Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Journal: 5 Reasons I'm Keeping You At Arms Length

People. Love em or hate them they'll always be around. I use to be a pretty good judge of character and would embark on relationships with people without hesitation. Then I grew up, got stabbed in the back and had found monsters in people I didn't expect. The hurt of betrayal is one heck of an eye opener.

So excuse me for acting like a kicked pup, wary and cautiously sniffing the next arm that reaches out to them. I've become the kind of person that needs explicit affirmation on how someone feels about them in all my relationships to be fully able to relax in that relationship. If I could hold meetings in my life to check in with people, trust me I would.

I'd stand at the top of that table, look them in the eye and ask them 'How do you feel about our relationship now' 'Are you happy with the way we are' 'Have we passed any milestones you or I may not have recognized?" "Are we on the same page'

Realistically I know this is not possible and I may just have to take people's actions towards me as proof of where we stand. But at childish as it may sound, I like to know how valuable I am to those in my life. It may sound a little crazy but I think it's a desire that many people have but we may not all admit it to ourselves.

I want to know if the people I hold in high regard hold me to that same level. I may call someone my best friend but would they see me the same? Another may feel like family to me but what if I don't fit into their definition of family? The fear of rejection and betrayal are enough to make me reevaluate my worth to others and shake the foundations of my own self-worth.

This insecurity is not one I'm necessarily proud off but it's also one that I am not prepared to let go off. In fact, it is one of my most indulged insecurities. For that reason it takes a while for me to feel like I truly know someone. And even then the though that they may hurt me never really leaves.

It minimizes but can linger, rearing it's ugly head when I'm most vulnerable. It becomes toxic and can eventually ruin those relationships but that's a story for another day.

For today I wanted to share some of the reasons why I and maybe even you ( I know I'm not the only crazy here ) keep people at arms length.

I Don't Know You

It takes me a while to figure out people and whilst I may be friendly with you, I don't know you fam.
Perhaps you were in my class abd we had some lovely chats or work. I may like you abd think kindly off you but I will not be confiding my deepest darker secrets to you ( unless I'm having one of my many breakdowns. I'd probably confide in a tree. )

I've Hurt You 

This one goes in both directions really. As I mentioned above sometimes the fear of being hurt by someone can bring on a toxic way of thinking that tinges my outlook on that relationship with suspicion and scrutinizing eyes.

Harmless words feel as sharp as knives and unsolicited advice begins too feel a battleground for control. Little issues build up to big problems when analysed repeatedly and before I know it I'm the pup biting at the outstretched hand.

Read: A Letter To My Ex-Bestfriend

I don't know if these moments come from  a misjudgment of character or fear  of the hand that beckons me and what possibilities lie beyond. I don't quite know how to deal with it so I bite back, wanting to be left alone with familiar confusion than explore a new territory.

So then I get embarrassed and the mere thought of causing you harm hurts my heart so I keep you further away to ease my own pain and probably yours too. 

You Never Gave Me A Chance 

You didn't give me time to come to you.

Like a frightened puppy takes time to sniff the outstretched hand,  I do too. Sometimes I take a little while to understand the intentions of people. And if you strike out and leave before I can establish that trust, well then I'm going to be even more wary of you.

Perhaps to some extent by taking so long to establish where I stand with people I am losing out on potential friendships but on the other hand I'm just so aware of the fact that people will surprise you, and I don't want to put myself through that, I would just rather know.

 I Don't Trust You

My trust is not fickle, if I trust you, then I will be loyal to you and I would expect the same in return and that is why it takes me a long time to trust people.  But if you are the kind of person who sells people out for their own gain, well I think it's just smart to keep you at arm's length, I don't want to be the next person you through under the bus. No thank you!

 I Don't Like You

This one is pretty self explanatory. Arrogant, egoistical,  people who make ill-informed, generalized statements about topics they have no knowledge of are people I never want to be around. People who put others down for their own sick enjoyment, no time for you either.

As long as you're a decent person who shows respects for others, we can be amigos. That's not to say you are not entitled to your own opinions even if they differ from mine, I love that, it's an opportunity to learn where other's come from but if you have respect, we'll get on juuusstt fine.

So there you go, I've given you a peak behind the curtain of my darkest insecurities. Can you relate to any of this or I'm I on my own? *prays she's not the only person*.

