Sunday, March 19, 2017

Get Your Greedy Hands of My Blog

So this is something I've been noticing a while in the blogging community and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I started my first blog when I was about 12 and have had many since then. Between losing interest and forgetting passwords to accounts but Albatroz & Co is the first blog I've really invested most of my time and energy into.

I started blogging because for me it was a way to let out my teenage angst and basically let off some steam good and bad knowing only about three people would read it but it'd be fun because those three people could be friends eventually and yeah it worked out something along those lines. Then I walked away and returned two years ago and between that rime to now, the world of blogging has turned into an ugly, popularity contest to gain more followers. And at the heart of it is the people that put a price tag on every resource they can possibly give and I am calling BS!

I made the decision to start monetising my blog this year to bring in some passive income. Other than placing an affiliate link here or there I haven't really put much work into it..yet, nor I'm I making six figure revenues or even close. I am nowhere near publishing income reports of any kind but I've been looking into it and this is where I get frustrated at what the world of blogging is becoming.

Blogging has many dark sides and if you blog you know that. It's gone from just doing something for the sake of it to wanting to get noticed which makes sense because if you put as much time and energy as some bloggers do to write articles with beautifully captured images, paid hosting sites and all the background work that goes into producing good content, you would like more than a few people to see it. It's not narcissistic, it's wanting to share something you're proud off. And for many bloggers it is a form of income for them which is great. It's amazing that something born out of someones passion can reap them that reward. And you want to be able to do that too. A little extra cash for the rainy day bank account, who wouldn't want that? Especially if it comes out of something you already love doing?

So you start looking into which avenues suit your needs and everywhere you go there is this block of numbers, your followers, your views. I personally do not have many followers on my social media, I am not breaking that 500 mark and for a while yes that bothered m but now guess what? I don't care because those people I have, you guys, who have stuck with me all this time and genuinely care about Albatroz & Co. are worth more than a billion followers who do no engage. But the block is there and you have to try and work around that. You produce better content, promote more, network better but you're still not getting the results you see other bloggers getting and you want to do better. But that's when you fall prey to the other type of blogger who preys on your ambition to grow for their benefit.

For the record they are some great business blogging sites out there that provide great support and resources for other bloggers and businesses for free or at reasonable prices and I appreciate the work they do because bloggers helping bloggers is definitely a niche market and a needed one. One I love and shared in last week's newsletter is The Collective Mill, check it out here.

There are some not so great blogs and bloggers out there who prey on your desire to get out there. How often have you clicked into an innocent looking link claiming to help you take advantage of the new Instagram algorithm to land on a blog and find flashing neon signs of buy me, buy me and you'll get more followers? How many blog posts have you read only to finish and realise it was a pitch for the next BS e-book to learn how to use Pinterest, or Facebook or Flipboard? 

In my research into monetization I read a few income reports to see what I could be taking from it and I found it laughable that for most people their main income came from selling e-books. Yes, the very e-book you bought to make make six figures in your first month of blogging, or gain a thousand followers on Instagram a week is going to tell you to sell an e-book. If you look at this like a pyramid, you are at the bottom looking up to those at the top to help you get there. Standing at the bottom with you are many other people in your shoes all looking up. If you are all were able to make it to the top then there will be no one at the bottom to sell to and no one would make any money. But there will always be people at the bottom looking up. Why? Because what works for one person won't work for everyone. 

You may have gain a few followers on Instagram from the first e-book you bought but now you need the one for Pinterest too, so you buy that one and it just continues but you may never even come close to the success of the people you are looking up to because how can you catch up to someone when you are buying their bus ticket to get ahead of you?

It's a side of blogging that frustrates me to no end. If you are going to blog about helping other bloggers, why make everything about money. Don't hide your greed behind the mask of helping others, it is false and distasteful of character. 

If you're in a rut about your blog just try to remember why you started blogging in the first place, don't fall out of love with your blog or become victim to the numbers. There are so many things you could be doing yourself that will get you the results you are looking for without losing your authenticity. If you're losing your mojo take a step back and look at what you can change, put in the work and the results will come, it may take time but it will come.

