonus posts if you may. Each week the newsletter will contain a new password to the page so you better sign up if you want more of a behind the scenes look at my life!

That's all I have ton say for now. Next post will be dropping Wednesday evening.

Till Next Time

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

I Burned Out

Dublin, Ireland

If you've been wondering where I've been the last few days, the answer is pretty short. I burned out. It all started with one busy week of seeing friends and going out with work and my nephew etc. and then I was blindsided by an overwhelming funk, that's really the only way I can explain it.

I burned out and I burned out hard. Creatively I had so many ideas of posts going on in my head but no desire to put them to paper only misery as I watched the light of inspiration I had for them die out and soon the idea would be silly with no foundation and no point in writing it cause nobody would want to read it. Which is crazy cause I know you guys are out there and regularly stop by to read my rambles.

Couple that with feeling lethargic about life in general, "swept away by responsibilities, expectations and pressures" as Anne from Fraulein Doktor put it in one of her latest posts. I'd recommend checking it out here. It helped me put into words what I was feeling as her post generally do. 

In her post she talks about being kinder to herself and that got me thinking about how much I have also enjoyed the past few weeks, even  though I felt like I was failing my blogging game and at times life in general, I was really enjoying the time I spent hanging out with my friends, seeing my nephew, barely catching enough sleep before meet-ups and just enjoying how carefree my life actually is.

It has been an almost out of body experience as the logical rational side of me tries to reiterate the importance of taking care of myself. That I will be okay. That I am okay. Whilst the emotional side of me faces a conflicting whirlwind of self-doubt, self-judgement but also a resilience to push through this burnout.

It is all quite exhausting and I am aware of how conflicted I sound and that's all the more draining and contributing to this burnout

In my 5 Simple Ways to Love Yourself post, in which I shared ways I show myself kindness and love, I talked about how much I valued my time here on this fabulous earth of ours, how I spend it and the people I spend it with.

I've found myself harking back to it the last few days, working that little bit harder on putting myself forward and taking care of me, spending time with people that make me feel good and just enjoying how great and worry free my life is at the moment.

I'm still dying to hit the ground running and dominate my various creative projects but I know that if I don't take this time to give myself some TLC now, I'm going to burn out a lot quicker and recovery will be ever out of reach.

So rambling over, back into my cave I crawl, I'm still here, don't worry about me. I'm just taking some extra TLC time to make sure I return my best. I will still be posting on my regular blog schedule that is Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings and I hope to be back more actively on social media too.

 Also this week's newsletter will be out as usual on Friday ( unlike the last two weeks and I apologize for that, I am only one human )  so don't forget to sign up for it here!

Light a candle for me or send me a prayer. Recovery is in progress.

Till next time 

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Every Awesome Thing You Need To Know About The Clockwork Door Before Visiting

Dublin, Ireland

*Disclaimer* This is not sponsored content in any way. I simply visited a place I really like, paid for it with my own money, out of my own pocket, no discount, no strings. Just a good old fashioned post about a place I really enjoyed. Now business aside, let's move on shall we?

The concept of a time house is to pay for the time you spend there whilst availing of whatever luxuries are supplied for free e.g the food, wi-fi, games etc. The Clockwork Door is the 1st and only time house I've ever been to. Since reading about it's opening in Lovin Dublin article last November, it's been on my list of things to do and whilst spending a birthday day-date with my friend Orla, we finally got to tick it off both our lists.


Situated in the heart of South side Dublin of Temple Bar, about two steps from the Merchant's Arch pub on the front steps of the Ha'Penny bridge it's not that hard to find. Although the door is pretty small and when open can be easily missed, the A-Sign outside screams for attention amongst the often busy street.


I'd have thought having a time house in one of the busiest spots in town would be counter-productive to the relaxed vibe of the house but I was quite surprised by how quickly and easily time passed in the building. With credit to it's location there was always a steady stream of people coming and going, each group big or small receiving a tour of the house and the niceties available. 