Till next time


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Sunday, May 21, 2017

VIDEO: 10 Things I Do When I Am Bored

I'm back with another video guys. I know, three months in a role where I've delivered on videos, I'm I on fire or what!? This one is a speaking video too *gasp*. I haven't done one in about 3 years so mark this day, something special happened here today and will continue to happen here.

I made this video in hopes of giving all you wonderful people some more info on the weirdo  person behind the blog. As you can tell from the painfully obvious thumbnail, this video is 10 Things I Do When I Am Bored.

The things I do when I am bored are things I like to believe will push me to a better version of myself and I am so glad to be able to share it with you guys

If you are not completely cringed out after watching this, I'd love to know what you do when you are bored too. Let me know below in the comments here or on the video.

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And now ze video.

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Till next time
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pretending To Be An Adult Being: 5 Reasons Why You Should Give Up Your Friends To Save Money

Strapped for cash and don't know what to do about it? I would advise cutting back costs that are unnecessary. Starting with the biggest culprits, your friends. There are a million reasons why you should give up your friends to save money but we don't have time to get into all that.

 Friends those money milking beings that force you to dive into your already empty pocket and buy a large  Grande €100 Starbucks Mocha Latte because you're catching up over lunch. Why couldn't you pop into Lidl pick up some garlic bread, bake that and just be happy? Despicable.

They never have time for you either, honest, I even wrote a post about it here. Then one day they're sliding into your DMs with a 'hey wanna meet up?'

All the more reason why you should be giving them up completely to save yourself that little extra buck. Imagine how much more garlic bread and Chinese take out you could feast on without these so called friends robbing you of your hard earned money? And all for what? Their company?  Pfft...I prefer the company of Pizza. Domino's Meat Feast to be exact.

If you too are fed up with throwing away dough you ain't got to catch a few hours with annoying Orla, then you're in the right place to learn just how to do that.

Some of you may thinking, she must be maad! Oh I can assure you, I am....not. If you're not already convinced I have 5 reasons why YOU are wrong and I am write...right!

1. Carrying Cash

I think it's fair to say, friends are very inconsiderate when it comes to keeping up with your cash flow, or lack off. They think you're made of money or something. When you go out they're whipping out notes left right and centre whilst you're paying for your €0.39c packet of custard creams from Lidl with a silent prayer to the man upstairs that it doesn't bounce because purse lint isn't a valid currency.

Some people are so far up themselves they will have the nerve to ask 'why don't you just bring the money you are willing to spend in cash?'. As if. They may even argue that by carrying the physical amount of money you are willing to spend you are more aware of  your spending as opposed to using your card and banking on blind hope that there's sufficient funds in your account.

Well let me tell you this, they. are .wrong. I am right. And if you think they are right. You are wrong. Ha!

2. Free Activities

Sometimes it may feel like your friends are secret billionaires. I mean how else could they afford the latest iPhone, always have money for nights out, three nights in a roll AND still have money to buy food that isn't labelled 'Just Add Water'?

 You know you are not a billionaire. You don't have the kind of money to fund a survival lifestyle, let alone a lifestyle with a fun nightlife. Another perfectly valid reason why you should just give up your friends. You'd be much better off for it.

And don't pay any advice to anyone that tries to convince you otherwise. You know yourself that sometimes you just have no money to make plans with friends so suppress that desire to see them and just stay in your room watching Netflix and enjoying the benefits of your premium Spotify account.

Some folks may throw comments such as 'why don't you search for any fun, free activities happening around your city?'. The cheeek of them! They may argue that most cities have free activities happening on a weekly basis. For example just last Saturday Pawsitivity was an even held in Dublin's Merrion Sq hosted by Pedigree Ireland. A fun day for dogs, dog owners and dog lovers. An event that will be in Cork this weekend. 

Don't take the bait. They are lying to themselves. There's no such thing as a free event, all the more reason to give up your friends. 

They may also try to direct you to sites like Lovin Dublin or TimeOut and add you to Facebook groups all with the intention of getting you avenues that can provide you with information on activities in your city so keep your guard up.

3. Free Public Amenities

If you've ever taken a language class you've sat through at least one oral rattling off a paragraph you learned on the amenities available to you in your area. So you from that experience you know what complete crap it all is. Those amenities are not really used by anyone, they are just great fillers for your oral exams.

But as you know, there will be people who will want to fight you on what you already know. They may ask you 'why don't you go to the park or visit the art museum or something?' Who died and made these people law makers? 