 There are so many blogs taking the blogosphere by storm without feeding off us little guys. You just do you and you can be one of them too.  Don't fall prey to the greedy business bloggers, why pay extortionate amounts of money for a person to teach you how to better follow and unfollow someone on IG, which for the record is very very rude!!

What are some of the blogging dark sides you've come across? Let's tear down this pyramid together.

If you're not following the London adventures on my social media, don't miss out. Come join the fun.

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Till next time my pretties xxx
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

In The Eye of The Tornado

Jacket - Zara Woman
Leather Leggings - Mint Velvet
Adidas Stan Smith shoes - JD Sports
Bag - Similar here

Something weird has been happening the last few days that reminded me of a guy I met in Belgium last year. We ran into each other on two walking tours in Ghent and Brussels and got talking. He told me about quitting his detective job to travel. One of his favourite phrases and the one that stuck with me most was, "You gotta recognise the bullshit" and then change that.

It's hard to feel like you don't have a crappy life when so much crap seems to be happening all the time, nothing ever settles down, at least not long enough to be enjoyed. And if things briefly seem to be going well you know to be on guard for the next poop show because it's probably coming.
I wanted to write a post a few weeks back because I felt like I was finally getting on top of things. The quest for a full-time job was going well, I was at a good place mentally and physically, my relationships were...not turbulent. Things were good. And things still are. 

What I was missing and have now realised is that I have been looking at it all wrong. Shit happens, it's not just a saying it's true and a few weeks ago when I first started thinking of this guy and his saying, subconsciously I was doing just that and now I'm enjoying how freeing it is to see the crappy things in life that big or small that just don't make you me happy.

 I'd love to say I live a perfect life, I mean, who wouldn't right but I don't and that's okay. I deal with a lot of BS, you deal with a lot of BS, we all deal with a lot of BS. It's just easier to know and take on board that not all problems can be fixed or need to be fixed.

I'm off to London for a week to get lost in a city amongst strangers and I am really excited. I have booked swimming lessons after months of saying 'next month, I'll do it next month'. I'd borrowed some money from my mam that I am now almost done paying back. My work prospects are looking good ( more on that to come later but for now I can't say much). Just today I pitched a radio/podcast show to a radio station and the said yes so watch this creative space because there's plenty more in store. I am planning to go back to college and who knows I might love the course I do or hate it but who knows?

I guess the point of this post is just to offload a bit of where my life and mind is at right now. It's not quite like being in the eye of a tornado where all is calm but hell is breaking lose, it may feel like that at times but it's more like, a different kind but mine. 

I'm once again reminding myself to go with the flow and refocus on that New Year's Resolution to worry less. You can check out the rest of my resolutions here if you're curious.

Where's your mind right now? How are you beating 2017? Let's fall and rise together. Also I don't want to be the only loser at this slight pity party here, there's strength in numbers right? *nervous chuckle*

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Till next time my pretties xxx
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Sunday, March 12, 2017

What's In My Bag

I'd never heard of, let alone read a whats in my bag post till a blog I love, Explore Refresh, wrote one. Reading hers I thought to myself, I'd like to do that. It seemed like a fun and light post to write and an easy one to read. So I took to my bag and had a look inside.

I honestly did not think there would be much things of interest in my bag but as it turns out, I carry a ridiculous amount of items.

The Bag

Generally what I have in my bag depends on the bag....on any given day the bag you'll most likely see me with is my trusty Jansport which sits next to me on the bus as I draft this post. If I'm running errands its bulging with it's contents and if I'm cycling it carries my spare change of clothes, purse, bike lock etc. Most days you'll see me sporting my gym bag also with its smelly gym clothes and towels and runners.

My favourite bag for when I actually want to looking good is this leather bag I stole from my mum. In my defence, she never used it. In the years it was in her ownership, she didn't even take the tags off it! It was love at first sight and when the chance came I swiped it quicker than the Swiper in Dora the Explorer could.