The entire atmosphere of house is steeped in homely comfort and respect which is reflected in it's three simple house rules. Respect for the house, others and yourself. The house doesn't permit the use of drugs or alcohol and no fighting etc. the basic common senses. 

Building & Rooms

There are in total 5 rooms to spend your time in as you please. The Board Games Room also known as the Main Room, Video Games Room, Study Room, Cosy Room and the Kitchen ( one of my favorites in any house free or paid ). On the website is listed that there is a Ha'Penny Room but unfortunately this room was not open to us on that day.

Upon arrival at The Clockwork Door, we received a tour of all the rooms available and what each had to offer. We settled ourselves into the Main Room where I taught Orla how to play Oware, a childhood game of mine from Ghana that I was incredibly surprised to find there.

The lady giving us the tour told me how none of the visitors knew how to play this game and yet here I was. It took me a while to refresh my memory of the rules and was so happy once we got playing.

Having never played Where's Waldo, Orla introduced me to the troublesome stripey character and it's tactful hiding abilities whilst cosying up in the rightfully named Cosy Room. I even did some knitting and only managed to drop almost all the stitches!

The most interesting things about the cosy room, aside from the ridiculous amount of stuffed teddies to cuddle with,  is that you can also take naps and put in time requests and the greeters will come wake you up! It even comes with bubble wrap so you can pop bubbles to your heart's content.

After two and a half hours, we realized we'd only spent time in these two rooms and didn't even get to hang out in the Video Games room which I wanted to do but we had other places to go, sadly. Now I just have more of a reason to go  back.

These rooms can be rented for special occasions as was the case with the Study Room so we were unable to see inside. I'd say this room would be great for holding group studies and out of the ordinary meetings.

What You Get

If the rooms alone aren't enough to attract you then maybe the unlimited supply of tea, coffee and biscuits will do it. The choice is definitely there from green to herbal to earl grey. Lyons, Barry's, Lipton etc you name it, the Kitchen probably has it. Or even bring your own.

If you're like myself and not the biggest fan of tea or coffee, they have hot chocolate too. There are fizzy drinks and even a popcorn machine. You can go crazy.


You may be asking yourself why anyone would want to pay to spend time in a house and honestly I can't tell you that. I can only say why I did it and in short it was for the experience. Within your first two hours, each minute spent at The Clockwork Door comes at the low cost of  8c. That's four 2c coppers or eight 1c coppers that you probably find at the bottom of your purse or wallet.

After two hours the cost goes down to 6c a minute and if you're there over four hours, which could easily be done, it's 5c for the rest of the day! The most you'll ever spend, should you stay for the entire business day is €20.

Our time at The Clockwork Door came to a total of €11.40c almost equal the price of a meal at Bunsen, a burger joint you should most definitely check out if you're looking for a reasonably cheap filling and tasty meal before or after your visit. There's one also in Temple Bar about 3 minutes away from The Clockwork Door.

When you're finished this post you can check out this piece on how great Bunsen is and why you should stop by for some grub. 


We saw many different types of people come and go whilst we were here. We saw families playing games in the main rooms, teenagers playing game sin the games room and some serious looking D/D players popping in and out of the Study Room where their D/D Tournament was being held, backpackers, camera wielding tourists etc.

Young and old alike, this place has an atmosphere to suit anyone because you choose how you spend your time there.

I love the communal aspects of the place. They're always look for guest speakers and events to be held there so if you want to host anything and feel like this place would suit, their site says the're open to calls! I'd love to hold a Debate or Speaker's Corner event there. It'd be so cool!

Needless to say I'm a little bit enamored with this new spot and as with anything good you want to share it with others. In my books it's well worth checking out.

Have you heard of this place? Is it on your list too? 

And if you've been what did you think of it? 

Let me know below in the comments.

Till Next Time 

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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Dressing To Impress

Dublin, Ireland

Top - Next
Skirt - Mint Velvet
Socks - Penneys / Primark
Shoes - Adidas 
Bag = Penneys / Primark

I'm not oblivious to the fact that my definition of "casual" at worst is smart casual according to some people. I've had friends and even boyfriends make comments on my inability to dress like a normal casual person.