They will argue that with the many beautiful parks to be found in almost any city, Phoenix Park, War Memorial Park, Stephen's Green just to name a few in Dublin,  you should be taking advantage of them. Play some football ( Americans read: soccer ), throw around a frisbee on a sunny day, go for a stroll. Who do they think they are?

Some may mention the many basketball courts, skate parks and tennis courts open for public use around the city but you know what to do, ignore them.

Just because the National Art Gallery, National Museum of Ireland, Botanic Gardens, Science Gallery, many parks, museums, galleries etc. , may be free to the public ( subject to times and seasons for some ) they think they have  a right to tell you how to take 'advantage' of your city for free. The cheek of some  people.

4. Spend Wisely On Activities You Will Enjoy

Habits are hard to break out of, you know because you have a habit of just being broke. Habits with friends are even harder to break out off. On average you may have enough money to do two lavish things with friends each month, be it bowling or going to the cinema. 

On average your friends may do that a billion times a month. No joke. A billion. So obviously that just isn't going to work out. Your friends, just have to go.

And it's not like they care about you either. They don't. What other reason could there be for the fact that on 100%  of night outs, you won't see half the friends you enter the club with, let alone the ones you lost in the line to get in? All the more reason you should just cut them lose now.

There may be one of two naysayers who will try to bring you over to the dark side. They may ask 'if you're going to spend money, why not plan a fun, interesting activity you will enjoy?'. They may argue that if you want to spend more time with your friends but don't feel like sitting around , then why not plan a fun activity so that if you have to spend money it's fun?

Absolute crap! We  may have the smallest bar in Ireland here in Dublin waiting to be visited by us, a place to drink an unlimited supply of tea in a Pay-As-You-Go at 8c per minute at The Clockwork Door, many interesting places to grab quality lunch at delightfully tasty prices such as The Mongolian Barbecue, Yamamori, or Bunsen but who in their right mind knows that information?

They will suggest activities like Q-Zar, paint-balling, go-karting and even free fun activities like hiking the sugarloaf, visiting the Hellfire Club, Glendalough, Guinness Lakes and Lord knows what else but don't give them any attention. 

They may try to direct you to apps like MeetUp which serves to connect people in cities with similar interests and plan activities together but pfft..there's only one Netflix & Chill club you want to be a part off and you are not accepting members.

5. Plan Ahead For Costly Activities

Still not convinced? Well this last point will make you see the light. Have you ever had a a friend message you about a super fun event they think you'll enjoy and they've known about it 3 months now but the event is tomorrow and they want you to come? You just have to fork out €300 for a ticket which are selling out fast. 

No feck off Lauren, I don't have a cool €300 just lying around. Why couldn't you have told me this 7 months ago so I could've gotten myself in order? How can you call these unreasonable people friends? They definitely have to go.

Some people will have the nerve to turn around and point a finger at you and ask 'why don't you  plan something fun with your friends for a future date and save up for it?'. What a daft idea if ever there was one. 

Who wants to spend their time planning an event for 3 months away so they can save up for it. I may know that I want to go to the Lonigtude, Body & Soul and Knockanstackon Festival for definite in January but I still need 6 months to sleep on it and then finally buy a ticket in a panic when they begin to sell out. I'm no Google Calendar or Credit Union putting a few bobs aside each much for it.

Clearly friends are the root of why your money never seems to stay in your bank account and after getting this far there should be no doubt in your mind regrading this matter. 

Just do away with them all together. No need to carry your cash with you when leaving the house, or taking advantage of the free activities and amenities available to you. Forget all that, and forget spending money on fun activities or planning ahead for future expenditure, we're not cave men, we have wireless pay n go.

Just say goodbye to your friends, burn those bridges, buy a cat and live happily ever after. 

The End!

What cost saving methods do you use when out with friends to ensure your bank account doesn't go wild when you do? 

Till next time my pretties 


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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Do You Have My Bad Habits?

I have issues. Yes, I said it. But so do you! It's the topic of issues that has pushed me to write this post. More specifically the bad habits I have that keep leading me into the same crappy situations over and over again.

 Unless you've been living under a rock you've probably heard the song Issues by Julia Michaels somewhere at least a thousand times recently. If you haven't, you can have a listen here.