Its strong and very durable and can easily hold all the things you're about to see. If fact it has, many times! It has plenty of pockets and opening inside and out which is great for storage. The colour is also fab and I love the stitch detailing. I get a lot of compliments on it. You can check it out in action here and here. Also you can get a pretty similar one here or a cheap one here from Forever 21, although they only come in white.

The Purse

This purse holds my bank, bus, medical and loyalty cards, I try to.keep it as empty as possible because I hate bulky purses. I barely ever carry cash for this reason. I got it in Poland after I was pick-pocketed and lost my one. Another reason why I no longer like carrying cash, all for my trip was gone. Were it not for my teachers, I'd have had no funds for the trip!


Depending on the day if I'm heading out to the city or somewhere fun I'll most likely have my camera in my bag to snap a few pictures of anything that stands out to me. And if I plan to hang out with people outside the house elsewhere I'll almost always have my laptop with me just so I can do things on the go such as draft blog posts for you guys while waiting on people to arrive! I try not to carry both together as I'm deathly afraid they'll be stolen or broken or lost together. And I know, I know Insurance but still, it's a bummer to lose anything even if it is insured. 

I always, always have my battery pack with me because my phone dies quickly and often. This one I picked up from Primark. It's not the greatest but it does the job. 

Gloves, Vaseline, Handcream

Also known as my essentials, leaving the house without any of these can have adverse effects on my day and mood. No gloves, cold hands which sucks if you're cycling half an hour to work and when I get cold I get irritable so not good for the first few people I meet. No Vaseline equals dry chapped lips which makes me very self-conscious and leads to me talking as little as possible to avoid drawing attention to my lips. Handcream, I hate having dry hands, and especially with black skin my hands look paper white where they are dry and not very attractive.

A library

I really love stationery, especially notebooks and journals. If I were struck dead by lighting  you would find with my charred body the ashy remains of the many books I carry around with me. In my personal library is my to-do lists book ( the pretty pink one), my blogger journal where I keep blog post ideas, schedules, projects I am working on, blog fixes etc. Then there is my Everything-Book where every task, big or small, life related or blog related is written into before being allocated to the necessary book. It's a complex process really. I also have my journal which I don't always carry around with me for fear of someone finding and reading it. 

I also try to carry a book to read with me for us journeys to the gym and down times at work and also when my battery dies.


Last but least, my ever present bundle of keys. I admit, I may have a problem when it comes to keys and key chains. I use to lose my house keys a lot so I started tagging other stuff to it so that if it fell out of my pocket I would hear it or at least feel the loss of the weight. I've just kind of held unto keys since and believe it or not some have actually fallen off and are lying in a trinket box waiting to be hooked back on. Currently 90% of the keys displayed I actually use daily. Locker keys for the gym, house keys, two bike lock keys, spare locks ans I even have a pen attached, which actually saves the day quite a lot!  

I have some key chains too, some from Spain, Brazil, Morzine and a pretty fashionable one too. My keys are definitely one of the most original things in my bag. I love it for it's history and the people it reminds me off.

So that's what's in my bag, you didn't ask but there you go. What did you like most, I'm curious to hear what you think. Also what items would be found with your charred body if you were struck dead by lightening tomorrow?

As promised Wednesday, I have revealed why this trip to London is so different from all other trips I've ever been on. Subscribers to the Get In The Know Newsletter found this out on Friday. If you'd like to be a part of that inner circle, follow the link and join us down the rabbit hole. 

You can download the newsletter that was sent out here and included is a step by step guide to creating your own blog Media Kit and a FREE template!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

My 5 Go To Hairstyles with Braids

Firstly Happy International Women's Day to all you fabulous women reading this! And don't worry men, you'll pretty cool too.

Secondly, I bring you today's post. It's been a while since I had braids, about a year I think, or maybe more. Back in July when I went to Ghana I got faux locs done which I loved styling because it was much longer than my natural Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA) and now that I have my braids, I'd like to share some of these hairstyles with you all. From hair to get by day-to-day to styles that help me feel empowered, I'd like to share with my global sistas and mistas not afraid to push style boundaries.