"I am being casual" I often protest always with a chuckle because even I know I'm not. And it's not like I don't know what they mean by it, I do. Oh what I'd give to be able to wear a pair of jeans with a nice top and not go overboard with accessories and a chunky pair of heels.

"A pair of leggings and a nice top" if that's possible without the top being oversized and either chunky knitwear or a ridiculous combination of colours.

For as long as I can remember dressing well has been a lesson passed unto me by my grandparents back home in Ghana,  my mother and every African community I've encountered, you dress to impress. It's like a statement, you slay your outfits to demand the respect of others. My sense of style and desire to always look my best is an attribute I believe many minorities also possess.

Take for example Buzzfeed's and Try Guy Eugene who is admired for his ability to dress and look fabulous in anything and everything ( and his hair of course). The need for your outside attire to echo the respect you have for yourself and want others to have for you is deeply rooted in many cultures e.g Asian culture and African culture. From the widely accepted surgery culture in the likes of Korea, Japan and China to the flamboyant and vibrant dressing cultures of countries such as India, Nigeria, Ghana your outward appearance can be an advantage to express wealth and demand respect.

I didn't live through Sunday mornings with my mum forcing me to iron my clothes and make sure my colours and prints look on point to throw it all out the window now that I can dress in whatever I like.

Admittedly there are times I may be over dressed for a situation but generally I'm only dressing up a step. I draw so much confidence from my clothes, from gym gear to hella fancy floor length gowns. My mama and grandmama have armed me with a weapon wielded by all minority races I believe.

I can't speak for an entire country or minority but dressing well is my way off asserting some sort of authority through my clothes. When I look 'presentable' as my mother would put it, I feel as though form the outside at least, no one can pick a fault with me allowing me to be able to focus on energy on other priorities.

Of course there is the negative side of this where having such an attribute instilled into you from such an early age can sprout insecurities of their own to the point where it can be damaging for your self-esteem but I don't want to talk about it today.  

Instead I wanted to share the sense of confidence and power that I draw from wielding my secret weapon of style, even if  M thinks I look like an old woman in my outfit. That's the other perk of dressing to impress when you feel good in what you are wearing, you really don't give much of a toss what others think...unless it's really bad that is.

I could continue on to list out how you too can dress to impress but hey, what my mama and grandmama taught me, that's a family secret, shhhh. Instead I want to pose to you one question, and feel free to answer below in the comments.

What is your most confident inducing outfit? 

This skirt you see here in this post is from Mint Velvet and is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, be it work, night out or a casual shopping trip with my sister and friend  like how I spent my day today, I love wearing it for that little extra confidence boost.

Let me know what outfits empower you!

Till next time

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Looking Back On My Failures & Achievements Of 2017 So Far

Dublin, Ireland

As we draw closer to the end of June and turn to the month of July, the fast pace at which this year continues to sneak by is not lost on me. It feels as though it was merely days ago that I sat on the bed that in less than a week's time I would seize to call my own, writing down my personal and blogger goals for the year that was to come. 2017, I looked to this year with cautioned hope. I knew I wanted to make the most of the year but 2016 had been such a sour, undesirable year that I couldn't help but be on guard for what was to come.

I set myself some personal and blogger goals that I, at the time, thought would help me ensure that I truly  make the most of the year and not stand in the way of my own happiness.

I urged myself to feed my creativity, challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. I'd had so many projects bouncing around my head, projects I constantly kept thinking and talking about but wasn't acting on. I made excuses. I didn't have the time or I didn't feel motivated to put in the work to achieve the end goal.

For 2017 I took to these projects with a new attitude. I knew what I wanted but the fear of failure and the work I needed to do quite frankly scared me a little. I wanted to start a podcast, a business and dive into my photography so, that's what I'm doing. At least that's what I'm trying to do and not putting any more pressure than necessary on myself.