Normally hearing the same song everywhere does my head in ( queue Niall Horan's Slow Hands ) but this is one I can't get enough off. It seems every time I listen to the song I have a new 'issue' to put to it.

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Today I'll be sharing some of my bad habits that are more often than not the reason behind the 'issues' I have to deal with.

1) Over - analysis

I think it's fair to say when it comes to what causes most of my issues in any type of relationship, be it friends,  work, significant other, over analysis is the beginning of every breakdown.

One simple thing looked at from every single angle is a recipe for disaster and one I'm always falling into. It creates a toxic mindset which at its worst can flow out into your relationships with others and yourself.

It's one of my least favorite bad habits and I am constantly trying not to let it get the best of me. However sometimes I don't realize what's happened until it's too late and that's always a hard mess to clean up.

2) Unnecessary Pressure

I had this conversation with a friend one evening of the unnecessary pressure that we sometimes place on ourselves. So many times I've felt like a failure for not achieving something because I disappointed someone. But who did I disappoint? No one!

There are some projects I work on and I may tell no one about it but if I don't hit some sort of goal ( usually unattainable in nature) I feel like I've disappointed the whole world. Then what normally happens is I spiral into a guilt induced sadness founded on the idea of being a failure. 

3) Unrealistic Goals & Blind Optimism

Speaking off goals, what's the deal with setting goals that are obviously unattainable? I LOVE setting goals for myself and having something to work towards but sometimes I seriously miss the mark off what is a realistic goal.

Call it denial or projecting but I blame my blind optimism for this. I'm generally a pretty positive,  always look on the bright side, hippie person and that is its own problem sometimes. When you're as optimistic as I can be, it blinds you to the reality of your situations.

You may end up setting goals that are  not achievable in your current situation. For example most of you know that I am starting a podcast called Faking Adulthood Now. I've been working on the podcast and recently hit a block with motivation because I wasn't seeing the interest I'd have liked to see. I wanted to have 200 likes on our Facebook page and 200 people subscribed to the SoundCloud account.

And yet nothing I had done was going to be able to bring in those results. The Facebook page had just been set up, I had recorded no shows let alone a teaser, it's been two months of pitching the idea to stations and trying to get it off the ground.

However because I found that idea great,  I took it for granted that I wouldn't have to convince anyone else because they'd see it too. But of course that was not he case and after getting over the funk that came from that doomed goal, I'm able to look at that goal realistically and put together the baby steps towards achieving it.

4) Lists & False Sense Of  Confidence

Currently I have 5 books that I use to keep me sane. One Daily To-Do List book, one book for projects, one book where everything is written before being assigned, a book of my monthly goals and a journal. You may be asking yourself if they're really all necessary. No they are not but they make me feel like I have grip on things.

And that there is a problem in itself. Sometimes after writing out my multiple lists, I come away feeling as though everything is perfect and  since I have a step by step guide to achieve it all will be grand. One little problem with that is, I attach so much sense of accomplishment to writing the lists that it feels like I've already done what I needed to gain that feeling therefore I don't feel compelled to do what I set out to do then nothing gets achieved!

It's the fatal flaw from planning to taking action on those plans that I need to keep working on. Especially when I have lots of projects going at one time.

5) Critic Numero Uno

If I were to write an honest list of my skills, being my number one critic will be Numero Uno! I admit it, there are times I need to be hard on myself and then there are times I should be kind to myself but instead I get even harder on myself.

[ It serves no good to be my number one critic but deny myself the right to be my number one friend. Click To Tweet ]

We all need to be that kind loving friend we want when we need one to ourselves. I'm not saying go easy on yourself when you know you need a kick up your bum, but do go easy on yourself when you need it.

So there you have it, five of my bad habits, there are many more but these are the biggest culprits.

Do have any of my bad habits?

Till next time my pretties 


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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Deep Conditioner Every Natural Gal Should Have

Is your hair thirsty? Are you always looking for a product that'll supply your stubborn coils with enough moisture to keep them bouncy and happy? If so, keep reading, you can thank me later.

In my Winter Hair Essentials post, I shared some hair products that I used to get through this past winter. Some were new products I had recently started using and excited about like the Aussie Winter Miracle Shampoo & Deep Remedy Conditioner. You can check out my review on those here. Prior to that Winter Essentials post I shared My Go-To Hair Products on the blog.