Also as promised I am announcing my first travel destination of 2017 at the end of this post so be sure to keep reading. If you're a subscriber to the Get In The Know Newsletter you already know what is coming. Buut in case you're new to the site or missed the memo about the hot Albatroz & Co. newsletter that launched this year, you can subscribe here and get in the know about everything that goes on behind the blog. What are you waiting for? Subscribe!

1. The Let Down Top Knot

This is my pretty much basic go-to day to day hairstyle. It's relaxed and hassle free, just a part of my braids packed at the top of my head and let to hand loose, like a half-arsed ponytail. I love wearing this style with a very dressed down casual combo of Jeans/ Leggings with a plain top and sneakers or dress it up like I have in this post.

2. The French Braid

This style is particularly handy for when I am already wearing the Let Down Knot at seen above but have a lot of errands to do and don't quite fancy having my hair flinging around the place. It's one of my 'Getting Sh*t Done' styles and is perfect if you're on the go. Also for work, it is suitable for a more collected look. 

3. Half-Arsed Pigtails

This is more of a playful hairstyle for me and kind of makes me feel Avril Lavigne-esque. It's also got a cyber space girl feel to it which I think is mostly attributed to the colour but I love it. If you want something fun and playful, this is your style.

4. a) I'm A Boss Ass Bitch Top Knot

Now this is hand down my absolute favourite style that I do quite often refer to Exhibit A and Exhibit B. There's just something about this style that says 'Don't F~#k With Me' and I love it. It's also got major Boss Ass Bitch vibes that you can't help but feel empowered by. Forget about the man bun, this is the real deal.

4. b) Make a low ponytail with the remaining loose her or as I sometimes like to do, make another bun or two!

5. a) Cornrows

 I like to split my hair in two and make a cornrow each side for days where again I have a lot of running around to do and don't want hair flying every where. This style is also very handy for Zumba classes to protect yourself from hair whiplash and unsuspecting victims in the vicinity from being attacked with your lovely bangs. You can check out how I styled this look here.

 5. b) A 4 part cornrow is just another step up from the 2 part. I love that this style brings some personality to any outfit but especially on days where I'm not particularly bothered to stray away from my basic black jeans plain top combo when it really steps up to the 'I swear I care about my looks' mark.

What are some of your go-to hairstyles? Is there anything you'd change or add to mine?

And now as promised, my first travel of 2017 is to *drumroll please* LONDON!! Yes, Prince Harry called and after much thinking he's decided I'm the only woman for him so I'm off to Buckingham Palace so we can elope together!

All jokes aside, I am indeed heading to the city with the infamous red buses, a not that giant clock named Ben and a massive Ferris Wheel in it. The plan was initially to go for a weekend. I will be attending a Glass Animals concert and thought, why not make a trip of it? But seeing as the only two days I cn afford to travel are a week apart, I will be in London for a whole week and I am stoked. Not particularly because I have never been there, because I have but this trip will be completely different from any other trip I have ever been on and I can't wait to share my next post on Sunday.

If you want to know what makes this trip one of a kind before then, sign up to the Albatroz & Co. newsletter and find out on Friday before everyone else. I will also be sharing some of the activities on my itinerary in the next issue. If you're not subscribed to the newsletter, click here to be added to the inner circle. The next issue is Friday 10th! This is a change from Mondays, so there's plenty of time to come join us. Subscribe now.

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Sunday, March 05, 2017

30 Day Challenge: February review & March Annoucement

So for the month of February, I set myself a few different goals aimed to overcome one basic challenge...getting my sh*t together.

I had reached the point where I was feeling overwhelmed and at a loss on keeping on top of my ever changing lifestyle and the first part of this post will be on how it went. You can read up on that announcement post if you missed it here. The last part will be my March challenge announcement so keep reading!


So the plan for sleep was get more sleep. Not just more, but also effective deep sleep. I wanted to reboot a sleep challenge I had done before but slowly slipped out of. I really wanted to get at least 7.5hrs of sleep a day. In bed by 11pm and awake by 7 kind of thing. And some nights this happened but most nights it didn't.