I'm working on my podcast Faking Adulthood Now which will be launching my August 2017, I'm writing my Business Plan and I recently launched my photography site Behold This, the latest project that I have been hinting at on the blog although those of you who have signed up to the Albatroz & Co. weekly newsletter already knew this. You can check out the first Behold This post here and read up about more of this project, it' conception, birth and what I plan to achieve with it in one year.

In chasing after these projects I am challenging myself in a way that I never imagined I would be. I never thought I'd be a person who struggled with motivation when working in something that brings me so much joy. The idea of work has me constantly swinging between fatigue and feeling on top of the world. One minute the work I have seems so big climbing Kilimanjaro seems easier but of course when looked at through sensible eyes, that is obviously not the case.

I am challenging my own attitudes and judgements, pushing my boundaries and putting myself out of my comfort zone. There is only so much fulfilment that can be drawn from one's comfort zone and sometimes that's just not enough.I'm saying yes to new opportunities and learning along the way, yes to a lunch date with someone to get to know them better, attending an event that interest me even when I don't know a single soul going. I took a 10 week swimming course and have now learned to swim, even going out to sea with my landlady one afternoon.

2016 was a year in which so much of my actions was influenced to satisfy the wants and needs of others at the expense of my own sense of identity and happiness. I'm giving such little fucks to this year and other people's happiness at the expense of my own. To end 2017 with those same feelings from 2016, would be devastating for me, to say the least. The same goes for this blog child of mine.

Albatroz & Co. over the years has been a part of my life, an extension of who I am and writing down my goals for 2017, I wanted them to reflect how much I care for this blog of mine and wanted to grow and improve it as I improved myself.

In the past having started Albatroz & Co. when in secondary school, it often fell on the back burner behind school work and my jobs, but in 2016 I stepped up my game and started taking it more seriously and this was something I wanted to carry on through to 2017. I would need to be more organised and blog more consistently. So if you didn't already know, I publish a new post every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. I try to have my posts written and ready to be published at least two days before the actual day it goes out.

Because of this there can be times where what goes on the blog doesn't sync up with the timeline of the reality which is the main reason why I wanted to set the goal and start a newsletter this year. I wanted to bridge that gap between the life on the blog and the life behind the blog which doesn't move in snapshots from event to event as it does on the blog. I wanted to be able to engage with you guys on a more personal level so you can get to know me better.

In the newsletter are weekly snapshots of life behind the blog and some blogger and reader tips and recommendations (books,movies,restaurants,giveaways etc. ) and some goodies for you guys, along with being right there with me when I start projects, long before they come to life on the blog. Not to mention the travel announcements ( a major reason why I cant wait for July to roll around ), if you don't know what I'm talking about, you are missing out! Join the newsletter here poor little lost soul and nothing will go over your head ever again.

Running the newsletter has been tough but lovely to do when it brings me so much closer to you guys, it makes Albatroz & Co. feel more like a part of me. I also love that it helps me continue to use it as my creative outlet and grow my creative skills. Since January 2017 I have launched two blog series' Pretending To Be An Adult Being and Discovering Ireland.

With PTTAAB coming from moving out of the family home on my own into a house share and trying to figure out life that way and Discovering Ireland being a way to push myself to explore more of Ireland, so far 2017 has been great for pushing myself creatively with Albatroz & Co. I still have so much to do, I want to do some guest posts, collab with other bloggers, attend a blogger conference there's just so many skills to learn, Google Analytics, raising SEO, utilising various social media platforms, it's madness but a madness that calls to me and 2017 is the time to heed to that calling.

I am mostly happy with how the year is going so far but it's going by so fast I'm afraid I'll blink and not have fully achieved my goals to the best of my abilities. I'm so so scared for everything but so so excited to try it all and push myself more.

What is it they say? Everything you want is on the other side of fear? Well boy, 2017 must be the journey to the other side.

How's your 2017 going so far, what goals did you set yourself a dhow are they going? 

As always if there's anything I can help you with do let me know!

And if you're a blogger and want to do some collabs or guest posting, please by all means get in touch, let's get this ball rolling! Email me at info@albatrozandco,com or catch me on any of my social media below.

Till next time

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