That post contained products I had been using since transitioning from relaxed hair to natural. There were a few I absolutely loved and will stand by to this day, such as ORS Hair Mayonaisse which is a staple in My Go-To Hair Products ( don't worry, you can come back and check out this link when you finish ). Then there were others like the Herbal Essence Hello Hydration range I have been using but still on the look out for something better.

Don't get me wrong, it is a fabulous range and one I still use. I compared it to the Aussie range in my review. In that range was a hair mask which was sufficient when my hair was much shorter than it is now. However as it's gotten longer and thicker, I found myself having to use more of it than necessary and my ever thirsty type 4C hair could just never get enough of it.

That's when I stated my search for a new deep condition treatment that was affordable and had the ability to supply moisture to my stubborn coils. Whilst out shopping with a friend, we popped into a Terrisales and luckily the sales Assistant in that day recommended us to a product she herself uses and I am so thankful o her for that.

The product in question is TruCare Almond Oil & Henna Mask and here's why if you're a natural girl with thirsty hair, you should try it.

TruCare Almond Oil & Henna Treatment Mask

1. Price

First and foremost, the price of any products is the first thing I look at when buying anything,especially with hair products because they can be so expensive. As a relatively new natural gal, I am very aware of the fact that I will most likely go through quite a few products before I find the right one for my hair.

There is nothing more frustrating than forking out money you don't have on products you think you need only to find out it doesn't do anything for you whatsoever and yet you still have 1L of it sitting on your bathroom counter.

A litre of the TruCare Almond Oil & Henna Treatment Mask costs €10.05 from Terrisales and will last you 4-5 months depending on how often you deep condition. I deep condition once a month and I am pretty bad for using more product than necessary so for me this hair treatment was well worth the money in terms of number of uses you get out of it.

2. Quality

There's no point telling you about a product and how cheap it is without telling you about the quality of it. And the verdict is in. I give the hair treatment a 5/5 for quality . As the Sales Assistant at Terrisales said to us, you really don't need a lot of this products to reap is moisturizing benefits.

The butter like consistency makes it easy to spread from scalp to tips and less really is more. For example I part my hair into four sections and could easily used two small scoops per section, however I prefer to use much smaller scoops and part each section into smaller parts for better coverage.

The henna extract leaves your hair looking more defined after use. I always detangle when I have this hair mask in to ensure I reap it's curl defining benefits.

This is not a scientifically proven method, it's just something I do because detangling my hair when I'm deep conditioning is a lot easier and I do personally think my curls come out better defined for that reason but hey, who asked for the crazy black lady's opinion?

3. TruCare Vs. Herbal Essence Vs. Argan Oil

Before TruCare I used Herbal Essence and before Herbal Essence I used Argan Oil. Personally the Argan Oil range did very little for my hair bar the Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask.

Argan Oil Hydrating Mask

I used the Argan Oil hair mask when I first did the big chop and my hair had only started growing. Then my local stores stopped stocking them just as my TWA ( Teeny Weeny Afro ) started taking shape so that was the end of that. Looking back on it, there's no way it would've held in satisfying the insatiable thirst of my kinky coils let alone stand a chance against the quality of this TruCare Treatment mask .

If you're transitioning or just did the big chop and on a budget, yes try the Argan Oil Hydrating Mask because at €1.50 from Dealz/ Poundland/Everything €2 /Lidl/Aldi it's worth the price and the benefits you get from it.

In terms of price, 5/5 €1.50 I'll take that. Quality 2/5 and Quality Vs. Price 2/5 It'll do for your first 3 months or so depending on hair growth and type.

You may have noticed from the graphic for My Go-To Hair Products the Argan Oil hair oil. I use it because it's also €1.50 in Dealz and great LCO method. It can sometimes make your hair look visibly oiled but it settles in after a few minutes and holds up for a solid 2-3 days.

Herbal Essence  Hello Hydration Hair Mask

You could also try the Herbal Essence Treatment Mask. I moved onto this range after the Argan Oil one stopped being stocked in the shops I could access. It's one I use even now. Why? Cause it's still pretty good. Compared to the Argan Oil Hydrating mask it's not that different in price. In fact I still buy mine for €1.50 in Dealz/Poundland/Everything €2 store.

I use it as a substitute for Conditioner at the gym and especially after swimming as a quick way to get moisture back in my hair before I get home to avoid my hair drying out and breaking off from the chlorine in the pool.