I'd get a few days where I was following the plan then I'd go out midweek and stay up too late, be falling asleep around 1am - 3pm depending on where I was, who I was with etc. Then some nights I just couldn't sleep. I suspect my body was so wired from working so much my thoughts were constantly buzzing. Did I close the tills right? Did I take out the bins before leaving?

 I'm still trying to get a good sleep routine because sleep is so important to me that it bothers me that I am unable to have a decent routine. The result of this part of the challenge is not a good one but it's certainly not over.

Coincidentally the topic of sleep was discussed on a talk show I like listening to and picked up lots of tips on how to better perfect a night sleep and routine. I am in the process of testing some of these out and will be sharing them in the Get In The Know newsletter all through March so be sure to sign up.


This part of the challenge was a massive success! I added it in because I was falling behind in my exercise. Work made and continues to make it impossible to attend training sessions with my athletics club, I am cycling everywhere when the weather permits but my routes are no longer challenging. I needed something to push me and actually keep me fit. 

The plan was to do some home exercises and try real hard to get to athletics but honestly, neither happened. Within the first week I realised it would be very hard for me to make it to training sessions and I just didn't quite feel comfortable jumping around the house when my housemates were home and there was not really a time I was home alone so to solve the problem, I took out my first ever gym membership! It's a lot easier to go to the gym when you know you're money is going down the drain if you don't go. 

Since them I'm at the gym about 3-5 times a week. It's easy to get up to the gym before work seeing as the gym is near the city centre and close to all the public transport I need. And if I'm cycling, it's not very far from work or home.

 I have not forgotten about bringing you guys the best workout apps I can find, something that was to come out of the challenge. I have some pretty sweet apps which I will be revealing in the next issue of the Get In The Know newsletter. If you're not already signed up to it, click here and find out my favourite most useful workout apps that actually work and for free!

Meditation, Yoga & Journaling

Thankfully my gym has yoga classes which I am able to attend for free as a member, a perk I have definitely been availing off. Meditation in terms of 30 minutes sitting down and focusing on breathing etc. happened exactly once. I found I didn't really enjoy it as much. I preferred my mini meditation sessions that I have either sitting on my bed or at quiet times at work but mostly whilst I was journaling. Journaling and meditation just go hand in hand for me, reflecting on the day or week and writing down thoughts and worries, lessons learned and moving on feeling gathered and focused again...sometimes.

Blogging and Work

Blogging *sigh* I am still working on my consistency. I missed out on a few posts this month for which I apologise. It's a matter of time management and the never ending quest for organisation. I am glad that I was able to get out the posts I did and that they weren't shocking quality. Last year I made the decision to only great content that I'd be happy to put my name on and not scrape together a post for the sake of publishing one on time. Of course I would love to be able to put out content worthy of the time you take to read it on the days they are meant to come out every week but I hope choosing quality over quantity in this case is justifiable for you as a reader too. 

Work: Next week I finish up at one of my jobs and then I am full-time so hopefully that paves way for some form of routine to be able to form with organisation in tow.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This.did.not.happen. At all. I'm not too disappointed by this actually. I tried looking for some online courses, admittedly I looked once, though it was pretty heavy research. The only issue was I kept getting referred to courses that required money or weren't very helpful. I did however stumbled on The School of Life, a website that looks at the psychology behind most human actions and behaviours. I was quite surprised at how helpful and informative the videos they have were. I learned a lot from them and I think if you checked them out you'll surprise yourself with what you learn too. Check out their YouTube channel here and they're equally awesome website here.

So that was how February went for me. For the month of March I'm focusing one of my new years resolutions and going to go out and doing some activity once a week. The past few weeks have been all work and very minimal play and I want to make the most of this year and enjoy it as much as possible. I have lots of ideas planned that I can't wait to do them. 

Seeing as these challenges aren't discussed again till the end of the month, if you want to know what I'm getting up to, subscribe to the Albatroz & Co. newsletter here and also to find out the best workout apps you could be using at home for free.

In addition, I'll be sharing some of the sleep tips that I am testing in the newsletter all through March so if you're like me and struggling to get a good night's rest, sign up now and we can beat this together.

Is there anything you want to achieve or work on this month? What is it? I'm nosy. Let me know in the comments!

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pretending To Be An Adult Being: My Friends And I Don't Have Time For Each Other

Sweater - Mint Velvet
Skirt - Mint Velvet
Sneakers - Zara
Necklace - Mint Velvet

The fact of the matter is that as you get older things just get in the way and the time you have to spend with the people in your life needs to be prioritised, rationed to the important things first, like family and work. And often after that there's not much left over. 

In the early stages of childhood up to adolescence we spend all our days together with friends in Primary schools from the age of four to ten or eleven. And if you are one of the lucky ones, you probably attended the same secondary school where your friendship either continued to blossom, facing new challenges and growing together didn't and you go your different ways. You meet new people who go from strangers to acquaintances,to friends. You form these new relationships and strengthen old ones based on changing values and growing into your own identities. And before you know it, the school days as you know it or 'the best day of your life' have progressed to their heights and almost everyone is in college, working or both.

I cherish the people I have around me now, the faces have changed over the years and whether or not they know it ( which I suspect they do ) my fiends mean quite a lot to me. And it makes it that little bit hard and even laughable that they don't have time for me and I don't have time for them! How in the heck did we come to this? 

Between their college and part-time jobs, there's not much free time. And with me still, at least for the next two weeks, juggling two jobs that climb up to 60 hours some weeks, there are only the unsociable hour or two between doing one thing and getting ready to do another. A quick catch up in town on an hour break between lectures. 'Lunch?' 'I've half an hour :( '

A Facebook message left unanswered but seen because you opened it to read and within those literally two seconds it took, your 15 mins lunch break is over and there's no time to punch back a worthy reply that isn't 'hahah *insert crying laughing emoji*' The pub Club started to keep everyone in touch has not come together since your what was it..the third? Fourth meeting? Can't have been more than a few months ago since we met up' when in reality it's been over 6 months since your last meet up and even longer since all 'members' were present together. 

And it's not like you don't make plans to see each other, you do. Your group chats with it's open invitations to meet up are followed by a tyranny of overused and also expected 'Can't. Working * insert sad face emoji*' You were meant to go bowling two months ago so your friends could meet your significant other but sure, the supermarket checkout they work at is just as good right? You'll have to catch up on your days off, 'message me and we'll defo meet up.'

Yes, why don't you meet up on your day off? Day off, the term which also loosely translates into day to do weekly shop, day to get expenses in order, day to do laundry, day to call family you haven't spoken to all week, day to clean your never clean room, day to do your college assignment(s) that are due the next day, day to build a rocket ship and blast of to the moon and many more. And if your day off manages to coincide with that of a friends, chances are one of you will have pre-made plans, assignments to do, taxes to claim back, la di da di da. And then sometimes, you just don't want to see anyone. As my friend said to me in a recent Facebook conversation, sometimes you just want to stay in bed all day on that day off and watch Netflix and eat.  

At the end of the day we are all in the same boat so we understand. We do want to see each other, we still care for each other and try to keep on top of our ever changing lives so when you do finally get to meet up, there is always a lot of catching up to do. Laughs to be laughed. You'll get to tell them about the time last week you got into a stranger's car by accident and they'll tell you about the newest hottie on the scene and weave your lives back together in the hippie cloth of a truly good friendship.

For now we will content ourselves with chance meetings on the bus, introductions of boyfriends at checkout counters and SUPER WILD birthday night outs that begin with a 'Safe Sex on The Beach cocktail' and ends with the last bus home at 11:30pm because you are in work the next morning.

In what ways have you tried to deal with bridging the time gap between seeing your friends. We could all benefit from some tip sharing. Let me know below in the comments! 

Subscribers to the Albatroz & Co. newsletter know I've made my next travel annoucenment and I will be announcing it on the blog Wednesday. If you're not subscribed to the newsletter, click here to be added to the inner circle. The next issue is Friday 3th! This is a change from Mondays, so there's plenty of time to come join us. Subscribe now.

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