Compared to the TruCare Almond Oil & Henna Treatment Mask, well I think you know what I am going to say. It falls quite short of the mark but not as far back as the Argan Oil.

In terms of price, like the Herbal Essence 5/5. Perfect for my TWA rocking ladies, Big Chop gals and Transitioning sistas on a budget. Quality 2.5/5. Price vs. Quality 3/5. For the price it sells at, it actually does a pretty good job.

What is your favorite Hair Mask out there so far? Any staples in your arsenal?

Till next time 


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Sunday, May 07, 2017

London Video Diary: Part II

Following on from London Video Diary Part 1, I present the second and last instalment.
In my previous video we relived my visit to the London Sky Garden, meeting of my Couchsurfing host and now we pick up from there.

My host was quite literally the perfect person ever, 'Perfect' is the translation of her name.  She showed me around her end of the East End. We were near all the activities I wanted to do in the East end like Spitalsfeild market, Box Park and the Sky Garden. She told me about a market that runs every Sunday in her area that has the best food ever and she wasn't wrong!

I also explored much of London with a fellow couch surfer I was introduced to by my host. We visited Camden Markets, Borough Market where I had my first and by far best kebab bowl to date. There was plenty of laughs and messing to go around that day.

I visited the Shard, fourth tallest building in Europe and watched London come alive at night. I met a father and son up there and we sat in the freezing cold of the open sky roof top talking.
Johnathan the other couch surfer made us a lovely dinner and we played Cards Against Humanity. Making your own version is so much fun!

There's plenty more but I guess you'll just have to watch the video to find out ;)

Ever been to London? What was your favorite sight?

Till next time my pretties

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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Where Is Your Head At?

Cardigan Dress - H&M
Fishnets - Claire's
Boots - Primark
Shorts - H&M

I bought this Military style Cardigan Dress thingy magigy ( official product name obviously) from H&M about two years ago and I couldn't for the life of me style it and now I can't get enough of it. You can check it out in action below. I also don't know why I'm touching my hair in all the pictures above. Must've been really feeling my hair that day, who knows?

Now onto today's post.

It's been a while since I did a post that wasn't giving out some resource or my opinion on something. Since taking out the past week for myself where I did nothing, I thought it might be a good idea to give the blog a bit of a breather too. 

If you missed my post giving some tips/advice on how to do nothing on your week off, you can check that out here.

Currently I have so many projects that I am working on that I keep having to remind myself to take a step back and breathe before diving in again. Of course I am loving it, I love creating and bringing ideas to life and I love working on blog posts and sharing new ideas and opinions with you guys.

But today I just wanted to ask where's your head at? It seems like the months are flying by and we're almost midway through the year. Where did all that time go? 

What projects have you tinkering away? What goals are you smashing? Or maybe you need help with something? Maybe you just want some encouragement. If there's anything I can do to help just let me know. I'm no expert on anything but what I don't know I'm willing to learn and share. 

If there's anything you'd like to see more/less off on Albatroz & Co., by all means let me know. I always love hearing from you guys and answering your questions be it via Facebook, email, Twitter etc.. You could even send me a letter if you wish ( something I LOVE by the way!). My email as always is and you can always find me on any of my social media below.

So tell me, where's your head at?


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Sunday, April 30, 2017

How To Do Nothing On Your Week Off

This last week I have been home doing nothing and loving it. I left my old job last Sunday and will be starting a new one just after this Bank Holiday Monday . I thought it best to take a week off and get some affairs in order. It's been a while since I had a week off work and even longer since I had a week off and didn't travel abroad. 

I had so many plans for this week, really I did. I was going to go to as many college lectures as I could manage to sneak into. Hit the gym more. Work on the podcast. Write more. Work on the blog. But I've done very little of this and gained so much from this. 

Surprisingly doing nothing takes some time and effort, crazy I know! If you're like me and always need something to occupy your time so you can feel productive, doing nothing can be quite a nightmare. 

Starting the week I realised I was tired, so tired all I did was sleep. For that first day between sleep, I watched The Blacklist, ate and lived within the space of my bedroom and the kitchen. It was utterly beautiful. I did my best to ignore the nagging voice at the back of my mind telling me I was wasting time if I wasn't actively doing something productive. 

Over the course of the week, I've seen friends for movie nights, went for a much needed catch up walk with a friend, worked on blog posts, had a meeting with a radio station about Faking Adulthood Now. It's been fabulous and I did it all when I wanted, took as long as I wanted and did as much as I wanted and loved it. 

For me, this week off was all about rejuvenating my mind and body whilst doing the absolute minimum, borderline nothing. 

 The secrets to doing nothing is actually to do the little things and below are a few things you should do to make sure you don't become a hermit on your week off and come out the other side of the week on top of your game. 

Before that though I have a little surprise for you guys. At this point you're probably wondering what the deal with the statues is all about huh? There's a Tibetan meditation site in Wicklow and ever since I was told about it, I've been wanting to go. As luck would have it, my boyfriend and I had one Monday where we were off together and he wasn't mountain biking so we made a trip of it. 

First we stopped off at Avoca for some food, spent some time meditating and reflecting at Roundwood. We followed that up with a spin in the mountains and I captured a bit of it to share with you guys. It was a fun day for us and I hope you enjoy the video.

Now onto the little things to make the most of your week off and do nothing.

1) Get out of Bed

It's simple and can take as much time as you want but get out of bed. Make your bed, flip over the duvet and open the windows and get in the fresh air. Some days I wasn't out of bed until 3pm, somedays I was up by 8am because I wanted to. 

Even if you plan to get back into bed by doing this you're moving and accomplishing tasks that make you feel better. 

2) Have a Shower

I like to shower whilst I air it out my room because chances are if I am in the room I won't open the window and let cold air in. However if I can kill two birds with one stone, why the heck not? Plus you'll be touched by the cleansing powers of showering that makes you feel on top of the world. Play some tunes for some extra good vibes. 

3) Eat

Just cause you're doing nothing doesn't mean you give up all human functions.  You need to eat, and eat well. I like to mix up the good and the bad together. What does that even mean? Basically it means I'll eat healthy and have maybe 2 take outs and some malteasers and popcorn with a movie or two. The trick is not to go crazy because at the end of the day you want to enjoy the time off you have and being hungover or feeling sluggish isn't going to cut it. 

4) Mental Care 

You want this week to rejuvenate your body AND mind so you can feel at your best. All the little things above add to ensuring your body is being looked after. The little accomplishment like making your bed, showering, eating well for me is great for boosting my sense of self - love and confidence. 

I also like to journal or just spend some time,  however long or short I need, throwing and catching a tennis ball and just reflecting on the past few days, weeks, months. Being grateful for the good things that happened, acknowledging the trials I felt came my way and evaluating how I dealt with them. 

I like to be mindful in these reflections, being kind to myself where I've been going too hard and being more disciplined in areas I've been slipping. I like to see these reflections as talking to a really honest friend who cares and loves you deeply because we all need to be that friend to ourselves. 

5) Spend time with others

Speaking of friends, spend time with the ones you have. I know on your week off you might not even want to see people but spending time with others will improve your mental health and make you feel better in general. I have a good few circle of friends and this week I only saw 3 people, one of whom I hadn't seen in a while which was lovely.  

6) Be Active

I know, how is this doing nothing? Because there's lots of ways to exercise without actually feeling like you're doing it. I went for a walk with my friend and his dog which definitely didn't feel like exercise but helped clear my head and be active that day. Vacuum the house, do a few 30 seconds dance raves ( dance wildly for 30 seconds ), walk the dog, go for a swim, just get moving. 

Maybe like me you actually enjoy going to the gym and being there is actually a good time for you then this is your time to do more of that or not, I man I only went to the gym once as opposed to my usual 3-5 times.

7) Work on Your Own Projects 

There are many more little things that'll help you get through your week off and feel as though you did nothing at all but accomplished so much. For me one of it is the piece of mind I get from doing little bits of work I enjoy. I know the point is to relax but I actually enjoy working on my many little creative projects. And it doesn't have to be sit down and focus work either. 

I love drafting posts for the blog whilst watching The Blacklist.  I also love editing pictures on my laptop whilst watching The Blacklist on my phone. I love listening to a podcast whilst taking many outfit pictures for the blog. I love pitching my podcast ideas to radio stations when I get a lift to and from my front door ( hey I can be lazy on my week off ).

Be more like this guy!

Your week off is all about you and how you feel! It's just even better when it also happens to be a bank holiday weekend at the end.  I'm pretty lucky I know hahaha. 

What little nothings do you do on your week off to make the most of it? 

Till next time my pretties xxx 

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